Friday, January 28, 2011

Johannesburg – The Rejuvenating City of South Africa

Last week I was on holiday trip to Johannesburg the economic power house of South Africa. I was fortunate enough that my travel company was offering business class discounts on United Airlines air tickets to Johannesburg. My flight arrived in the late evening and I immediately shifted to the Hotel where my travel agent had made the bookings. During the hotel journey I was stunned to see the lights of the skyscrapers that were shimmering from far off.

While I was waiting in the lobby at the hotel I met a guy who worked as a ticketing manager in a travel firm. He informed me that there were several airlines that offered reasonably priced or cheap business class flights to Johannesburg and if your are comfortable with your traveling dates then you can even get handsome discounts over business class air tickets as well as on other air plane tickets. After spending a quality time with the travel chap I went to my hotel room to have a sound sleep.

The next morning I prepared myself to explore the most hip-hop city of South Africa. My business class ticket came with a brochure that contained a lot of information about the city’s local attractions. I started my day by visiting the Apartheid Museum, where I had a glance at many pictures and videos that said a lot about the South African past. Johannesburg Art Gallery and South African National Museum of Military History were the other two places where I paid my visit and learnt a lot about the history of Johannesburg.

While I was returning to my hotel in a cab, the cab driver offered me a two-day trip around the city at very low fare. He also told me that he knew few local travel agents who could have arranged inexpensive flight tickets or rather cheap domestic flights for the nearby connecting cities if I wished to stay for a little longer. I was quite happy to get the discount but as I could not afford to stay long I felt bad too. The next day my cab driver came on time and we both were prepared to further explore the city.

We went to see the botanical gardens, which presented unique plant species. Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens formed one of the last green areas remaining within Johannesburg. Lots of birds, including the endangered Black Eagle were other attractions of the park. I even saw the picture of the same black eagle at the airport where my business flight made its landing. There were several other parks, which I could have seen but was quite tired and thus asked my cab to drop me back to the hotel.

My return business class flight was in the afternoon and thus I could pay visit to the other parks that were left behind. Montecasino Bird Gardens, which possessed many birds and other small wildlife, was indeed refreshing. Since the time came to leave the wonderful city that is known to world as a powerful economic centre also I checked out from the hotel and left for the airport. I called up my travel company Fare Buzz, the America’s leading Travel Company to ask the confirmation about the flight ticket for cheap rates to my home land.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Rome: The Eternal City

During the high School years I read a lot about the Roman Empire that once flourished in the eternal city of Italy, Rome. Fortunately, this time I got an opportunity to visit Rome with my cousin to the most fascinating city, of the world. In the evening I sat down with the yellow pages to get low fares for the air flights that connect United States to Rome. After making a call to few travel companies I finally booked the business class tickets with Continental Airlines, which were offering quite reasonable flight deals to Rome.

My cousin suggested that the best way to make preparations for Rome travel was to know a little more about the city. While I was searching for the cities best attractions, I came across many travel companies that were offering low priced or cheap business class flights to Rome. Also there were several sites that were advertising the international airlines to Rome. After discussing about the major visiting attractions of the city we both packed our stuffs and got ready to explore the city.

Before setting our journey I made a point to recheck the air plane tickets to Rome. While sitting in my business class seat I read a lot about the beautiful city of Rome from the travel book, which was provided by the business class airlines. The most amazing thing about Romans was that apart from feeling proud they also have an unbound passion for Rome. My cousin, Michal gets along with strangers very quickly. This time also while onboard she could easily get along the airhostess in the business flight.

The airhostess familiarized her with the local lingo of Rome. She even told that the airline often offered inexpensive flight tickets to Rome. Our flight landed in the evening and we immediately went to the hotel where our travel consultant made reservation for us. On our way Michal shared about the talks she had with the airhostess. The airhostess told her about the business class discounts that the airlines offered to other European cities. While Michal was busy describing her experience with the new friend, I really enjoyed the shimmering lights of the market streets.

The next day we went to the Roman Forum and its neighboring places and were quite overwhelmed to see the magnificent site. Along with the long run polished Vatican museum we also strolled around the sanctuary of St. Peter’s Basilica. The city also possessed the treasure of marvelous churches where every church was unique in itself. After spending the quality time in sightseeing we went to dine at a nearby restaurant that offered delicious Italian food.

