Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Marvelous trip to Saint Martin

Saint Martin is an island situated at northeast Caribbean, around 300 kilometers away from Puerto Rico. It is among the smallest Sea Islands between two nations. This is a very small island which consist no river in its boundaries but many dry guts are situated here. The island is situated in the south area of Auguilla.

Tour to Saint Martin was my business tour. The trip was rendered by our company.  Though, for business purpose, I visited many places, but this one became one of my favorite tours. I and my colleagues were so excited at the time when we came to know about the tour and the tour destination. Saint Martin was my one of favorite destination. This is a perfect destination for tourist as the place gives everything to the travelers which they want.

The Dutch side of St Martine is popular for its exotic drink, jewelry, night life, beaches and for its yummy cuisines. The French side of this island is popular for its nude beaches, shopping, and most important it is popular for its rich and delicious French and Indian Caribbean cuisines. The French side portions are popular among tourists especially youngsters. English and French are two commonly used language of this place.

Ticket bookings and the headache of other arrangements was beard by our trip organizers. The cost of that trip was taken by our company only. That was a well planned tour; everything was planned to include budget too. We had 10 numbers of peoples, so organizers were keen to book tickets from some cheap flights which provide low fare ticket with facilities too. They hunt for some cheap flights tickets.

Organizers inquired about all Flights to Saint Martin like Air France. They took information about the cheap flights to Saint Martin and made a good level of comparison among all the cheap flights. That was the period of winter vacations, and the flights were full of rush. Fortunately few seats left in leading Airlines and due to winter vacations the airlines offers cheap tickets to Saint Martin.

Finally, we reached this dreamy destination. From the airport, we directly went to the hotel which was booked in advance by our organizers. After taking refreshment and rest, we reached our meeting place. We get free in the late evening; it was a very hectic day.

We had two more days, and we all decided to visit this beautiful destination. One of our colleagues made a list of all prominent places of the city. During our trip, we had visited few more places of Saint Martin’s. Caribbean Gems, Yoda Guy Movie Exhibits at Planet paradise, American Tennis Academy, Scuba Zen, Anse Marcel, American Cup Yacht Racing, Lambada and Tango, Pinel Islands, Tintamarre island, Mullet Bay, Little Bay beach etc. These were some more interesting places in the city that we visited during this tour.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sao Paulo A Fantastic Place

Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and biggest in southern hemisphere and Americas and it is seventh largest city in world by its population. The city is the capital of States of Sao Paulo and it is most populous state in Brazil. The city has strong power in finance, art, music, entertainment and in commerce too. The city is considered to be an Alpha World city. It has maintained strong international influences. This town imports culture, economic and political influences on both national and international level.

The city consists of several parks, monuments and museums in its structure. This is a beautiful city and a perfect destination which contains several excursion places in its boundaries. Thousands of tourists reach this place on monthly basis. The city is located in southern eastern Sao Paulo states, halfway between Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro. The city enjoys monsoon-influenced humid subtropical climate, summers are hot and humid and winters are cold and chilled here.

Last year I visited this place with my family. During the month of October, out of my hectic schedule I got a chance to visit that place. On internet, I searched many places to visit and after a lengthy discussion with my wife we finalized this place as our destination.

Once the destination has been finalized we started gathered information about flight tickets. I was in search of some best airfare deal. We searched all Flights to Sao Paulo. I came to know that some of them offer cheap airfares for the same place. Our budget was pre-decided and we would not like to cross that limitation. As it might spoil our trip too so we decided to buy some cheap tickets to Sao Paulo.

Sao Paulo is a famous tourist place and that's why number of flights plying their services to this place. We had found some cheap flights to Sao Paulo. After the series of discussion and negotiation we succeed to buy plane tickets from one of cheap flights to Sao Paulo like Air Canada.

Finally, on the decided date we reached this place. From the airport we directly move towards the hotel and that day we decided to take rest in the hotel and started the trip next day. Plenty of excursion places were there in the city and it was not possible to visit each and every place in such a short time period. So we decided to hire a guide for this who can take us to all prominent places of city.

We had visited many beautiful places of city such as historic center, Avenida Paulista, Rio Pinheiros river area. Apart from these places we had visited many parks and museums of this city. The place was marvelous and we enjoyed the moments which we spend in Sao Paulo. These were the fantastic moments of my life.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Toronto A Wonderful destination

Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and the largest city in Canada. The city is situated on the northwest shore of Lake Ontario in southern Ontario. Globalization and World cities study group consider this as an Alpha World city. Finance, media, telecommunication, aerospace, software production, publishing arts, education, medical research, and tourism are the main economic sectors of the city. Toronto islands and Port islands are the main attraction of the city.

