Thursday, June 28, 2012

The once up on a time Acquincum

Budapest, the capital city has a long history dated back to the Celtic period. The city has been formed on those days and the name of the settlement was Acquincum. Later it became the Roman Capital and then it was in the 9th century the Hungarians came there. The city has witnessed many historic events like the evasion of Mongols, Ottomans etc. the city has witnessed many battles and revolutions too. Presently it has attained a status of one of the most powerful cities in Europe and a thriving business center.

This importance as a business center attracted the attention of my boss and he asked me to go there to conduct a survey and find out whether our company has chances to flourish there. Thus I started my preparation for a journey. The first step was to do airline deals for cheap plane tickets. As I mentioned earlier, the city has become a well known business center in the region and hence a lot of people are visiting this city regularly. Looking at a good business opportunity, many major airlines of our region, such as Air Canada and Hawaiian Airlines are operating flights to Budapest. Some other airlines are also operating cheap flights to Budapest. Hence there was no problem in getting a ticket.

As soon as I reached there I started my work. The mode of my survey was to visit many dealers who are dealing with products similar to that of ours and also some prospective customers and take their opinion on different aspects of the products. Back in my hotel room I used to prepare notes based on their opinions along with my suggestions. As the works going on in one side, I have visited many places in the city. The Acquincum Museum, The Tomb of Gul Baba, Buda Castle etc are the most important structures that attract tourists. The museum really spreads lights to the unknown history of the city and its heritage.

Margaret Island is the other attraction there. This consists of a large park and recreational area. There were many foreigners too when I visited there. Many foreigners are coming to the city especially to enjoy the life here in this island. Introduction of cheap tickets to Budapest has come as a blessing for such tourists who visit this island frequently. Swimming pools, bicycle and running tracks etc are attracting more people.

Spas are the other major attraction of the city. Here also you can come across with a lot of foreigners. I went to one such spa to experience their treatments.

Thus the life in Budapest provided a total enjoyment and when I could complete my survey and my report and suggestions were approved by my higher authorities, it doubled my enjoyment. Now I got a chance to visit this city more often on official trips.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Finnish Experience

Finland has a steadily growing economy and many foreign companies are taking interest to expand their operation to this tiny European country nowadays. Our company was not different. When we decided to start operations in Finland, the natural choice for the head quarters was the capital city Helsinki. Fortunately the task of establishing a branch there felled upon me and I have started preparing for the journey. The first thing I did was to take the details about cheap plane fares to that city. There are some good travel agents in our city, that are listed with our company and who are offering the best airfares. I have approached them to take cheap tickets to Helsinki.

With its recently attained importance as an economic center and a tourist destination, almost all the flights to Helsinki will be flying full at most of the time. The city is very famous for some annual events and festivals such as Helsinki Festival, Nights of Arts, Vappu etc. all major airlines including British Airlines and Air France used to fly some special flights during this season. Anyway, without much trouble I flew in one of the cheap flights to Helsinki.

The city has a long history and it has to suffer many setbacks in the past. It includes the plague that killed many of the residents in 1710 and a fire mishap in 1808 when major portion of the city got gutted in fire. Besides it witnessed several wars too. Fighting with all adversaries the city started its development in the 17th century and now became one of the most powerful economic centers in Northern Europe.

The city is also known as the Design Capital of the World with its excellence in designing. The city has used designing wisely for the economical, social and cultural development. It designed some known brands in the world such as a NOKIA and CONE. When the city is thriving in business it also excels as a hot destination for tourism.

I have visited the National Museum of Finland. Apart from the exhibits there, the museum itself is a showpiece and attracts many visitors. I happened to there on a weekend. The entire premise was crowded with visitors and most of them were foreigners. When the National Museum spread light to the past of the country the National Art Gallery speaks about the strong past of the country in art and culture. This gallery consists of three museums. When the Ateneum Art Museum exhibits the classic Finnish art the Sinebrychoff Art Museum exhibits the classic paintings and murals of European art as a whole. The third museum, Kiasma Museum is entirely dedicated to the modern arts.

