Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Miami - Serious Fun

Located in Florida, Miami an island city is a hot tourist destination. Beaches and party go together when visitors hit Miami. Mostly visitors come here with one agenda – to have some serious fun. This vibe is reflected everywhere in the city.

After numerous gentrification's this swampland emerged as a world-class holiday spot. There are many international and renowned resorts that house some of the most prosperous celebrities from around the world. Miami is a modern city with a thriving and dynamic theme.

For many visitors night is the beginning. Lined with many bars and world-class nightclubs people enjoy till wee hours of the day. Music is great and lively. The city offers glorious unending fun for the nocturnal. There are many dual restaurants that turn into clubs at night and serve food during daytime.

Miami has many green areas. Beaches are exotic and offer myriad of activities for water sports lovers. Kayaking, scuba diving, swimming, jet skiing, snorkeling, surfing or simply getting tanned is some of the activities visitors indulge in.

The city has a fabulous landscape. Denizens are friendly and polite, mostly Spanish. Apart from great outdoors Miami also has magnificent museums, gardens and recreational parks. There are many cultural events and carnivals that add to the charm of Miami.

Shopping is also a favorite pass time for the visitors. There are many street side shops which sell clothes, hats, beads, bags and other accessories. The city has its share of upscale malls too.

Miami has many creative chefs who blend different flavors and create unique dishes. You can find dishes of Cuban, Italian, Spanish, Asian and other international origins. For sea food lovers Miami is a paradise. CJ’s Crab Shack offers exotic crabs and oysters dipped in local ingredients. Balans offers awesome lambs and sea food delicacies.

Visitors can down great tapas and fritters at Xixon. This place also serves great sandwiches which are ideal for picnickers. El Carajo also serves local delights dipped in olive oil. The dishes are simple but taste awesome.

Table 8 has celebrity chefs that offer dishes that are amazingly delicious. It offers delicacies which are popular and much appreciated. Tap Tap offers fusion cuisine. The décor is Haitian and food is a smashing hit. There are many places to indulge in other exotic flavors like Japanese, Caribbean and Italian.

Cultural events also attract visitors. The Miami Fashion week, Carnivals, music festivals, wine and food festival and fabulous cruises all make this a wow place to be in. Enjoy the gorgeous white sand beaches and cool cobalt blue waters.  Miami is a dream city yet so real.

Getting cheap tickets to Miami is no longer a hassle as all airlines carry great discounted packages to promote tourism in this city. International airlines like Jet Airways, British Airways, Air France, US Airways offered flights to Miami International Airport regularly. One can book cheap airline tickets online after comparing the fares and get the best deals.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toronto’s Tempting Tastes

From the time your flights to Toronto land at the Lester B Pearson International airport, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the sights of this huge city, the diversity of its people and its capacity to embrace different cultures to project its own unique identity. This blend of cultures makes Toronto a wonderful foodie destination. It is possible to sample a different cuisine each time you eat throughout your holiday in Toronto!

So if you want to treat your taste buds to a holiday; find the best airfares and book your cheap tickets to Toronto. With regular deals on Air Canada flights and US Airways flights, getting cheap airfares to Toronto has become easier. And once your cheap flights to Toronto reach their destination, let the foodie in you rule the vacation.

Dining in Toronto

Being a fusion point for many different cultures, Toronto offers an unbelievable variety when it comes to dining. From inexpensive, yet appetizing street food to fine dining in world famous restaurants, Toronto offers all kinds of food and drink experiences to satisfy your tastes. Whether you crave for your own cuisine or want to experiment with completely new dishes, Toronto has what you want. From French bistros to Indian vegetarian, there are restaurants throughout Toronto serving what you want. And just like its cheap airfares, dining in Toronto is also inexpensive.

Restaurants on foodie lists

Let’s start with the local cuisine. The St Lawrence Farmer’s Market in historic old town Toronto is a favorite with tourists as well as locals. The market has an amazing variety of fresh food with a nice food court and many bakeries. Try out the Back Bacon on a bun here, one of the specialties of the place.