The city enjoys the humid continental climate summers are hot, and winters are very cold. In the whole year, the city enjoys four distinct seasons, with significant variation in day to day temperature. For excursion, plenty of places are available in the city. This is a popular destination among tourist and millions of tourists reach this place yearly. Last year I and my family visited this astonished place.

We all are fond of travel and love to travel different places of the world. This year we decided to visit this amazing place. It was very difficult task to make everyone agree about this destination still I succeeded doing so. After finalizing this destination place, we started preparing for this trip and were busy in carrying out formalities for our travel. My major task was to book airline tickets well in advance and reserve hotel rooms. I had searched best flights to Toronto and collect their airfare details and facilities. The budget of the trip was decided by me in advance, and I had to do all things within that budget line. So I was in favor of those airlines which offer some cheap airfare deals. I gathered the details of the best flight to Toronto like Air Canada. From among these, I gathered some best airfares. One of my friends told me that, in the peak season time, few leading airlines ply cheap flights to Toronto. With the help of this friend, I was able to buy cheap tickets to Toronto and finally reached this dreamy destination on the decided date.

This was a beautiful city where beauty lays all the four sides. It seems God put all his grace while creating this beautiful city. We had three days trip and, in all the three days we visited all popular destination of city. We hired a guide there who took us to all prominent places of the city. The very first day we visited McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Royal Ontario Museums, Ontario Science Center, Don Valley Brick works, Botanical Garden, Butterfly Conservatory, Queenston Heights, Block Monuments, and Floral Clock etc. That was a memorable trip of my life, and we enjoyed a lot throughout time. This is the best place to spend our holidays. It was a memorable trip of my life and wishes to visit this destination again in my life.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Time to have some real fun

Miami is certainly a place; we can all go to and enjoy ourselves in the best possible way. The reason behind my confidence is not just based on a travel show or a movie; I had the chance to visit the place myself and would certainly want that others also get this amazing opportunity. This great opportunity knocked at my door, when a friend of mine, with a really hectic job wanted to find some time for herself and wanted to make sure that she gets to enjoy herself and feel fresh when she returns to continue her work. She didn’t want to alone and asked me to come along, initially I was a little hesitant but the destination sure did sound tempting.

Then we started looking for cheap tickets, so that traveling expenses would come down. We were both very happy to find cheap airline flights. Our trip to this amazing place was so wonderful that we ended up having the best times of our life.

We decided to stop acting all grown up and went to check out the famous zoo. It is home to some of the species that have become rare over the years. We got to see crocodiles, giraffes, tigers and many other magnificent creatures. A tour into this place, which is a wild life sanctuary more than a zoo, is something that got us closer to nature and away from the hectic and buzzing city life. We certainly did find peace and quiet there. We were really glad that flights to Miami like US Airways are not difficult to find.

Then it was time to hit the beach, and be it any beach, all of them are absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing. We went to a beach party and that party was the best I have ever been to. Beneath the silver moon, we got to dance, drink, eat and enjoy to the fullest. All this with beautiful sand under our feet and with water of the most beautiful color so close to us. We were thrilled that we found cheap flights to Miami.

After enjoying nature and having attended great parties, we decided to go and visit the beautiful museums the place has. A lot of people suggested that we should go to the vizcaya museum and gardens. We took their advice and went there .We were happy that we took their advice, when we saw the museum and the garden. The art works that it has are truly worth seeing and appreciating. It is not just the things it has at display but the whole manner in which it is built that makes it as amazing it is.

So, stop wasting time and you too book cheap tickets to Miami and have a great time.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Key West's kitty of entertainment and fun

Located on the southernmost tip of sunny land Florida, Key West is nature at its best with sun, water and wholesome fun for the family. It has ample surprises for entertainment in its kitty like swimming, surfing, diving, nature and sunset watches and more.

Tourists can board cheap domestic flights on US Airways or Air Tran Airways to travel to Key West. Watch out for low fares in tickets during the ideal season from November-April when the climate is sunny throughout. Keep these entertainment options in mind while planning your Key West travel.

