Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 10 Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong by far has some of the best attractions in the world. As a bustling metropolis, there is so much more to the area than tall buildings and museums. In fact, Hong Kong’s attractions are growing in popularity each year and some of these very attractions are what bring the majority of tourists to the area in the first place.

Avenue of the Stars
You do not have to go to Hollywood to encounter movie royalty. In fact, Hong Kong has their own movie industry that is just as loved and popular as America’s. The Avenue of Stars is a tribute to those actors that helped make Hong Kong’s movie industry what it is today, by giving each movie star their own spot on the sidewalk.

The plaques, milestones and celebrity handprints sprinkle the sidewalks and come up to the life-size statue of kung fu’s own Bruce Lee. The Avenue of Stars is glamorous and offers a breathtaking backdrop thanks to the Victoria Harbor. Live performances are going on throughout the year. 

The Peak
If you are time bound or only have the patience for one attraction, make The Peak the ones you go to. This is the highest point on the island and is the city’s exclusive neighborhood. The rich and famous have found homes here and over the past few years it has become one of the most spectacular sights in Hong Kong.

The view is the main reason people come to The Peak. During the day, you can look out over the skyscrapers, harbor and even the green hills. At night, you see lights sparkling beneath you, melting into orange, pink and yellow.

For the best view, go to the Peak Tower and head out onto the Sky Terrace. There are numerous restaurants and shops that equally have amazing views, if you want to sit back, relax and check out Hong Kong below. To learn a little more about the attraction, take The Peak Tram, and slowly make the climb up the peak while learning about its history.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong
Originally opening its doors in 1977, Ocean Park offers a marine-themed park that offers thrill rides, live shows and animal exhibits. It was given the biannual Applause Award for offering world-class entertainment, attractions and even education in a single location. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world and it was a big deal for Ocean Park when they received it in 2012.

The park is found on the southern side of the island, and offers over 870,000 square meters of fun. Within the park you’ll find world-famous attractions, including the Polar Adventure (letting you explore the North and South Poles); the Old Hong Kong (featuring memories of Hong Kong, history and more); Thrill Mountain (rollercoasters and rides only for the fearless); the Rainforest (featuring exotic sounds, tropical plants and more); Aqua City (a world-class marine area that gives you the full underwater experience); and Amazing Asian Animals (showing some of Asia’s most protected and amazing creatures).

Disneyland in Hong Kong
Experience the magic of Disneyland while in Hong Kong. With numerous attractions, rides and of course, Mickey Mouse and friends, you can enjoy this iconic theme park that has some exclusive attractions other Disneyland Parks don’t have.

Ladies’ Market
Get extreme bargains, souvenirs and accessories in over 100 stalls at the Ladies’ Market. Located on Tung Choi Street, you’ll find a 1-kilometer stretch of shopping featuring some of the biggest names in ladies’ fashion.

Temple Street Night Market
It is when the sun goes down that the best vendors in Hong Kong come out. Temple Street Night Market is a popular bazaar that features trinkets, tea, antiques, jade items, watches and more. Enjoy traditional Hong Kong cuisine from local food carts, pick out your next handbag or just shop the latest deals and bargains while enjoying music from local artists – all at night.

Hong Kong Convention Center
This landmark is an international convention and events center that you cannot miss. Take photographs, get a tour or catch an event happening while you are in town. The Convention Center is open daily except the first day of each month.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
Featuring a Colonial-era Clock Tower and stretching along a large majority of the island, this famous promenade has become more popular than local museums, cultural centers and even the Avenue of Stars. Located along the Victoria Harbor, it is an exquisite shopping center, gathering place and even a great location to catch a bite.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple
Here you will find the home of three religions – Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. It’s an ornamental, beautiful temple that is not only a scenic attraction, but highly important to Hong Kong’s culture. The temple features five geomantic elements of Feng shui, including metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The temple was meant to commemorate the notable monk, Wong Tai Sin, born in the 4th Century. The temple’s claim is to make every person’s wish come true upon request, and it is sure a site you will want to see while visiting Hong Kong.

