Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Berlin: The City of Glamour and Grit

Situated on the banks of River Spree Berlin is a scene-stealing combo of glamour and grit, packed with unique museums and galleries. Germany’s capital city Berlin, has rebuilt, renovated and restored itself with both old and new architecture. United after the great fall of Berlin wall, the city is now blossoming, modern and exciting destination for tourists as well as business visitors. The captivating cheap flights to Berlin have brought a strong drift of commerce and tourism to this rambling city.

Irrespective of your interest for history, culture, nightlife, or all of the above, Berlin is a great place to visit and make the best from its emerging market. The extensive transportation network especially the business flights offered with cheap airfares have made it easy to get around this sprawling metropolis. The historic Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Wall Victims Memorial, take in the city's modern-day skyscrapers.

The formation of European Union has upheld Berlin’s prestige with respectable position in the present globalized economic scenario. A home to hundreds of international companies Berlin invites traders worldwide to invest in Berlin.  Frequent business class flights keep floating in and out of the city making it a hub for varied business activities. With fashion, art, design and music on cards Berlin also welcomes tourist across the world to discover the enormity of the city.

Those planning a visit for leisure Berlin can be a most delightful city to spend the best time ever. Berlin’s landmarks come with their own uniqueness and leave the observer with a complete amazing artifact which are beyond imagination. One may travel through cheap flights to experience the quintessence of this vivacious city. The lively nightlife, cafes, clubs, and bars, numerous museums, palaces, and other sites of historic interest draw tourist around the world.

The Reichstag (the German Parliament Building), the Kollhoff Tower on the Potsdamer Platz, the Europa Center on the Zoologischer Garten, , the Siegessäule (Victory Column) in the Tiergarten area, and the Fernsehturm on the Alexanderplatz, all through a contagious historical yoke to the visiting visitors. Presenting attractive seasonal offers of cheap tickets to Berlin the tourism department has given a boon to the tourism of the city.

Berlin may not be a shopping paradise but is an abode to many modern, upscale shopping areas complexes that offer the latest in European trends and fashion. Hackescher Market, Kurfuerstendamm or Friedrichstrasse, Tauentzienstrasse, the extension of Kurfuerstendamm are few idyllic shopping places for the whole family with diversity in styles tagged with best price. Contending with cities like London, Milan, and Paris, Berlin has come out to be the world’s most stylish cities.

The Tiergarten is Berlin's central park that covers a vast area and is a popular place where Berliners come to revive, from city life. With established gardens, trees, flowers, café and beer garden, there is even a secluded for sunbathe with calm and quiet environment. On the contrary Berlin’s night life is simply incomparable in the world. Perhaps, the city is the hippest in the world, with pubs housed in derelict ruins to funky beach bars that make it distinctive among all.

A system of waterways between the graffiti-speckled banks of the River Spree run the tourist-packed double-decker ships maneuver around resonating motorboats and temporary rafts. Boating is an increasingly popular pastime of Berliners. Considered as a relaxed city with an exciting atmosphere and a strong feeling of change Berlin has become big business and tourist focus, indicating a great future lying ahead.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sydney: The Jewel of South Pacific

Are you looking out for sun basking on a beach during this winter holiday? Visit Sydney without any apprehensions and you can enjoy the best basks you have ever experienced. A multicultural cosmopolitan, vibrant with a unique character, appeals to both national and international visitors. This jewel of the southern pacific possesses a treasure of best beaches, beautiful weather, incredible shopping, and exciting entertainment options for tourist across the whole world.

Since years Sydney has been the oldest, largest and exciting city of Australia. The state capital of South Wales, Sydney could be best visited during autumn and spring. Despite the peak season one can avail maximum discounts on business class fights to Sydney. The train, bus and ferry service is the most organized service of the metropolitan area. Although, roadways become congested in peak hour time, driving is not too traumatic in this wonderful city.