Key West Theater

Though it is a cozy, little, coastal town, Key West does have a yen for theatrical acts and performances. The waterfront playhouse is a famous landmark that has been staging concerts, comedies, musicals, dramas, ballets and family programs for the past 65 years. Just off Duval Street is Red Barn Theater with its cabaret shows and musical theater acts. Tourists on Flights to Key West must not miss the Cabaret at the Crystal Room of La Te Da on Duval Street held every night.

Key west Concert venues

In spite of being a tiny island town, Key West patronizes classical music extensively like no one does. Classical concerts are held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Tennessee Williams Theater or at the San Carlos Institute by the Impromptu Classical concerts company of Key West, at budget prices. The best of classical music can be enjoyed without spending much money by tourists on cheap flights to the Key West at these premier venues and at the music festivals here.

Live Music in the Key West

Key West is the place to be for live music. Tourists need not bother about cashing their bills for they can have an earful of free live music on Duval Street. Reggae, Rock, R & B, hip-Hop, Blues, Jazz – all pour out from the famous cafes , saloons, restaurants or clubs at Key west.

The Bull, The Hogs’ Breath, La Concha, Rick’s and Sloppy Joe’s are the places to be, on a cool, starry night. The best of Key West‘s island music is undoubtedly with Jimmy Buffett at the Margantaville CafĂ©.

Key West night clubs

Irish Kevin’s Club, the Lazy Gecko Bar, Fat Tuesdays and the Bourbon Street Pub on Duval Street are the hotspots of Key West night scene. Green Parrots Bar, Schooner Wharf Bar, Rum Barrel Tavern and Bogart’s Irish Pub complete the scene with more excitement.

Key West Festivals

The best of entertainment is during the festivals at Key West. The Lobsterfest in August, Women’s Fest in September and Fantasy fest in October draw huge crowds of visitors to Key West.

Key West has lost more to offer for entertainment like diving near the reefs, swimming with the dolphins, snorkeling, wind-surfing, jet-skiing and parasailing, water trampoline and glass- bottom boat tours. Shop to your heart’s contents, hop on the Conch train, tour the island and don a tattoo at the numerous parlors here.

In short, endless excitement awaits you at Key West. So plan your vacation well and carry on towards Florida’s entertainment kingdom by buying cheap tickets to the Key West.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make time to make great memories

Memories are what fill our lives; they make it pleasant and make it worth living. Pleasant memories can be a great source of strength, when we feel low these become a great source of strength. While there are many things and many reasons which can create beautiful memories, a wonderful trip with the people you love can certainly fill your mind with some great ones.

I got this chance when our college decided to take all of us on a ten day trip to Hong Kong. I had seen the place in movies, in a lot of movies and right when I heard its name, I got excited. What can be better than going to a beautiful, fun filled place with my friends? Since this is our last year of college, it made the trip even more special. Our airline tickets were booked by the college administration.

Our college people were able to find several cheap flights and although we did not have to pay much money but the comfort of the flight were not compromised.

Although we are not very young but we unanimously decided to check out the Disney land they have. The place is amazing and is something so much filled with fun that going there was a decision, none of us regretted. Although all the parts of this Disney land are equally fun, I found the fantasy land really enchanting. Flights to Hong Kong like Air China were comfortable and we had a great time in traveling because all of us were together.

In continuity of this spirit we decided to go to the beautiful water park. It is a place we really liked going to. The water slides in the park something we really enjoyed. It was certainly a place to cool off. We got to do all this by booking cheap flights to Hong Kong.

We got the chance to visit a beautiful place, the middle kingdom. It is as fascinating as the name it as. It is like a mini representative of China. It has shrines, temples and even many beautiful palaces. This place made us feel like we were really in China and visiting this place was a different experience then visiting other parts of Hong Kong.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art .If you plan to visit this beautiful place, make sure you don’t go on a Thursday, a Sunday is perfectly fine. This place has an exquisite collection of marvelous things and the visit is certainly educating and entertaining at the same time.

So if you want to make great memories, this place is perfect and you can easily book cheap tickets to Hong Kong.

Monday, October 22, 2012

The city of fun

What could be a better place to have a great time then the entertainment capital of the world? Yes, I am talking about Los Angeles. This is the place where I and my whole group decided to go for our summer break. I can tell you this for sure that all of us are delighted that we took this decision.

We started looking for airline tickets and our research started online. The research want much of a task, we found several great deals pretty easily. Like every other person who goes to this place, the Hollywood sign, was a treat to my eyes. We could not believe it that we actually got inexpensive tickets and also got to enjoy so much.