Once we were through with our dinner, we returned back to the hotel and packed our stuffs for home. Although our trip was quite small yet we learnt a lot about the city. Despite the abundant availability of travel agents, Fare Buzz the leading Travel Company has been providing easy and best solutions that include reasonable fares for business class flights to all its clients.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New York: The Vibrant Metropolis of the World

The charismatic city of United States, New York has always been my dream city. Fortunately, this time I got a chance to pay a small visit to my aunt, who recently shifted to this vibrant city. I surfed on the net to find the best flight deals that are offered by the airlines. I booked my cheap air ticket with American Airlines that also offers direct flight to New York. The city is indeed the world’s most vivacious metropolis that attracts visitors from across the world to earn and enjoy their living.

My flight arrived in the evening and I rushed out from the airport to my aunt who was eagerly waiting for me outside. While moving ahead to my aunt’s residence I saw many hotel lights gleaming with fabulous color lights. While seating in by cheap air flight I read about the data that said about the city witnessing a large amount of immigrants from across the world. There were many airlines such as Continental Airlines, US airways and United Airlines that offered cheap airline tickets to the city.

According to the data the above airlines along with reasonable air tickets also offered cheap domestic flights and thus encouraged travel among the national as well as international travelers. My aunt stopped at a nearby restaurant to have some snacks and then we could move ahead with other plans. While dining she told that the city had a great fast life and also offered quite extensive opportunities to all visitors who either traveled through discounted airlines tickets or cheap flight tickets to New York.

After having the delicious brunch we both moved ahead to my aunt’s house, which was quite near to the Wall Street. The next morning I was overwhelmed when my aunt decided to take a break from her office and accompany me for the sightseeing. We packed our breakfast and were all prepared to explore the pulsating city of United States. Our first attraction was the Wall Street, which was quite in news during the economic meltdown. People walked around with great enthusiasm for work.

While crossing the main lane I came across a travel consultant shop that was offering great airfares for several destinations across the world. While my aunt was away for some work I went inside the shop to know more about the cheap flight deals that the travel agent had to offer.  I was taken by surprise that there were several airlines that offered affordable cheap international flights along with cheapest airline tickets. I immediately called up my travel consultant and asked him to book cheap flight for my return journey.

Later in the day we went to the Battery Park that is well known among the locals for its panoramic views. Then we went to the Memory Foundation place which was at the centre of the New World Trade Centre. The place brought alive the tragic moment that took place years back and I just could not stop the tears rolling down my cheeks. We paid our condolence to the victims of September 11 attacks there and then returned back to our home.

Although I had a really small trip to the vivacious city, it was one of the most memorable one of all. Nowadays several travel companies offer travel packages to New York, but Fare Buzz, the America’s leading travel company along with cheap airfares also offers cheap tickets to New York.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tokyo: The Sci-Fi City of The World

I have been hearing about Tokyo, the hi-tech city since childhood from one of my uncle who has been living in Tokyo for the past few years. On every thanksgiving visit, he used to get gifts for us, which were quite uncommon in our place too. This time my uncle invited me to know more about this beautiful city. I was overwhelmed when I received an invitation call from him and immediately called up my travel company to book a business class air travel to the city.

Thanks to my travel agent who quickly arranged a last minute flight with Delta Airlines to the city. While seating in my business class seat I recalled all the stories and life experience, which uncle used to share with us. He always said that Tokyo was more than being a futuristic city. Fortunately my business class airlines also offered me a brochure that said a lot about this city. After going through the brochure I learnt that the city rose from a small town to the world’s largest agglomerated city in a very short span of time.

My flight landed in the evening and I saw my uncle waiting outside the airport. While driving to my uncle’s residence I was surprised to see the skyscrapers illuminating with sprinkling hoardings. Though the passenger sitting next to me in the business flight told a lot many big names but I found many more than what I expected. While coming out from the airport I noticed many travel agents contact numbers displayed near the airport wall who offered discounted or cheap ticket for business class flights.

Airlines such as American Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways were on the top display that offered amazing airfares on several plane tickets to Tokyo. My eyes could hardly move away from the gleaming lights of the shops around that we passed by. I remember uncle once told us about the disastrous earthquake that completely ruined the city. Despite being sensitive to the natural disaster Tokyo rebuilt itself from the cradle of its own dust.