There are many theaters and venues for performing arts in the city. I was lucky enough to see many cultural events in some of these venues. However the most thrilling experience during my stay over there was to participate in Vappu, an annual carnival. This carnival has been celebrated by labors and students with taking our colorful processions and conducting various cultural programs. I never forget the experience of dancing in the procession along with some youngsters.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Experiencing the might of Germans

Germans have many resemblances to Japanese. Both these people have been defeated and ruined almost everything during the 2nd World War. They were under the control of the winning alliance for some time and have to agree for many terms and conditions when they got freedom. With all these draw backs everybody thought these two nations will become poorer and will be conquered by neighbors in the near future. However, to the surprise of everyone both these nations have come up with their determination and strong will and became economic powers within a short span of time. Germany became stronger after unification of West Germany and East Germany. I witnessed this strong will and might of Germans during my last visit to Frankfurt.

It was an official trip. As usual my company insisted on flying with cheap plane tickets. This made my job more complicated as I had to take the airline prices from different airlines and agents to find out the cheapest one. Being an important economic and business center in Europe, airlines like British Airways, Air Canada etc are operating flights to Frankfurt. With the help of a friend of mine I got succeed in getting a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Frankfurt.

After reaching there, I had to meet some of our existing clients and I did the work in the first two or three days. After those meetings I got relieved as I got the freedom to decide my schedule. This gave me a chance to visit some of the most important places in the city.

The first place I went was Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral. It is a 14th century Gothic building. Ancient Roman and German Empires were crowned inside this church which has been converted to a Cathedral by 18th century. I visited Saint Paul’s Church too. More than a religious place this church has the historical importance of being the seat of the first democratically elected government in 1848. There is an archeological garden near to Saint Bartholomew’s Cathedral. This is a collection of the oldest buildings in Frankfurt. This has been found after the World War II. This entire area has been bombed during the World War II and these partially demolished buildings where found while removing the debris.

Apart from such historical places the city houses several parks and open places. It has a large botanical garden also. As in the case of history, this city is rich in arts and culture too. I could see many foreigners gathered at various venues for performing arts. As cheap tickets to Frankfurt are available, more and more people from other parts of Europe are visiting this city to enjoy various cultural events. 

As my stay over there was only for a short time I could not experience the entire city life. Still, the skyscrapers and many other symbols of development convinced me about the might of Germans. Not only the World War II, but any other war can never defeat them. They are proving that none can defeat people with strong will and determination.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buenos Aires - A-One-Stop-All destination!

I had heard my friends jabber about Buenos Aires now and then and finally curiosity got me! Buenos Aires got glued in my mind as the next vacation stop to hit and slowly preparations began. I called my travel agent to check if flights were available and was pleasantly taken aback when they informed me that cheap flights to Buenos Aires were available all round the year and prominent airlines like  Air France, Air Canada and British Airways fly to Buenos Aires daily. Well the start was not bad and with happiness and excitement I boarded the flight to visit the capital of Argentina ready to talk my experience to my friends when I return.

Most of the denizens of Buenos Aires are outlanders who have made this city their life and were embraced in return by this warm city. This bustling port city extends from one end of Rio de la Plata to the other. It has been the access point to Argentina for an era now. The inhabitants are proud of its rich heritage, notable style of living and enchanting architecture. Wherever I went they were very friendly and greeted and welcomed me. This hostility bowled me over! They even cheerfully related the history of the city to me which revealed their unremarkable love for their homeland. The city maintains a balance between its chick surroundings and its destitute lanes. The city though is refined and flirtatious yet shows sign of apathy and is still intertwined with the current modern outlook.

I found all the expected and known offerings like luxuriant mountains, splendid beaches, awesome cruises, vibrant night life, sumptuous cuisine, beautifully structured houses, numerous shopping malls and museums that kept me on the go throughout my visit. The city was indeed enthralling and inspiring in its true sense.

It is a delightful infusion of a divine city and graceful people topped with marvelous sight-seeing. Each locality has its own unique shade and form which reveals the mysterious temperament of the country. I also got a chance to tango with the locals. Tango is not only the national dance but I felt this dance, with its majestic posture and energetic zeal, is a perfect reflection this temperament.