When we were there we found out that each year thousands of people come to this place to enjoy the magnificence that the gallery row has to offer. It is a place where several galleries are located and is certainly worth a visit.

A number of people in my group are interested in art, which is why we decided to be a part of the Downtown Art Walk. It is something that happens every one month and it is an amazing experience. One gets to enjoy a great tour of the venues which are the home to numerous art exhibitions in the city.

We certainly were glad that we were able to find the flight tickets so easily. It was great and hassle free and the ease with which this process was done made us all enthusiastic and pretty excited about the whole trip.

The Los Angeles River, though seasonal is really beautiful, the big rocks in it are marvelous and for whatever time the water stays in the river, it looks pretty great. While we in this remarkable city, we got the chance to go the Los Angeles County Museum of Art .It has the prestige of being the largest in Western America. It is not just its size that is remarkable about it, the whole place is amazing. The museum does not have the most stupendous art exhibitions all around the year; it has concerts and films being featured throughout the year too. Flights to Los Angeles like Air Canada can be booked easily to see the wonders of this museum.

The place had great eating out options, there are many restaurants and eating joints and a lot of variety is available. Also amazing about this place is the nightlife, it has to offer. We had an amazing time and we even got cheap flights to Los Angeles and were able to book for the whole group cheap tickets to Los Angeles and we certainly had a blast there.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sydney - A Superb Place

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and is the state capital of New South Wales. The city is located on Australia’s southeast coast of the Tasman Sea. Sydney repeatedly ranked highly in various world cities ranking. The city is the host of leading international sporting events including the British Empire games in 1938 and the summer Olympiads of year 2000.

This is a beautiful city that is bordered by the blue, beautiful mountains from the west side, Pacific Ocean from the east side and Hawkesbury River from the north side. On the south side, Royal National Park is located. The city is marvelous from all the four sides. Last year during my summer vacations I was in planning of some entertaining trip, the name of this city suddenly strikes in mind and then I decided to visit this place. I had heard a lot about this city through my friend who has recently visited there. I and my family decided this place as our destination.

After finalizing the place of vacation, the next task was to book airline tickets well in advance. First of all we searched all cheap international flights and list them well. As it was a pre planned and well budget trip so I was in favor of flights tickets for cheap, in order to support my budget line. Sydney is popular tourist destination and number of tourists reached this place yearly. Hence there are a number of Flights to Sydney like Air Canada. My friend told me that, during the peak season, many leading airlines ply cheap flights to Sydney; I gathered detailed information about these flights and then booked cheap tickets to Sydney from one of these airlines.

This is the largest, oldest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia. It is among the world’s most beautiful and livable cities. The city is full of history, fashion, art, culture, nature, design, cuisines. The sandy beaches of the city attract the tourists most. The fresh air in the city makes you feel refreshed. The day we reached, we were very tired hence decided to rest in the hotel. Next morning, after having a luxurious breakfast, we started on our day tour. This city is a beautiful place, and there are lots of places to visit. We decided to visit some important places.

We hired a guide who took us to all prominent places of the city. The very first day we visited many beautiful places of the city such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor, Sydney Olympic park, Luna Park, Sydney Tower, St Mary’s cathedral, Royal Botanic garden etc.

I must say that the city Sydney is a beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. When the time came to head back to home, I was terribly depressed as I had a marvelous time in Sydney!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vacation in Dusseldorf with Family and Friends

Dusseldorf is an elegant town which has a gorgeous landscape. The town is famous for its natural beauty. Lots of people from all over the world visit this beautiful place for a peaceful vacation with friends and family. My family and I had decided to spend our summer break in Dusseldorf. My joy knew no bounds and I was very excited. Holidays are a great way to spend time with the entire family. They help you take a break from your stressful lives. You can relax and unwind. Holidays help you to regain your energy and return to work fully rejuvenated. The first thing to do before going on a vacation is finding best airline tickets and cheap international flights that suit your budget.

There are many flights to Dusseldorf like Lufthansa and if you do enough of research on the internet then you could find cheap flights to Dusseldorf.  I got in touch with our travel agent who managed to get us a very good deal on cheap tickets to Dusseldorf. Once you visit this city then you will know that it is a city which if full of life. It’s hard not to fall in love with it. It has been visited by many travelers, people of different cultures and traditions.