Before de-boarding the airlines, the crew members informed us that the vertical city supported a population of 12 million. My uncle’s apartment was on the 20th floor, and despite the lift facility he uncle took stairs for half way. I was quite excited to explore the city and thus requested my uncle to at least take me out for a dinner at a nearby restaurant. During my last business class air travel I received a discounted coupon with my air ticket, which I could avail at any five star hotels in any city across the world.

The next day my uncle had to attend an urgent official meeting and thus I got a beautiful chance to explore the city on my own. Before stepping out from the house I searched on internet about the city and fortunately was able to collect a lot of information through the travel websites that also offered cheap airline tickets to Tokyo. Selling under the names of cheap business class tickets, cheap flight tickets, cheap air tickets, and cheap flights to Tokyo the travel companies sites also gave valuable information about the city.

The Impulse Palace, Meiji Jingu Shrine, the Ueno Park in the spring all formed the major attractions of the city. Tourists from the world visit Tokyo to see the extraordinary subway system and the excellent transport system that the city possesses. After spending my memorable weekend with my uncle in the Sci-fi city I retuned back to my hometown. I called up my travel company Fare Buzz, the leading American travel Company and thanked for arranging a nice and memorable trip to Tokyo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sao Paulo - The most shimmering city of South America

The world’s third largest city with largest agglomeration in South America, Sao Paulo has always been my dream city. This time I planned to spend my vacation in my dreamland Sao Paulo. After booking my cheap business class flight with Copa Airlines, I immediately packed all my stuffs and got ready to explore the most aviated city of my life. Sao Paulo has always been in comparison with cities like New York and Los Angeles.

While sitting in my business class seat a lot many thoughts about the city pre-occupied my mind. I heard from many friends who have been to Sao Paulo that the city’s attraction lies in its people and the pulsating culture. While onboard I really enjoyed the Brazilian special cuisines that were served on the air flight.  Being a cosmopolitan, Sao Paulo possessed significant ethnic minority communities from across the world.

My flight landed late in the evening and I had to rush to the hotel where I had my reservations. The next day I planned to explore the city. I was carrying the travel book which I received as a gift with my business ticket. I read an advertisement of a travel company that along with business class air travel could also arrange affordable cheap flight to Sao Paulo. The book also contained several airlines ads such as Taka Airlines, Lam Airlines and Tam Airlines as these airlines offered direct flights to the city.

The moment I stepped in the city I was overwhelmed to see the crowded streets with tourists, visitors and the locals. All were strolling into the fast paced streets of Sao Paulo. Being of a friendly nature I keep making friends wherever I go. I met a local citizen while shopping who made his living with his own travel business. While familiarizing me with the city he also told that there were many airlines that offered business class discounts on several air tickets to Sao Paulo.

Spending a complete day at the local attractions I returned back to my hotel to have a restful night. The next sunny morning I went to see the beaches of the beautiful city. On the way I met a guide who turned out to be a nice companion. He was told that when he came to the city it was like a Jungle but within a span of few years the city showed an enormous growth. The travel industry especially airlines by offering discounted business class travel and business class flights have played a major role in the development of the city.

The fabulous museums are the finest among all the South American cities. The graceful coastline offers lovely beaches to all the visitors from across the world who traveled through either business class tickets or cheap air tickets to the city. The nightlife of the city offers world class entertainment to all the party lovers. Live performances that include the traditional instruments like drums and the berimbau (a stringed rod used to keep time) are simply matchless to the performances with electric instruments.

After spending the most memorable time in the city I could now say that Sao Paulo is the destination that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Later I packed my stuffs in the hotel and also confirmed my returning cheap business class ticket with my travel company Fare Buzz. Though there are many travel companies that offer travel packages but Fare Buzz is one such travel company that along with business class tickets and cheap airline tickets also arranges last minute flights to several destinations.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A short trip to the dynamic city of Spain, Madrid

My last week visit to Madrid was simply awesome. I booked a business class ticket with Delta Airlines that offers regular flights to Madrid, the capital and the largest city of Spain. Apart from financial and political core, Madrid is also a home to the Royal family of Spain. Being a hub of several business as well as other leisure activities, Madrid is visited by tourists and travelers from across the world who travel through business class airlines and airlines that offer reasonable cheap international flights.

I landed at around six in the evening at the gracious city of Spain. While checking out from the airport I met a college friend who was on a business trip to Madrid. Fortunately, we both had our reservations in the same hotel and the same business class air return flights. After resting for a while at the hotel we both decided to take a walk in the city and explore the city culture. On the way my friend told me that nowadays many airlines offered affordable cheap tickets to Madrid. US Airways often issued cheapest airline tickets that included business class and coach class to Madrid.