I was beyond my happiness that I had visited this city which was quite within reach of anyone as cheap tickets to Buenos Aires are easily available on-line or with your travel agent. I now comprehend the reason why so many visitors flock to this angelic city and of course yes why my friends always talked endlessly about it. Really seeing is believing! I now have my own stories to take to them. Take the first cheap flight to Buenos Aires and witness this beauty yourself.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beaches, music, dance and many more

Miami was always there in my dreams. I have got attracted to the beaches of Miami after seen those beeches in various films and television programs. Hence I really got thrilled when I got a chance to visit the city on a business tour. Being an important city in the region our company has planned to start its operation there also and I happened to be the person designated for it. Being a company sponsored trip, I had to search for cheap tickets. Hence I have gone through the details of almost all cheap airline flights to purchase a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Miami.

Being one of the most visited cities in the world many airlines like Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines etc are operating flights to Miami. Hence there were no difficulties in getting a ticket.  All I have in my mind about Miami was its world famous beeches. Although I have proven mistaken right from the moment I landed in the airport. Miami Airport has a vast collection of Artworks from world renowned artists from different parts of the world. It includes murals, paintings etc. When I reached my hotel, again I got surprised to see some paintings from famous artists there. This increased my curiosity and I started inquiring about Miami’s culture with many people whom I met. The outcome was really a surprise for me. I learned that Miami has a lot of things other than its beeches to boast about.

It has a long tradition as a place where a large number of ballets are being performed. Besides it has a very good track record in theatrical arts also. The theaters in Miami even attract many foreigners. It has an influential place in the world of films also. Besides, being a place for shooting many Hollywood movies it hosts a number of film festivals also. Miami International Film Festival, which is a star filled even is being conducted every year here. This is considered the most important film festival in the region and one among the largest film festivals in the world. Hence the presence of personalities in this field from different parts of the world is ensured during this occasion. Most of the airlines will offer cheap tickets to Miami during this season and this increases the number of participants in the event.

As more than half of the population in this city is foreigners, the culture of this city is a blended one. Still it has an influence of Latin American culture due to more number of emigrants from this region. Still you can see a lot of English speaking people on streets.

As I did not get enough time, I could not visit many galleries where a large number of modern day paintings are being exhibited. And I really got convinced that it will certainly take a long time to enjoy the culture of Miami. Hence I have decided to visit there once again before returning from that city.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prague -a city of influence!

The history of Czech Republic has always intrigued me. Being a history student, I am aware that is has lot of impact on the culture of the city. The traditions, culture, folk lore, folk dances, music and many other aspects have developed the character of the city. I decided to explore the city and started planning a visit to Prague. The first step to visit this city was looking for flights to Prague. I also came to know that many travel agents also offer airline discount. I decided to take their help and gave them the task of booking my plane tickets. Once this task was taken care of, I decided to update my information about this city and its culture.

This city has always been a great influence on the nearby countries because of its rich culture and traditions. “Don Giovanni” was written by Mozart. A prominent Czech composer Antonin Dvorak spent most of his life in this city composing some of his best work here. Search results on the Internet told me that since the inception of the University of Prague, the culture dominance of the city increased manifold. In Central Europe, the Charles University became a very significant center of education in the year 1348 attracting education seeking great minds here to enhance their knowledge. A brief lull was witnessed in the role of culture on the city during the Communist rule but soon students of the University restored the lost pride and position of the University. This seat of excellence again started influencing the great minds coming to study here. Creativity took myriad forms here and this paved way for the culture to become dominant again.

As a cultural beacon, the city shines brightly. Since my interest in culture of the place surpassed every boundary, I decided to delve more into it. I decided to visit library in the city and was pleasantly surprised to know that there were several reference books on the city’s culture. A wide array of events is organized in the city and offers an opportunity to the people with creative bent of mind to create, perform and exhibit.