Millions of people visit this magical place all year round. There is so much to explore in this city .The city has a very peaceful feel to it. You will find beautiful architectural structures here. The people of this place are very friendly and pure hearted. We visited a lot of small cafes here and ate amazing and delicious food. The entire experience of being so close to nature was mesmerizing in its own self.

There is so much to do here that one would never get bored. The city is very high on entertainment. The city is located in Germany and happens to be one of the most modern towns here. We even visited Knigdallee and Altstadt which are streets famous for shopping. It was a delight to visit this place. We had a great time shopping here and enjoying the street food that is available here. A vacation in this city leaves you relaxed and refreshed.

The town has a laid back feel to it, which makes you want to relax and unwind yourself from the stress in our lives. We went on a cruise on the beautiful River Rhine and had a great evening. I had a great vacation here, time spent here flew so fast and before I knew it, it was time to come back home. A week spent here in this magical place also seemed less to me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Punta Cana - A Paradise Destination!

Every year, my family plans a vacation in some or the other exotic location. This way, I have been to many off beat places and took pleasure in exploring the unexplored and unpolluted destinations. This year, we decided to visit Punta Cana. Though, this place is a known tourist hot spot, but since we wanted to visit any of the Dominican Republic destinations, this city seemed to be a perfect choice. As soon as we finalized our trip, we started looking for reasonable plane tickets. We came to know that there are several flights to Punta Cana, and many of them offer cheap tickets. Since, we were interested in a budget travel, we decided to book cheap tickets to Punta Cana. Our next step was to accumulate as much information as possible about the destination we were about to visit. Some of our acquaintances, who already had visited this destination, gave us several prominent travel tips.

Playa Bavaro or Bavaro Beach is one of the prominent beaches in this destination. A wide array of resorts is located here so accommodation was not a big issue. We decided to book a reasonable vacation resort facing beach. The ambiance in this resort was informal, and staffs were very friendly. Beach was just a walking distance so we could easily enjoy beach activities any time that suited us. During day time, there used to be a crowd of vacationers, but evenings used to be relatively less crowded. This was the perfect time for my parents to spend some quality time with each other. We, on the other hand, used this time to indulge in a variety of activities available within the resort. One of the days, we decided to visit Marinarium, a wonderful marine park housing a wide spectrum of marine species typical of Dominican Area. Some of the species are rare and exotic. We children were happy to see marine world in front of us. The snorkel cruises offered by this park is the highlight of this attraction. Watching shoals of fish swimming at close quarters is a fascinating experience.

We also visited the National Park, Isla Saona that is located close to the pristine beaches and protects and preserves unique species of flora and fauna. Since, cheap flights to Punta Cana are readily available; the destination is full of holiday crowd. In order to see a limestone karst landscape, we also visited Parque Nacional Del Este. Tropical moist forest is the highlight of this destination. Several major carriers offer ticket airline that is affordable and at the same time, comfortable. We had booked our tickets on Air France. Our journey was very comfortable, and we enjoyed several in-flight entertainment options. Our trip was very enjoyable!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Summers In Bangalore!!

I had an opportunity to go visit the south of India for a holiday with friends from schools. We decided to spend a weekend in the most renowned IT city of India, Bangalore. I had certainly not visited this place earlier so was very thrilled. We were to spend three days in this beautiful city. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. It is also known as Bengaluru now. This place has the third largest population in India.  Bangalore has come to be identified as the technology center of India. Since so many gigantic worldwide and IT companies have their offices here.

I had always wanted to go to Bangalore and pursue my edification further here but destiny had something else in store for me. Never the less I got a chance to visit this city with friends. On the other hand the first thing to do before going on a holiday is to find the best airfares and cheap plane fares that suit your budget. There are many flights to Bangalore and if you do enough of research on the internet then you could find cheap flights to Bangalore on Air India. You could get in touch with your travel agent who could help to get you very good quality deals on cheap tickets to Bangalore.

We went in the summer months of June and the weather conditions were very pleasant. Cool winds were blowing and it made me fall in love with the city. Since we were short of time we could not visit too many places. However in the time that we had we got a chance to see the stunning flower show which is held every year in June. It was a striking experience I must say. I saw so many different varieties of flowers all under one roof. Bangalore is also known as the temple town of India; hence visiting a few of these temples were a must.