The beaches and harbor play a major role in the lives of Sydney locals. Water sports like sailboarding, water jet skiing, yachting and swimming are extremely popular among the visitors as well as the locals. The harbor experiences extremely mild climate and the stunning bays and beaches, make one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the world. You may experience all these with cheap flights flying to this attractive city, which also provide the most comfortable journey.

Sydney has many world-class tourist attractions that are simply amazing and will add a complete unique excitement to your trip. The city's very own Visitors' Centre housed in a century old historic building; Darling Harbor with wonderful views of the waterfront and numerous shops, restaurants, cafe’s; the Aussie Duck, a fun and unique way to take a guided tour of the waterfront, the Sydney Monorail a state-of-the-art train system and the Sydney Opera House are the charismatic places that must not be missed at any cost.

The Spectacular Opera House with its graceful ‘sails’ is perhaps the most famous landmark of Sydney. It is the cultural centre that entertains people with contemporary art like opera, ballet and concerts; dramas and films. St. Andrew's Cathedral, is the oldest cathedral of Australia; the AMP Tower, towering more than 980 feet / 300 meters; Centennial Park, the largest park with barbecue facilities, picnic and sporting areas; the Cenotaph, a tall monument commemorating Australia's sacrifices in war; Parliament House and the Sydney Town Hall are other major tourist attractions in Sydney.

With cheap airfares offered by the domestic flights one may also visit the tourist attractions located close to Sydney. The Blue Mountains, Jenolan Caves, Macquarie Towns Area, Macarthur Country, Hawkesbury River, the Central Coast and the Hunter Valley Wineries, a home to some of the best vineyards in the world form important neighborhood destinations.

The Snowy Mountains are situated in southern New South Wales (NSW) and the journey takes around five hours by car. Regular buses and flights with cheap tickets from Sydney are also available.  A safari to the national parks and protected areas of natural bushland surrounding the city shall add a thrilling experience to your voyage. Koala Park Sanctuary, Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo and Featherdale Wildlife Park exhibit variety of world’s as well as indigenous species. Koala bear the endangered species could be easily spotted at these places.

Sydney would be incomplete without the series of museums that spread across the city. The Powerhouse Museum covering social history, decorative arts, science and technology and communication; the Art Gallery of New South Wales (NSW), which is an home to enormous collection of 19th- and 20th-century Australian art; the Justice and Police Museum featuring many interesting features of Sydney's criminal past and policing methods; the Museum of Sydney; the Australian Museum and likewise others add to the spirit of this amazing city.

Paddington is one of the most prosperous and exclusive suburbs of Sydney. Shops along Oxford Street and its surrounds are among Sydney’s best. The Markets sell original clothing, multicultural food, hand-crafted jewelry and home wares. William Street and Oxford Street are also the heart of Sydney’s gay scene and the home of the pulsating, world-famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The zone is best known for its historic pubs, and restaurants.

With availability of plenty of cheap flights to Sydney tourism has turned a boon to this flourishing city. To spread knowledge and education across the world, the University of Sydney has been playing a magnetic role in attracting students from all over the world. The Universities in collaboration with varied airlines promote university special cheap flights at discounted fares to make travel easy for the distant scholars.

This promising city draws a highly skilled workforce from every part of the globe. The city also provides immense opportunity for the blossoming entrepreneurs to set up their new business. Numerous business flights keep floating in with workaholics who grab every opportunity that comes their way in this buoyant city.

With all the attractions and opportunities that Sydney avails to its visitors it is consistently voted among the worlds’ best by both the visitors as well as business travelers. The city has also absorbed the flavors of Southeast Asia and Polynesia into its cuisine and thus offers a scintillating experience to all who visit this vivacious city.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lisbon: The City of Explorers

The first among the world and the preliminary stage of world’s discovery, Lisbon is a vibrant cosmopolitan city. The largest and the capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is also known as the city of Explorers.  Renowned explorers in the past set their voyages and discovered the world across, through the shores of this city. Lisbon rich in integrated diversity also has a unique culture that distinguishes it from the other popular European cities.