My travel agent then called me to inform that since many cheap flights to Prague ply their services to this destination, he has booked me cheap tickets to Prague. Airlines like British Airways offer their services to this destination. Now since the date of my impending trip came closer, I started shopping and packing for the same. Soon the day came and I boarded my flight to this magnificent city. As soon as reached here, I could see the impact of culture everywhere in the city. Though, people of the city are bit abrupt and rarely smile, they are polite, quiet and reserved people. One can easily find an easy camaraderie among people. They enjoy the openness with each other and can share a good laugh with each other even if they are practically strangers.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Johannesburg the wealthiest province in South Africa

Johannesburg is sometimes referred to as Jozi, eGoli or Jo’burg, and certainly is the biggest city in entire South Africa, in terms of population. Johannesburg is politically the provincial capital of the place called Gauteng, literally the wealthiest province in South Africa, having the richest economy of any metropolitan region in Sub-Saharan Africa. The city is one of the fifty biggest metropolitan areas in the entire world and also the world's biggest city absolutely not situated on a riverside, lake, or any coastline nearby. Thus city is highly acclaimed as the lightning capital of the entire world.

While Johannesburg is not certainly South Africa's three capital cities, it is the major seat of the Constitutional Court, which has the power of the final word on interpretation of South Africa's new post-Apartheid constitution. This city is the rich and tremendous source of a huge scale diamond and gold trade, because of the location on the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills which is an enriched source of minerals. The city is served by O.R. Tambo International Airport which is indeed the largest and busiest airport in entire African continent and is the largest gateway for international air travel to and from the rest of Southern Africa. More lately Lanseria International Airport has also started international flights, and is situated conveniently on the opposite side of this grand metropolitan city.

Johannesburg Airport which is the largest and the major airport of the region was renamed O. R. Tambo International Airport (ORTIA) lately on the 27th October in 2006 (it was originally named as Jan Smuts Airport on its inauguration, but had been named Johannesburg Airport in the year 1994 when the ANC government made a decision not to name airports after politicians). The name Jan Smuts Airport reveals where the airport’s ICAO code, FAJS, comes from actually. OR Tambo Airport is situated at the east of the Johannesburg city in the Gauteng Province of the South African continent. OR Tambo Airport is literally the southern Africa's busiest air transport hub and there is no doubt to it. Cheap airfares are offered by a number of low cost airlines which operate from this airport. There are various airline prices which are available from various airlines and thus can choose according to one’s preference and budget. Flights to Johannesburg are readily available from all major airports from all over the world and the frequency is good. So, a traveler does not need to worry if he is planning a trip to Johannesburg. If certainly one is planning an economic trip to this beautiful city, cheap flights to Johannesburg are readily available. Cheap tickets to Johannesburg can be booked from any travel and tourism sites available in the internet.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Buenos Aires known for the beautiful European style architecture

Buenos Aires is the capital city as well as the largest city of Argentina. It is also the second-largest metropolitan area in entire South America, after Greater Sao Paulo. The city is situated on the estuary’s western shore on the South America’s south-eastern coast. The city is not at all a part of Buenos Aires Province, nor is it the Province's capital. It is exactly an autonomous district. In the year 1880, after decades of political infighting, Buenos Aires was federalized and was finally removed from Buenos Aires Province. The city limits were enlarged to include the other towns of Belgrano and Flores. In the year 1994, constitutional amendment granted the city autonomy; hence its formal name is Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). Its citizens first elected a Chief of Government (i.e. Mayor) in 1996; before, the Mayor was directly appointed by the President of the Republic. People from city are referred to as ‘portenos’ which means people of the port. The city is one of the major and top tourist destinations, and is known for the beautiful European style architecture and rich cultural life.

Ministro Pistarini International Airport more commonly known as Ezeiza International Airport is the main airport of the city. The airport has got its name owing to its location within the Ezeiza Partido in the Greater Buenos Aires. Ezeiza Airport is an international airport located 22 kilometers south-southwest of the city. It is the country's largest international airport in terms of number of passengers handled. The International Airport at Buenos Aires indeed has a number of facilities and very good infrastructure.  85% of the surveyed travelers were found to generate international traffic.  Ezeiza Airport serves as a hub for the international services of Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Argentina. Cheap flights to reach the city are available from all corners of the world. There are numerous air flights that connect the city to other parts of the world. Flights to Buenos Aires are available from all major international airports in the world. If you are looking forward for a cheap flight to Buenos Aires, they are also available on a number of airlines.