While taking a walk in the European city’s street I noticed that Madrid is the only European city that has been changing at very faster rate. With transport industry playing a major role especially airlines that offer cheap business class flights and also discounted business class tickets to the city, Madrid has shown an enormous growth since my last trip. On the way we met many people who were on a vacation to the city. While dining at a modest restaurant my friend took out food vouchers that he won from the airlines while booking his business ticket.

The next day my friend had to attend a meeting and thus we decided to meet at a shopping mall in the evening. Our hotel staff was kind enough and along with transport facility also gave us the right information regarding city’s local attractions. Luckily I was also carrying the brochure, which I received during my last air business travel to Europe. Being an art lover I started my journey with Prado Museum, which is best known for its diverse assortment of works by Goya, Velasquez and El Greco.

After the refreshing art tour of the museum I went for a lunch in a nearby restaurant, which served a delicious lunch. While having a healthy conversation with one of the staff members, who sometimes worked with the airline sector, I learnt that Madrid was a hot tourist destination and major airlines offered business class discounts over their business class flights that arrived in the city. Continental Airlines and American Airlines are among such airlines that offered discounts on many air tickets to Madrid.

I met my friend at one of the shopping malls where he told me that he was all free for the next day tour to the city. The next day we visited the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Retiro Park. While strolling in the park we heard a visitor talking on phone, requesting his travel company to arrange a cheap business class travel to other European city. Once we were through with the sightseeing we returned back to our hotel to get ready for our return flight to our homeland.

My trip to the dynamic city of Spain came to end and I really wanted to thank Fare Buzz, the Americas leading Travel Company, who helped in arranging such a memorable trip to Madrid. Though there are many travel companies that offer travel tickets to European cities, but Fare Buzz provides the best travel solutions that include cheap flight deals with numerous airlines.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A trip to the oldest civilized city: Athens

As soon as the holiday season arrives my head and heart’s focus shifts to the travel manuals that keep waiting for weeks in my table drawer. I decided to spend this holiday season at Athens, the capital city of Greece. The city has been quite successful in embracing the glorious past with the present globalization. After packing the necessary stuffs I checked for the discounted business class airfares with several flights. I was quite fortunate to receive cheap fight deals with United Airlines to Athens.

After arriving in Athens I immediately checked in to the hotel in the heart of the city. My first step simply surprised me as Athens was much more than I imagined. This ancient city is nothing that we find in other ancient European cities. Named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena, Athens is now the most oriental commercial city of Greece. With major sea ports, Athens is the centre for many airlines too. Lufthansa Airlines is the major air services provide that offer several cheap flight fares to Athens.

Athens was completely transformed into an amazing city after the 2004’ Olympics. Despite situated over the fault line, Athens now has smooth walk-able roads that connect to the exciting art, music and entertainment centers in the city. With business class flights and cheap flights to Athens that frequently arrive in the city, this wonderland has shown a remarkable progress. The city is now considered as the cradle of the modern civilization. The buildings reflect the past architecture with modern changes.

If you are on a business travel to Athens, then you can make the maximum utilization of opportunities that the city offers. Being the centre of imported goods from US, UK and other countries, Athens is now the hot business destination. Best business flights to Athens have played a remarkable role in promoting the trade and commerce of the city. The manufactured goods form the major export item. Business class travelers have made the destination an important trading hub Thus Olympics paved a way to the cultural and commercial developments in the city.

A major European cultural centre Athens possesses +stunning sites and world class museums. Traveling across the city with best business ticket, I could manage to cover all the neighboring cities too. Athens has maintained beautiful relations with its neighbors. My flight with first class airfares endowed me with the brochures that précised about the local attractions of the city. This Greek ancient city also has premium restaurants that serve the Greek specialized food in their menu.

The Akrópoli (Acropolis) and Lykavittós Hill form the other local visiting places. The Pláka is the architectural hub of the city that could be easily explored on foot. Narrow snaky streets are bordered with 19th-century buildings, souvenir shops and busy inns. The Monastíraki market is a grubby place that presents the authentic Athenian life. The neighboring Psirri is a trendy area for bars, restaurants and nightlife. A small trip with business fares would not be an expensive deal to this elegant city. 