The Clock Tower
Located in the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminal, you will find this 44-meter tall Clock Tower. Originally constructed in 1915, it is a spectacular site featuring granite, red brick and the styling of the Age of Steam. It is a memorable landmark in China and was officially declared a monument in 1990. It is also a symbol for millions of Chinese immigrants who passed through the infamous terminal to start their new lives in Hong Kong as well as other parts of the harbor.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

U.S. Carriers Gradually Eliminating Bereavement Fares

A death knell is supposedly sounding for airline bereavement fares now. The long-standing practice by most U.S. carriers has reached an abysmal low in 2014. Many airlines in the United States have done away with the practice or on the verge of putting an end to breaks for grieving fliers.

Media reports said that the bereavement fares have been eliminated by American Airlines in February this year. United Airlines was the next to follow suit and ended the practice of providing bereavement fares in March 2014. The airline has however shown some leniency and said that if the planned travel could not be undertaken by the passenger or a companion because of a serious illness or death then the tickets might just be refunded.

Airlines such as Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Virgin America, AirTran Airways and JetBlue Airways don’t offer bereavement fares in any case whatsoever. These airlines don’t see any reason in doing so as they often argue that they are already offering cheap airfares as they are low-cost carriers.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is among the few airlines that continue to offer some kind of a bereavement discount, which though is relatively slight. Paul Skrbec, Spokesman of Delta Air Lines, said that the change fees are waived off by the airline when proof of death is furnished. The airline however grants the waiver only via phone.

Alaska Airlines is yet another airline offering a bereavement fare in the event of the death of an immediate family member. This must however be booked by phone only.

Bereavement fares earlier used to be of significant benefit to customers. It helped in lowering the price of last-minute airfare in a major way. A study said that the bereavement fares were rarely used by people, thus making it to be more of a legend than an important component of pricing.

Experts say that the demise of classic bereavement fares gradually seems to be true, but at the same time this also appears to be another belt-tightening measure for the cash-strapped airlines.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Discovering Seattle through CityPass!

Seattle, with its laid-back attitude and diverse neighborhoods, is ready to surprise its visitors. Entertain yourself with a thriving arts scene, rich history and culture, and some of the best coffee house that Seattle has in the United States. You can also look forward to some exciting outdoor activities. The city is surrounded by water on many sides. You can indulge in favorite outdoor pursuits here, which includes camping, hiking and kayaking. Seattle presents a fascinating look to those visiting the city. From many spots here, you will get dazzling views of the Olympic Mountains as well as the giant Mount Rainier. Ski slopes are only a short drive away.

The weather in Seattle is consistently cloudy. The overcast skies don’t deter Seattleites from venturing out and explore the city. Even the visitors here take it easy and fully enjoy their stay in the city. The best time, however, is from September to November when you should plan a vacation to Seattle. The peak travel season is during the summer when getting hotel rooms becomes difficult and flights to Seattle also become costly. You would do well to book your tickets well in advance and you are sure to get discounted airfares. Travel during the winter is mostly avoided as the chilly weather can play spoilsport and become hindrance in your exploration of this magnificent city. Early fall is also considered to be the best for tourism.

Tourists coming to Seattle are in their full elements as the city offers them varied forms of entertainment. The city’s coffee shop and pub culture is renowned. The city also provides excellent alternative music scene, with famous clubs that include Triple Door, Chop Suey and The Crocodile. If you are a music aficionado, don’t miss out on the interactive exhibits at the Experience Music Project.

Tourists arriving in Seattle have a major concern – whether they can save money on their trip to the city. Yes, of course, there are many ways worth considering when it comes to saving money on your visit here. One significant way to save big bucks is to buy a CityPass to explore Seattle. This is really cost effective and a great way to visit some attractions that are must-visit.
Seattle CityPASS gives you admission to its major attractions like Space Needle, Seattle Aquarium, Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour, Pacific Science Centre, EMP Museum, Woodland Park Zoo or the Museum of Flight.
Make use of the CityPass for visiting the Space Needle for getting spectacular views twice within 24 hours – once during the daytime and once during night. The Observation Deck here provides a 360 degree view of Seattle and beyond. You will get spectacular views of the majestic Olympic mountain range to the west and the snow-capped Cascade Mountains to the east.

