Monday, April 30, 2012

My Jamaican tour at Kingston

Jamaica is a fast developing country and like many other multinational companies, our company too has business interests there. As a part of the business activities I had a chance to visit this island nation once or twice. As our company regularly sends representatives to this place we have several air line agents in our role that provides flight tickets for cheap price. As usual, I had a discussion with these agents for low fare and purchased cheap tickets to Kingston.

Kingston, being the capital of Jamaica, is the centre of all activities in that country. All companies that are operating in this island nation have head quarters in this city. As soon as I reached the international airport, I went straight away to the hotel booked for me in a taxi. The drive through the long sand spit that connects the airport with the heart of city was an interesting thing. The sceneries I have seen through the window were really attractive and I got repented in coming here late.

The city has been founded originally in 1692 as a refugee camp for the survivors of the earthquake. Several people died here in the initial stages due to different diseases. With such adversities, the city has developed to an important business centre south of America and it proves the hard work and the determination of the people here.

In real the development of the city began in 1960’s by the expansion of the downtown water front area. A large number of shopping malls and hotels have come up here and even now this is the main attraction of the city. I could see crowded shopping malls which points to the importance of the city as a hot destination for shopping. When the crowd increased, many airlines started operating flights to Kingston. Thus the city became well connected with the rest of the world.

Being situated in a strategic position, it attracts many international companies to start their regional head quarters here and this in turn helped a lot in the overall development of the city.

The evenings are more beautiful here. The comparatively calm beaches and the musical events make the evenings an unforgettable thing in your life. Many tourists are coming here to enjoy the evenings on beach even from faraway places. The introduction of cheap flights to Kingston by many major airlines helped in increasing the number of visitors.

The city has enough infrastructure facilities to contain large number of crowds. This has been proved during the common wealth games conducted here in 1969. Now the city has come up a lot from those stages and it has all the modern facility to satisfy the visitors. While coming back from Kingston, I have decided to come here once again alone to spend the evenings in the beach and also enjoy the traditional music being performed at various venues.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Lovely Hungarian Experience

Hungary is one of the European countries that took the benefits of globalization and became rich in last few decades. Budapest, the capital city has become a city of happenings in terms of global business and many international companies have started operating from this city. As the visitors increased, many major airlines have started operating flights to Budapest and there are several cheap flights to Budapest too. As a part of our business development, company planned to expand our operations to Hungary too. Naturally Budapest has become the choice for the regional head quarters and the company entrusted the duty upon me to make the initial arrangements for the opening of the office there.

As usual our personal department done the entire airline deals and purchased cheap plane tickets. At last I reached the destination without any serious problems. In between my work I had enough time to visit the most important places in the city too. After seeing the Hungarian Crown jewels kept at the parliament I went to St. Stephen’s Basilica. The most attractive thing about this Basilica is that the right hand of the founder of Hungary, King Saint Stephen is displayed here. Near to the basilica I have seen two or three restaurants which were serving traditional cuisines. It was well crowded and I have seen a lot of foreigners there.

Castle district was another attraction which can be called as a bed of Hungarian history. There are several places of historical importance in this area which includes the Royal Palace, which has witnessed a number of battles since the 13th century. Now it houses a historic museum and a library.

Budapest is not only for the tourists who are interested in history. There are many places where you can enjoy a holiday. The visit to Margaret Islands was really a surprise to me. The tiny Island has many parks and venues for recreational activities including a cycling track. The cycling through the woods and greenery enjoying unpolluted air was not only a thrilling experience, but also was capable of injecting a sort of positive energy. Obudai- Sziget is a manmade island which houses a number of dance clubs and pubs. Many tourists are coming to this city to enjoy the dances and the night life in this tiny island. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Budapest, such tourists have increased in numbers. However the authorities are taking all measures for running these clubs safely.

There are many such places to visit. Cspel Island, Luppa-sziget etc are some of them to name. The city with its rich culture and the recently acquired prosperity in business has everything to offer to a visitor. There is no doubt that any types of tourists can enjoy a few days in this city as the city has something that can satisfy them. When I returned after completing my task, I was really happy that now I got a chance to visit this city again and again.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Through the Land of Woods and Water

A small island nation, situated in the Caribbean Sea was originally named as Xaymaca by the natives. The meaning of the word was the land of woods and water. Later it has been conquered by Spanish and the English. After the independence, the nation continues to be a part of British Common Wealth and came to known as Jamaica. Our last holiday was there. Being a well planned holiday, we did not have to rush for the last minute flights. We have booked our tickets in one of the cheap flights to Jamaica.