Visit the world’s highest revolving restaurant, 360 at CN Tower, and experience the taste of splendid Canadian cuisine with superb views. You can also get good Canadian food at Canoe restaurant, Haisai restaurant and Gilead bistro.

For classic French food, everyone’s favorite is Auburg Du Poimmier, a fine dining establishment and The Black Hood and Hoof Café.

Chinese food has its own district, Chinatown, with fine dining restaurants like Lai Wah Heen and simpler establishments like The Spadina Garden.

Vegans and vegetarians love the fresh food in Fressen and Lady Marmalade.

Enotica Sociale, Bellini’s Ristorante, Buca and Mistura are known for their splendid Italian dishes served in luxurious settings.

Japanese, sushi is best at Ame, Edo and Asuka while the best bakery lunch is at Woodlot and Patachou. Indian restaurants like The Host, Saffron Tree and Siddartha are also very popular.

The street food of Toronto has a separate story of its own. From hot dogs and veggie dogs to kebabs and Shawarma, Toronto’s street food in recent years has undergone a change for the better with emphasis on nutrition and quality. Cafes and sidewalk bars like Drake are also very popular. These are just a few of Toronto’s offerings as far as food is concerned; it may even be impossible to sample all that Toronto has to offer before you leave the city.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Trendy Eats in Tampa

One of the most celebrated holiday destinations in America in recent times, Tampa Bay has lots to offer to its visitors in terms of activities, attractions and food. Maybe its prices have gone up a little in the past few years because people have started realizing its value as a vacation spot; however, Tampa remains affordable for all kinds of budgets. There are cheap flights to Tampa from several major airports worldwide. With many international airlines flying to the Tampa International Airport, getting cheap tickets to Tampa is quite easy; just check out deals in AirTran Airways or British Airways Flights deals to get cheap airline flights.

Tampa’s beaches, the activities they offer and its party atmosphere can work up quite an appetite; select from a wide range of beach front bistros, cafes and fine dining restaurants to sate this holiday hunger. The flavorful influence of Cuban and Spanish culture in Tampa’s cuisine helps to make sure that you get a wide range of options to select from every time you eat.

What to eat?

Being a coastal place, fresh seafood also features in most menus in Tampa. So you can expect paella and other seafood specialties like crab cake Benedict. Ybor city is the place to head to for Cuban and Spanish food. Feast on Cuban bread, black bean soup and picadillo and don’t forget your Cuban coffee.

Soho and Westshore Area are where most trendy restaurants can be found. Tampa is proud of its “institutions”, restaurants that have been accepted by all and are here to stay. Your trip to Tampa wouldn’t be complete without a trip to all these must eat places.

Where to eat?

When your flights to Tampa land at the Tampa international airport, head over to the revolving restaurant at the airport, The View at CK’s to get your first taste of Tampa. Though a little expensive, the food and view here are great.

Bern’s steakhouse with its reputation for fresh and delicious food, lovely ambiance and superb wines is a favorite in Tampa with locals as well as tourists. Enjoy the steaks as well as the handmade desserts here.

The Columbia restaurant started in 1905 is an icon of Tampa and offers tasty Spanish and Cuban food. Book in advance to enjoy the live Flamenco show.

Carmine’s in Ybor city and Hugo’s on Howard Avenue are other favorite hot spots for Spanish food.

Donatello’s, Armani’s, Bernini and The Laughing Cat are where you should go if you want authentic Italian food. For Mexican, try out Miguel’s on Kennedy Blvd or Esthella’s on Davis Island.

Of course, seafood being a Tampa specialty cannot be ignored; Oystercatchers in Hyatt Regency Westshore and Skipper’s Smokehouse are famous for their seafood dishes.