The city is incomplete without the entertainment that suits to the preferences of all people with different ages. After having enjoyed my holidays in this beautiful city, I returned to my hometown treasuring the memorable journey of the ancient and modern Greece. Add this city in your must-visit destination and enjoy the travel regardless of the business fare to Athens offered by maximum airlines.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paris: The Fashion City of The World

My obsession to visit the Fashion City finally came true and I got a golden chance to visit the scintillating City of France, Paris. The capital and the largest city of France, Paris is a tourist Paradise to all who love and also to all who do not love travelling. With the development of infrastructure in several world countries, air connectivity to the city also increased and airlines of the world offer inexpensive or cheap international flights with cheap tickets to Paris. Welcoming every individual with all its warmth, Paris is the destination one should visit in a lifetime.

The city poses a tough competition to the most popular cities of the world like London and New York. The world’s populars stand nowhere when it comes to the terms of architectural beauty, art history, gastronomy and sheer extravagance of Paris. I was accompanied by my friend to Paris and we preferred to book cheap flight to Paris rather than an expensive one. To our luck, American Airlines were offering cheap flight deals to Paris. And the rest was all done to make our way to the city of fashion.

On board I met a handsome guy who was on a business trip to Paris. On our way he informed both of us that Paris was now the most visited destination by visitors and that many airlines offered handsome discounts over business class airfares and also offered cheap business class flights to Paris. He was a regular visitor to Paris and thus helped us in planning our trip in a much organised manner. Our cheap air ticket came with a brochure that gave us all the information regarding the city.

After a day long journey we stepped into the city of dreams. Coming out of the airport I saw the home Air France carrier that along with business class air travel offered cheap domestic flights to Paris. Since we reached Paris in the afternoon itself we decided to take some rest and then make our way to the city in the evening.  I was carrying the brochure that listed inexpensive hotel, which I found with my cheap plane ticket and thus could make fast and easy on the spot bookings.

The evening in Paris was remarkably beautiful and absolutely stunning. We decided to take a walk along the river Seine and noticed the life in Paris was appreciating. Serenity will be word I will choose to define every local in Paris. The crew on our cheap air flight were also like the people of Paris, well organised and polite. No rushing after things, well behaving kids and polite way of talking just reminded me of the song “You Stole My Heart Away”, by Big Mountain.

The next day we both were all set for the sightseeing at the most happening city. Starting from the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris, Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe to the 19th century Eiffel Tower, from Tuilries Gardens to Champs-Elysees and the Arcde Triomphe centred in the Place de I’Etoile circus, we covered all and clicked whatever we could in our camera. The airlines informed about all these whether you travel by a discounted business class ticket or cheap air flight tickets.

One thing I noticed about the city was that the routes of the globalisation also started uprooting in the city. With airlines tickets carrying cheap airfares the city now became the major centre for several business options. International chains and country specific favourites were now slowly sweeping into the Parisian culture. The market shops dazzled with fashionable clothes that were designed by the reputed fashion designers.

My fashion venture was now coming to end and I had to fly back to my home taking the memories of the beautiful city of the world. While sitting in the chair I was discussing about the city with my friend I received a confirmation call from my travel company Farebuzz, who informed about my cheap air flight to homeland. I am really thankful to Farebuzz, who have been offering cheap airlines fares to make my vacations the most remarkable one.

Hong Kong, the Oriental Pearl

The Urban landscape from cyberpunk novels Hong Kong beat the beams of illumination and sets itself ablaze in the South China Sea.  Known by its spectacular skyscrapers Hong Kong, grimes and glitz with narrow twisting alleyways, mile-high concrete block buildings and mirrored office towers. It’s eclectic, fast paced, stylish and modern life astonishes every visitor across the world. Cheap flights to Hong Kong make it an important tourist as well as business destination.

Influenced by Chinese culture and British despotism, Hong Kong is a place with multiple personalities and is a major tourism destination for China’s increasingly affluent population. One can navigate the teeming, tightly packed sidewalks and met neon signage, steam-filled canteens, molasses, slow traffic and Babel of chatter at every turn. Hong Kong is a combination of major Islands, Hong Kong Island; Kowloon and the New Territories; and the Outlying Island.

The city of Islands is an important hub in East Asia with global connections to many cities and thus draws professionals across the world. A new large ultramodern multi-billion dollar airport built recently has made air travel easier and cheaper. Heaps of business class fights to Hong Kong arrive everyday pouring in highly skilled and smart professionals. The new terminal is among world's largest enclosed spaces and dwarfs its predecessor in every way.