Lisbon has evolved a lot from the past. Holding a strategic position in the Atlantic, the sea ports of Lisbon since centuries have been a light in a sea of darkness. Relaying on the tertiary economy important good items of export from the world are emptied at this port and are then carried to the other cities in the country.  All this make Lisbon, an important business center and the transport industry especially the airlines have become more responsive as they standard business class flights to Lisbon.

The city has been a home to the magnificent ancient Roman Empire that ruled for decades. River Tagus, flowing through the city adds enormous charm to it. The historical architectural remnants still beholds the glorious past of Lisbon. Magnificent palaces, centuries old sacred churches and notable castle reflect the chronological past. The city has maintained healthy and warm relations across the world and welcomes visitors with great honor and warmth.

One of the gem cities of Europe, Lisbon, posses a wealth of attractions, which include museums, world famous historic monuments, art galleries, exotic gardens, exciting beaches and much more. The narrow streets of the city are full of Cafés and restaurants which offer delicious Portugal food. These streets also tell heart throbbing stories, which will take you back in the golden past of Lisbon. The Lisbon Streets form the strength and dignity of this soulful city.

The important districts like Alfama, Baixa, Chiado and Graca possess the architectural treasure of Lisbon. The 14th century old Castle of Sao Jorge with its countless medieval textures; the Portuguese National Library that lies within the Campo Grande area; Arco da Rua Augusta, the elegant historical stone archway of grand proportions; Praça de Touros do Campo Pequeno, a venue for racing bulls and music concerts are the major local attractions of Lisbon.

Lisbon can be visited at any time of the year as it experiences a mild climate. Warm ocean currents of the Atlantic modify the temperatures of the city thus making it favorable for all seasons. A regular flow of discounted fare flights or cheap flights to Lisbon is now a common scenario. The airports and hotels are generally packed with tourist the year round. Apart from tourist, business professionals also travel through business flights with low cost or cheap airfares to this foresight city.

A great number of extraordinary museums exhibiting ancient and modern art also form an important part of the local attraction. National Museum of Contemporary Art; National Coach Museum; Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and Carmo Archaeological Museum depict the cultural heritage of Lisbon.

The glorious two-storey monastery, Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, ornamented with a garland of stone shelves, sea monsters and maritime symbols. The monastery was a sacred place for the ancient Portuguese seafarers who used to depart for an unknown voyage.  The Belem tower forming an angel look is the iconic tower that completely separates itself from the shores of the mainland.

Apart from cultural sites Lisbon is also a shopping paradise of Portugal. With the sea port connectivity the market streets are full of expensive as well as inexpensive goods from world over. Centro Commercial Colombo the biggest shopping mall of the city offer remarkable useful stuffs. Campo de Santa Clara, a hub of local markets selling variety of inexpensive items, which could also be bargained. 

The Liberian peninsula is world famous for the sea food. Portuguese offer a wide variety of sea food at really low prices. For sea foodie visitors, grilled tuna fish, “Bacalhau” or salt cod and grilled sardines are the must-to-eat dishes from the extensive Portuguese menu. Pork, veal, beef and chicken form the other variety of food. 

Lisbon has a vibrant nightlife. The partiers start gathering with the dusk and stand out until the next dawn. The city’s old quarters are the common hangouts where Portuguese traditional soulful music is played. Visiting Night Theater, Discos and Bars is pretty general among the Lisbon commoners. The waters of the river Tagus illuminate stars on the earth by reflecting numerous lights of restaurants and bars lined beside the riverside.