This airport was collecting an airport improvement consolidated fee of US$29 as of 7 September 2009, payable before any international departure. This fee is required to be included in the price of the ticket of the passengers. In the year 2010, the airport handled 8,786,807 passengers, which is indeed a big figure. A new Terminal C was founded in the year 2011.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

By the rivers of Trinity

If you go through the history of mankind, you can see that all civilizations have come up by riversides. Rivers have such an influence in human mind and thoughts. However, we are not ready to accept the truth. That is why we are polluting most of the rivers and making them useless. The impact of these actions is more serious than we can even think about but we do not understand it properly.

I was walking through the walkway constructed alongside Trinity River. It was my first day in Dallas, the city built alongside the river Trinity.  It is a thriving business center with many big brands having headquarters here in this city. The purpose of my visit was also the same. I have to meet the top executives of some big companies in connection with a contract my company is proposed to take. Being an official trip, the entire expenditure will be borne by my company. As we have signified staff for making arrangements for business tours, I did not have to waste my time on it. Our company have tie up with many airline agents and they used to provide us the best airline tickets.

There are many flights to Dallas from our city. So, there was no difficulty in getting tickets in flights. As per the schedule I landed here on time and started my work. As it was a weekend, I did not have any official work and I decided to spend the day all alone. As I have read a lot about Dallas and the Trinity River, my first destination was obviously the Trinity River. It is not a navigational river; still it flows through the city as a vein that carries the blood. A highway has been built alongside the river and also a walkway. White Rock Lake, a water reservoir, constructed in this river is the main attraction. Many people visit this site for boating, rowing and also for biking. The calm and quite area around the lake houses the famous botanical garden also.

Bachmann Lake is another site that has been used for recreation. Once after the introduction of cheap flights to Dallas, a large number of visitors are coming to this place. An Ice cream vendor whom I met near the lake told me that even people from far way places comes here more frequently.

As I had to return immediately after finishing my work, I could not go to many other attractive places in Dallas. So, I decided to visit this city once again. This time I will be going with my family. I am already started search for cheap tickets to Dallas. The next holiday, we will be spending there. I want to experience the atmosphere in various opera houses and also want to see the skyscrapers. I want to enjoy the evenings in Oak Cliff Park with my family. I dream about boating in White Rock Lake with my family. We all are preparing for those unforgettable moments now.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cabo San Lucas known for its sandy beaches

Cabo San Lucas is commonly called by the name of Cabos. It is a city at the southern tip of the peninsula called Baja California. Cabo San Lucas along with San Jose Del Cabo is known to as Los Cabos in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. According to the population census done in 2010, the population of the city was approximately seventy thousand.

Cabo is the third-largest city in Baja California Sur, the first and second being La Paz and San Jose del Cabo respectively. This region which was indeed very sparsely populated witnessed and experienced a massive rapid development and growth, and that led to somewhat adverse impact on the environment of the region.

The destination is becoming more and more popular on the global tourist map. This is the reason people are coming to visit this destination in large numbers.

Cabos is well-known for its world-class sandy beaches. The destination is also well renowned for its scuba diving locations, balnearios, the distinctive sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, and abundant marine life present in the surrounding water bodies. The Los Cabos Corridor has now converted into a heavily trafficked holiday paradise. This corridor has end number of resorts and timeshares, built along the coastline in between San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

Cabo San Lucas International Airport can perfectly be defined as a tiny international airport. The airport is located around 4.5 miles northwest of the city in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The airport is equipped with air taxi service. Currently, there is a planning of a mighty project to enhance and widen the runway to 7000 feet. Along with the expansion the authorities plan to install navigation aids, air traffic control equipment, a new control tower, lighting, PAPI visual aids, and a new FBO with all the ground support equipments. All this proposed expansion at Lucas International Airport is indeed an ambitious project.