When we reached Kingston, the Jamaican capital, it was evening. The city looked beautiful in the darkness with neon lamps of different colors. The street was busy with shopping activities and we went to our hotel room. That night we spent inside the room and went outside for dinner only. The traditional Jamaican dinner was delicious. The next day we started our tour.

The nation is mountain dominated island with a narrow coastal plain and there are various beautiful spots to visit. Our first destination was Dunn’s River Falls. It is surrounded by dense forest and the scenery was really attracting. We spent almost half the day in that waterfall. Bath in the pure water which comes out of the forest was really a rejuvenating experience. We felt more energetic after the bath. There were a lot of people there enjoying bath and various water games there at the place. When the eco tourism became a trend with rich, Jamaica became one of the hottest destinations. This made the major airlines to operate flights to Jamaica.

After the thrilling experience of the wild life and a natural bath, we went back to our room. The entire evening we spent for shopping. There are many retail outlets in the streets of Kingston. Tourism related businesses are thriving nowadays in Jamaica. We have seen a good crowd in most of the shops. People are coming here by the cheapest airline and spending the money they saved in various enjoyments including shopping.

The next two days also we spent in the wild mountains. The flora and fauna of Jamaica is has its own specialty. With thick rain forests and with a variety of plants growing there, the land is a typical destination for eco tourism, there is no doubt that the nature lovers will certainly enjoy a good feast of nature by touring those forest areas in various mountains including blue mountains.

Beaches are also very famous in Jamaica. The hottest beach spot is Doctor’s Cave Beach Club. The narrow strip of beach on the Caribbean Sea is always crowded and a lot of activities are going on there including some carnivals. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Jamaica, the number of visitors has increased in the recent past. The diversified animal life of Jamaica can be seen in the zoological park. Various species of animals and birds which are seen only in the Caribbean area are there. After a fortnight’s trip, when we returned we have brought a lot of golden moments also with us which will be with us throughout the life time.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A perfect blend of east and west

It was a Friday afternoon. Almost all employees have put down their tools and started planning for weekend events. At the time a call has come from the head quarters of our company. It was for me and the matter was simple. I have to report in the head quarters next week. They have decided to send me to Hong Kong for initializing the activities of our company there.

When I reached our head quarters, the airline tickets and other papers related to my travel were ready. They have booked my tickets in one of the cheap flights. When I reached Hong Kong, the airport was crowded. Though it has come under the Peoples Republic of China, it has been treated as a special administrative region and the law and order prevailing here is totally different from that of mainland China. The economic policies adopted by the authorities here is one of the freest in the world and very much supportive to capitalist economy. Thus the city has thriving in business and a lot of people are visiting the city daily. This made the major airlines to operate flights to Hong Kong and that is why the airport is crowded.

After checking in, I went outside and roamed on the street in front of my hotel. There were a number of retail shops on both the sides of the street. It has become a hot spot for shopping and many people from foreign countries are visiting the city for shopping. The cheap tickets to Hong Kong, introduced by many international airlines increased number of tourists nowadays.

Though the city ceased to be a part of British Colony, the lifestyle of the denizens remains the same as that of the west. Still, the ethics and philosophy of east prevails here. That is clearly visible in the construction of the buildings. Most of the buildings do not have room numbers that have the digit 4. This, I came to know is because of a belief as per the age old Chinese astrology. This blending of cultures can be clearly seen in many venues of performing arts. There you can enjoy the traditional Chinese arts along with western dances and music. There are many such venues where you can watch various cultural programs. I used to visit some of such venues daily in the evening after finishing my day’s schedule.

The beach which I visited once was also crowded with foreigners. This clearly indicates that Hong Kong has become a hot tourist destination too apart from its importance as one of the most important financial centers in the world. With the introduction of cheap flights to Hong Kong, more and more foreigners are visiting nowadays. Various parks and religious centers also play an important role in attracting tourists.

I could finish my task as planned and I got two days to visit these places. I did not waste a single second and I have hired a taxi to visit all important places. When I returned from my tour, I was not satisfied with the tour. I know I have a lot more to see there. Shortly, I will be visiting Hong Kong once again along with my family.