I must say that Bangalore is very rich in terms of culture and heritage. A trip to the famous Venkataramanswamy Temple was a very nice experience. The temple is nearly 300 hundred years also. Bangalore is also eminent for its beautiful art galleries and museums. If you are fond of art then you must visit these places. One learns so much about a places history through museums. The place had me awestruck completely. The night life here is very entertaining.

There are many pubs and lounges to visit. We visited the Hard Rock Cafe and had a fabulous time with friends. It was an evening well spent listening to good music.  Bangalore has a lot of different cuisines because of its mix of cultures. So if you are a foodie like me then this is the place to be in.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tampa - A unique destination

Every year, we friends visit a unique destination to have some fun and enjoyment. We try to plan a holiday in some offbeat destination that is still unexplored. This year, our place of interest was Tampa. We had not heard a lot about this place, so we started accumulating information about this place. We were surprised to know that this destination offers a wide spectrum of surprises that enthralls tourists coming here in large numbers. We also came to know about the cruises that are available in this region. This destination is located close to the Mexican Gulf. We looked for cruising companies that can offer affordable packages. First, we had to book cheap airline flights on many of the international airlines plying their services to this destination. We backpackers always look for cheap flights to Tampa as we could not afford high priced tickets.

Our next task was to decide the cruising company from which we wanted to buy a package tour. A wide selection of cruise lines is available in this city that attracts a large number of visitors to open waters. The major cruise lines offering luxurious and comfortable journey are Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Holland America. We selected one of the cruise liner and the best package offered by them. Packing began in the earnest and soon the day came when we reached this beautiful city located in Florida. Since we were traveling on a tight budget, we opted for 4 day cruise. There are weeklong cruises also available. As soon as reached this city, we spent 2-3 days in sightseeing. We were amazed to see many of the prominent tourist hot spots dotting the city landscape. The scenic splendor is also worth watching.

The day came when we boarded our cruise liner. The resplendent beauty all around simply mesmerized us. Our Caribbean cruise liner promised a trip to many exotic Mexican hotspots. We had decided to splurge a little and booked for an underwater dive and snorkeling trips when on cruise. The whole atmosphere was joyous and many fun loving people were on board. There was vast expanse of azure blue waters all around but, still, not at any point of time did we felt bored. The cruises are known to offer myriad options for fun, entertainment and excitement. There are many activities in which passengers can enjoy with their friends and family members. Music and dance in the evening is perfect for the fitting end to a day. Refreshing sea breezes offered us a chance to relax and unwind. Truly, this trip to Tampa was a glorious one. Availability of cheap tickets to Tampa has enhanced the number of passengers coming here. We had booked US Airways, but besides this carrier, there are many other flights to Tampa. The options are unlimited for traveling to this wonderful destination.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fashion Capital of the East-Shanghai

Spell bound is what I was when I got the chance to visit Shanghai for a conference from my office.  It is famous for its cultural places and nightlife. If you happen to be a foodie then this is the place to be in. It also has a great number of art galleries where artists from all over the world showcase their work. I had a conference with a few fashion magazines and thus got a chance to visit this gorgeous place for a fashion show.

The first thing to do before going on a trip is finding cheap airfare tickets and cheap flights shanghai that suit your budget. There are many flights to shanghai like Air China and if you do enough of research on the internet then you could find cheap tickets to Shanghai.  I got in with our travel agent who managed to get us a very good deal on tickets on the cheapest airline.

Also known as the fashion capital of the world this city is buzzing with the latest trends. One can find all brands here available for shopping. It is said that the fashion trends originate here in shanghai for the eastern part of the world. Technology wise also this city is way ahead of everyone in the world. All the latest phones, televisions and gadgets are first launched in this city.

The skyline of the city is adorned with huge buildings and skyscrapers which tells us of the progress the city has made in a short duration of time. I visited many shrines and pagodas. It helped me to understand the history and culture of the city well. Shanghai is the ideal place to shop from since one lands up paying less as compared to other cities.

They have all the brands that one can possibly imagine. I had a great time shopping here. It was like a dream come true for me. We visited the Shanghai Museum, Jade Buddha Temple and The Bund. The city had me mesmerized. There is so much in terms of entertainment here that I did not get bored at all. Since I was here for work I did not have much time to explore the city. However in the little time that I managed I saw quite a few places. I was floored by this place. Since I happen to be a big foodie I loved the food here. I visited several street cafes that sell local food. I had a lovely time trying out the local delicacies. A week here went off like a whirlwind. I enjoyed every minute spent here. I even visited a fashion show and had a great time. I would love to visit this city again for a vacation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Honolulu- A destination class apart

Honolulu is the capital of U.S State of Hawaii, and it is the most populous city of Hawaii. This is the southern most significant city of U.S states of Hawaii. Though, the name of city refers to the urban area is situated on the southern shore of Island Oahu, but the city and the government merge as Honolulu city that wrap the entire Island. This is the important financial center of Island of Pacific Ocean. In the local language of the country, the word Honolulu means “place of Shelter” or “Sheltered bay”. This is a beautiful destination to visit which gives numbers of places for excursion.