It is a unique destination that has absorbed diverse people and cultural influences from places and thus proudly proclaims itself to be 'Asia's World City'. Echoing the motto of "Live and let live", the city makes amazing possibilities that one can advance from washing dishes to become a millionaire in a very short span of time. Utterly safe and fantastically well organized, Hong Kong is a place to delight in with little moments of perfection.

A general anxiety that one gets is "HOW TO GET THERE" without any waste of precious time and money. Geographically being compact Hong Kong boasts one of the world's most efficient, safe, affordable and frequent public transport system. Whether by taxi, ferry, rail, bus or tram, you can get around easily and catch wonderful glimpse of the city. The airline industry has further removed this apprehension by offering cheap flights to this fast growing city.

A simply dazzling and stunning city, Hong Kong offers something to everyone. It is a fortune of land for men, shopping paradise for ladies and a fairyland for children. Victoria Harbor, Victoria peak, Repulse Bay, Ocean Park, Disneyland and Wong Tai Sin Temple impresses every visitor with their own aura. The popularity of these places start with your journey especially when you travel in business flights that provide their passengers with tourist manuals.

Honk Kong may nudge you out of your comfort zone but usually rewards you among beautiful natural surroundings and the benefits of thriving and vibrant commercial centers. Traveling through cheap airfares you may enjoy a longer stay and also enjoy the scenic beauty of Hong Kong. Ocean Park located on the southern end of Hong Kong Island is among the top theme parks and aquariums in Southeast Asia. The park is also one of the best marine education centers, which makes it a must visit for families with children.

Victoria Bay is the largest harbor in China and the third in the world situated between the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula, bustles with all manner of watercraft that starts from the historic Star Ferries to cruise liners, cargo ships, and wooden fishing vessels day and night. The Disneyland Resort located on the Lantau Island, has special attractions and the inimitable sense of Chinese culture. You would be accompanied by Mickey Mouse and other Disney friends; to start a fantastic and magical journey.

Victoria Peak the best place from where you can admire the lights of this Oriental Pearl. Peak Tower with its famous wok-like architecture stands at the exit of Peak Tram. The amazing Ripley's Auditorium, the exciting Peak Explorer Motion Simulator, and relaxing terraces and restaurants are among the favorite stops at this entertainment center. The Madame Tussaud Wax Museum with figures of celebrities including local movie star Jackie Chan. Additionally, on the northern hillside of the Peak, you can visit the Zoological and Botanical Garden.

Wong Tai Sin Temple the most famous temple presents the glorious past and is patterned after an ancient Chinese palace with rich Chinese culture. Fortunetellers are active there. Two other famous temples in Hong Kong are the Man Mo Temple and Po Lin Monastery. Po Lin Monastery known as the ‘Buddhist Kingdom in the South’ serves as Buddhist retreat. Hong Kong’s magnificent Man Mo Temple is among the oldest and most well-known temples in the territory.

The two important places Wan Chai and Lan Kwai Fong represent Hong Kong’s sizzling nightlife. Situated just a short distance from Hong Kong's Central District, Wan Chai comprises of different zones with the bars and entertainment venues. The intersection of Lockhart Road, Jaffe Road and Luard Road mark the epicenter of Wan Chai's nightlife. All in all, nightlife in this part of Hong Kong doesn't reach its stride until midnight.

Please your tongues at Lei Yue Mun Seafood Village Dinner Cruise. The wonderful 5-hour trip at dusk with the flag lowering ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square presents the real Hong Kong’s picturesque.  Star Ferry's Harbor Tour with A Symphony of Lights, Pearl of the Orient Dinner Cruise, and Tsing Ma Night Cruise offer memorable sights as well.

Lan Kwai Fong is the focal point for bars and pubs, which are the icon of Hong Kong’s nightlife. Beer, alcohol and wine from a myriad of countries could be enjoyed here with locals who come for relaxing and socializing. A bustling array of restaurants, eateries, pubs and bars makes up the Hong Kong's trendiest nightlife area.

The meeting of East and West continues to shake and stir the city into an intoxicating place, spectacular, exotic and accessible. A city of life with endless motions and can make any one fall in love with it. So, don’t wait for anything and check out for cheap tickets that are offered by various airlines to this enchanted city.