There are a number of cheapest airlines which operate from the destination. The last minute flights are also available as there are a huge number of airline options. Paz Leon Airport and Culiacan Fedl De Bachigualato Airport are some other airports in Cabo. These airports are also highly operational. Large numbers of passengers travel from these airports. These airports have world class infrastructure. These airports provide all modern day amenities and comforts to passengers. Flights to Cabo San Lucas are readily available from all corners of the world as it is a major hub of economy, culture and tourism.

If you are planning for a budgeted tour to the destination, then booking your tickets in advance can fetch you cheap flights to Cabo San Lucas. You can easily buy cheap tickets to Cabo San Lucas from any online travel and tourism portal.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Travel tips for Fun and Frolic at Las Vegas

Think Las Vegas and you see green bills everywhere. Yes, Las Vegas- the Lottery Land of America beckons you to try your luck at its casinos and roll in dollars. So why not plan a lucky tip to Las Vegas after checking out the flight deals and browsing these tips?

Flight bookings:

To get to Las Vegas, get your reservations on affordable airlines like China Airlines well in advance after checking out their deals and discounts.

Best Time to visit Las Vegas:

Book the China Airlines Flight Reservations to Las Vegas in the lean season from November to January as it is least crowded the. Hotels are full during festivals, events, spring-break and from July- October.

Packing for Las Vegas visit:

What you pack for your Flights to Las Vegas must generally comprise of light cotton casuals for summer and layered thermals for winter. Comfortable shoes, sun block, hat, sunglasses etc are a must for any season. Swim suits and aqua gear are optional if you plan to hit the water. Dress to impress in Las Vegas. So carry your cocktail dresses or jacket and tie for dinners.

From the Airport to the City:

•    Alight from your cheap flights to Las Vegas-at the McCarran or Henderson Executive.

•    Take a hotel shuttle bus or a metered taxi out of the airport.

•    Taxis are well-organized and a city taxi dispatcher lines up a taxi for you.

•    Take the CAT Bus out of the airport to the city and switch to the Deuce Shuttle Bus to your destination.

Getting around Las Vegas:

•    Get around Las Vegas by bus – using the Citizens Area Transit –CAT services.

•    Purchase bus tickets in advance at the vending machines.

•    Take the mono-rail service if you can foot the costs.

•    Metered taxis are the best option to tour Las Vegas.

Tipping Tips for Las Vegas hotels and Restaurants:

Make the most of Las Vegas Buffets at the Rio, Bellagio, Paris and Planet Hollywood

•    Tipping is customary in Las Vegas

•    Taxi drivers-15% of meter. Hotel Taxi dispatcher-S1

•    Restaurants; waiters-15-18%

•    Bartenders-$1-2 per drink

Las Vegas Shopping Tips:

No doubt you are going to spend all the money you saved from the cheap tickets to Las Vegas on your shopping sprees at Forum Shops or Grand Canal Shops or Town Square.

•    The sales tax here varies from 8% on purchases to 12% on hotel rooms.

Las Vegas Nightlife Tips:

Las Vegas is famous for nightlife and glitzy lights

•    Entry Fee at most nightclubs is $15.

•    Arrive before 10 pm to avoid lines and cover-charges.

•    Sitting at a table requires buying a drink.

•    Check out the dress code at the club.

•    T-shirts, tennis shoes, tank shorts and hats are taboo for men.

Las Vegas Safety Tips:

•    Do not carry heavy cash or jewelry.

•    Always collect your earnings as check or go accompanied by a security to the car.

•    Use credit cards as there are a lot of ATMs in Las Vegas.

•    Keep your valuables and passport in a safe deposit locker at the hotel.

•    Always travel in groups and never at late hours.

•    Keep your hotel room door locked at night.

•    Drink plenty of water to beat the heat.

Las Vegas is a great gaming and entertainment destination. Buy airline tickets to Las Vegas after checking out the airline deals and offers.