Last year we visited this place, and it becomes a great trip of our life. We had a group of four members. As the summer vacation commenced we all decided to have a trip. All of us suggested some or the other place, but finally when a reputed travel planner suggested us this place, we discussed this city and then finalized our destination. We complete all the formalities of trip. The trip was sponsored by our parents, as we all were college going students. The budget of the trip was set aside by our parents, and we had to complete the entire trip within that budget only. We decided to buy Low fares ticket for the destination. We had searched about all the cheap domestic flights to Honolulu and proceeded to book tickets well in advance. We had made a list all the best Flights to Honolulu like British Airways and compare their fare and facilities. This was very time consuming and difficult task for us. We decided to take help from our travel agent, he told us that during the season time some leading airlines ply Cheap Flights to Honolulu, and after the help of this agent we able to buy Cheap tickets to Honolulu through a leading airline.

Finally, we reached this ultimate destination on the decided date. This was a long and hectic journey, but all the tiredness gone away when we feel the beauty of this place. From the airport, we reached the hotel and take our refreshment and then start our trip to this marvelous place. The city gives plenty of places to visit. The destination is famous for entertainment, adventure, leisure, recreation and many other things.

The very first day we move to many popular places of the city such as Aloha Tower, Ala Moana Center, Diamond Head, Hanauma bay, USS Arizona Memorial, Waikiki beach, Honolulu Zoo, etc. Next day, we visited some museums of this city. The museums were extremely beautiful and depicted the history of the country. The city is the resident of many notable personalities such as Barack Obama charles reed Bishop, Neil Abercrombie and many more.

This was the ultimate destination, and we had a great time together. The place gives thousands of options for adventure, entertainment and recreation and that makes it a perfect destination among tourists.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New York City - A Dreamy Destination

As the summer vacation commenced we all friends decide to have a trip. We have listed many places for the trip. One of our friend strongly suggested New York City we have decided to go there. The moments that we spent in this place became the most memorable moments of my life.

After deciding the vacation destination, we started to search for relevant information about this place. Our first and most crucial task was to arrange flight tickets and manage other arrangements for the trip. We did not wish to have a last minute hassle so we decided to buy flight tickets in advance. The budget was pre-decided by our group, and we had to manage all things within that limit. We all were in search of some Cheap Flights to New York City by which we can able to buy airlines tickets at reasonable cost. We gathered the details of all Flights to New York City like British Airways.

One of my friends told me that some leading airlines ply Cheap Flights to New York City. Luckily we succeed to buy cheap tickets to New York City through some leading airline.

New York is a state of the United States, and New York City is the most popular city of United states. The city is hot tourist destination.  Millions of domestic and international tourists visit this city every year. This is a hugely entertaining city which gives thousands of options for entertainment and adventure. In this city, tourists found everything mountain, beach, farms, rivers, City Sidewalks, Country lane etc. This is a remarkably pleasant city, and a best place to spend our vacations.

As it was tourist season every flight to this city brings a number of visitors and the city have superb facilities to provide accommodation to such a large crowd. There was no difficulty in getting hotel and as soon as we entered our hotel we have taken the list of places to be visited. The very first day we visited Ellis Island. This was uncommonly beautiful Island, and we hired a ferry ride here to the island and the Statue of Liberty. That was my first experience, and I enjoyed a ton.

Next we visited The Empire State Building; from 1931, this building is the icon of New York City. From here we move towards Madame Tussaud wax Museum here we get close to our favorite celebrities. All statues were fantastic and seemed so real!

Apart from these places we visit some more famous places of this city these are: the Cathedral of St. John the divine, Traces, FDNY Fire Zone and we go through from some adventures activities like New York Sky ride, Dialogue in the ride etc. This was an incredible trip. In this city, we found each and everything, adventure, beauty, nature, entertainment everything. This was the ultimate trip of my life and likes to visit New York City again.