Lisbon offers genuine friendliness and a humble outlook to all the visitors who plan their trip to this dreamy city.  Many airlines offer holiday packages and invite people across the world to this wonderland.  You may even check out for discounted or cheap flights that arrive regularly to this lively city and enjoy the essence of Portugal culture.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bangkok: The Land of Possibilities

Bangkok, 'The City of Angels’ certainly upholds its prestige in Southeast Asia as a travel hot spot. The funky markets, ritzy shopping malls, a riverside with plenty of surprises, a vibrant nightlife and many fabulous attractions reflect the unique heritage of Bangkok. Highly developed infrastructure with monorails and underground systems bring Bangkok at par among the world’s agglomerated cities. Wrapped into the concrete of religious spectacle, Bangkok expresses Thailand's mysterious ability to blend the old with the new.

Smiles and sà•nùk (the Thai word for ‘fun’) are the key passports into Bangkok society. A compliment here could be a joke there.  Bangkok embraces modern development and presents an initial picture of thrusting office towers; of world-class hotels offering deluxe comforts. Cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure characterize Bangkok as the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of all Asian cities. Frequent discounted or cheap business class flights to Bangkok have made the city popular for big as well as small businesses.

The city forms an important part of central and eastern Thailand. Bangkok Metropolitan area is connected by five surrounding provinces: Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi and Sammut Sakhon. Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport are the two major airports which connect Bangkok to the rest of the world. Being the centre for trade and commerce regular business flights keep floating in and out of the city.

Bangkok’s best feature lies in its merging of opposites. A modern world of riches orbits around a tranquil traditional core. Step into the dreamland and discover yourself among dazzling temples, hotels of every breed and size, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, and many things in between. Relish an unforgettable dinner cruise adrift at the Chao Phraya River. Enjoy the – tuk-tuk ride, lady boy show, the famous Muay Thai (kickboxing) match and bask with Thai massage during your journey.

The river cruise to the famous ruins of Ayuthaya, the capital of Siamese history will take you centuries back into the fable of the prosperous era. During its zenith, Ayutthaya maintained warm diplomatic ties with the Europeans like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch; Middle East and East Asian countries. The architectural styles at the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace as well as temples located inside the city moat reflect the European influence.

The city has been ranked as the 17th tallest city with marvelous skyscrapers. Bangkok is a blend of many cultures, which form the integral part of city’s attraction. The most notable attractions of the Bangkok city are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the Giant Swing, Sanam Luang, and the Democratic Monument. The Victory Monument is Bangkok’s biggest bus destination.

Silom road is Bangkok’s trading centre for Jewelry and Gems. Siam Square is the main shopping centre and is Asia’s largest shopping mall. For the budget travelers Khao San road is the best place to shop at. Chinatown located in the Rattanakosin area offers its visitor’s variety of Thai sea food. Thai cousins are popularly served even in business class flights with cheap tickets. You may also look out for flights with cheap airfares and experience the luxurious food festivals and bizarre art installations of Bangkok.

Chatuchak market is the famous market where most stalls tuck into tiny narrow lanes with variety of products like a pair of six-inch crushed velvet stilettos, a pampered puppy, a set of Beatles cushion covers, a shark’s-tooth amulet, which you are almost certain to grab for your home. The place is a sprawling outdoor market open during the weekends generally remains crammed with little stalls. One can spend hours wandering through the market looking for reasonably priced items which you can haggle too.

Floating market the well known unique market is the heart and soul of Bangkok. Your smart bargaining skills shall fetch you a lot of Bangkok’s traditional items that if not bought might create a void at some corner of your room. Explore Bangkok with a zest and make the use of every minute in this magical metropolis. As the cultural and commercial centre, Thailand's fascinating capital presents both residents and visitors, young and old, with an everlasting snooping palette of activities, events, parties and other happenings.

You can explore all of these through inexpensive or cheap flights to Bangkok, offered by various airlines and experience the magic of the city where possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Bangkok, the hub for most of the commercial and economical activities is also known for its adaptability and multiple destinations. The city not only attracts the new visitors but also brings back the travelers who have experienced its aura before.