With the CityPass discover luminous moon jellies, graceful octopuses, playful sea otters and more at Seattle Aquarium. You will get a chance to touch live sea creatures in the tide pools. You can also take a virtual trip to the tropics in the Pacific Coral Reef exhibit here.

There’s so much to explore other than these with the CityPass. You just need to book tickets to Seattle and visit the city soon.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 spontaneous picnic spots you must visit near to Malvern

There is so much to see and explore in and nearby Malvern. People love visiting such places where we can enjoy with family and kids as well as we’d love to read about those places on the web and then decide to go visit the place. Isn’t it? Hence, take a look at five spontaneous picnic spots of the Malvern.

Enjoy Great views at Worcestershire Beacon

Visit Worcestershire Beacon and enchant outstanding natural beauty where you can walk. Once you visit this place it will give you a dream come true experience.

Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills is the main and famous part of Malvern and it is also called the town of steep which gives us steep incline, particularly Church Street is good for exploring the surroundings and to walk with loved ones. This place encourages and attracted countless writers and poets to write about its splendor and outstanding views. So book some of the famous hotels in Malvern to visit this splendid place.

Great Malvern Priory

To enjoy a calm and beautiful place which will leave you mesmerized, visit Great Malvern Priory where including Millennium Windows, medieval tiles comfortable padded individual seating arrangement is very good. They also organize social events and get together where you can explore the nature and can learn about truth and justice which is very effective for your kids as well as you.

Malvern Museum

For kids Malvern Museum is the one of the best place to enjoy. Children can dress up in different types of characters like monks; parents can participate in building up a castle and some other fun activities. In terms of enjoyment this place is really worthy.

Malvern Theaters

Theaters are the place where you have some light and sad moments via films, concerts, plays and other drama show with the family. There are plenty of theaters in Malvern, you can choose one of them and the town often organizes arts and other festivals in local areas. So it is also a good option for spending some precious moments here.

Malvern has so much to serve you including the above mentioned destinations and it is a popular destination because of its festivals and surroundings with on-going events So if you are thinking of visiting Malvern then don’t miss out and visit the above mentioned places and for your comfort you can book hotels in Malvern in advance at search4ahotel and other online hotel booking site and enjoy stress free trip.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Milan a mesmerizing destination

Milan, a beautiful city located in Italy is a part of the famous Lombardy region offering fantastic options to explore for the vacationers visiting this city in large numbers. Opera, galleries, museums, shopping, concerts and much more are available for the people coming here for a scintillating vacation. Visitors can make use of business class tickets in order to reach this beautiful destination. With a wide array of attractions, tourists have a lot to explore in this city.

Besides gaining popularity for its abundant attractions, this city also acts as a commercial and financial epicenter of the country. Business executives from faraway place come here for their business related work. Conferences and seminars are also held in this city that is attended by thousands of people. Another aspect that has made this destination highly popular is the remarkable fashion scene. Considered as a global fashion capital, this city houses some of the most renowned fashion designers. They constantly strive hard to set new trends in the fashion world. Many national as well as, international fashion festivals are organized here from time to time to showcase the new styles and trends in this field. In order to attend these shows models, fashion designers, textile manufacturers, media and many more visitors come to this destination on a frequent basis.

Before balking at the fares for business class seats, one must consider the extensive list of facilities and services that ensure a comfortable journey for the passengers. A host of privileges like priority check-in, access to the executive lounge, comfortable seating on-board and much more is offered to the business class travelers. If traveling long-haul distances, it is better considering business class flights lest people reach their destination all disheveled and tired to the bone.

Milan is also a perfect destination for shopaholics. There are so many options for shopping, right from high end shopping to flea market shopping. Avid shopping enthusiasts love to shop for some of the remarkable fashion labels and trendiest couture. This energetic city rubs off some of its vivaciousness on the travelers and they feel rejuvenated on coming to this destination.

If a plan to visit Milan is set, the best idea is to make advance bookings in business class flights. This will help passengers to enjoy some early bird discounts and enhanced mileage bonuses. This will have double advantages for the visitors they will not only enjoy inexpensive fares but will also enjoy a comfortable journey to this mesmerizing destination.