When Spanish food is there, street food can’t be far behind. Tacos compete with hot dogs, sandwiches and devil crabs. Have your fill without burning your purses and head off to where the fun is.

So before you book your flights to Tampa, chart out a plan on not only the places you wish to visit each day, but also the “institutions” where you can treat your taste buds for each meal.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cancun truly a foodie lover’s junction

No matter what you do in Cancun, fun seems to be the watchword. Despite being a small coastal city, this place has grown to be one of the most prominent tourist locales today. Tourists from around the world book their cheap airfares and cheap flights to Cancun in advance to enjoy the sightseeing options and other offerings of the city. Ever since it has evolved to be a top notch tourist destination, Cancun has been witnessing a large number of tourists from around the world all through the year.

Cheap tickets to Cancun can come as a boon for those who are traveling on a limited budget. Once you arrive in Cancun using the best airfares, you can enjoy sightseeing and the fine dining options offered by the place. The upscale restaurants in Cancun maintain a strict dress code and by making your advance reservations, you can avoid waiting and enjoy a great gourmet dining experience. The following are the best Cancun restaurants that are worth exploring during your Cancun trip.

100% Natural

This open air restaurant in Cancun boasts of a rich interior and amazing food options. Some of the dishes that are worth trying here include omelets, fruit juices, pastas, salads, soy burgers, fresh breads, stuffed pitas, grilled chicken and other Italian and Mexican specialties.


This rustic and elegant steak house offers mouthwatering food and drink options to suit every palate. You can choose from a wide range of starters here starting from spinach and cheese empanadas and steak dishes. The crisp pastry dessert layered with pecans and caramel tastes YUMMY and can make you come back for more.


Casitas is a beautiful restaurant that is situated on the beach. Its romantic setting and excellent sea food preparations lure tourists to this place continuously. You can taste dishes such as the seafood platter comprising of oysters, shrimp, king crab, tuna and lobster here. You can also choose from a wide range of salads and steaks served in this restaurant.


This homely restaurant also serves as a dining room and gallery and offers a one of a kind dining experience for visitors. It offers a fine French menu selection that comprises of dishes such as duckling with risotto, mushrooms, desserts and others. You can see how the food is being prepared and presented by taking a peek at the kitchen on site.


This is one of the most popular Mediterranean restaurants in Cancun that welcomes guests with its attractive interior and amazing ocean views. You can taste lip smacking dishes such as vanilla braised veal cheek, sautéed foie gras and watermelon salad here. Fresh ingredients go into all types of food preparations in this restaurant. Reservations are recommended.

Several international airlines such as Cape Air, Icelandair and Jet Blue Airways connect Cancun with other major destinations around the world. Making your airline reservations in advance can enable you to enjoy a hassle free trip to Cancun.

Advance flight reservations can help you to cut back on travel expenses and use the same for other purposes during your Cancun trip. To know more about the cheap flights to Cancun, check out the reputable travel portals today!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Discover the joy of Dining at Dusseldorf’s restaurants

One of the prominent cities on the bank of the Rhine River, Dusseldorf is thronged by tourists throughout the year. Cheap tickets to Dusseldorf can be booked via international airlines like Air France or British airways. You may get good bargains during peak seasons like the Boot Messe and Kirmes Fun Fair. So plan your trip to Dusseldorf in advance, making sure you have enough time to enjoy its sights, sounds and tasty dishes.

Dusseldorf’s restaurants:
Germany is known for its gastronomic delights and gourmet cuisine comprising of dishes like Currywurst, Sauerkraut, Spatzels, Knodels and so on. Dusseldorf is on exception to this, offering authentic Rhineland menu in its irresistible restaurants. Once you taste these German goodies, you wouldn’t mind catching flights to Dusseldorf to come back for more, each year.

Dusseldorf’s German Restaurants:

Cheap flights to Dusseldorf bring in tourists in plenty but none dare leave the city without tasting the Flonz and Halve Hahn. Restaurants like Zum Schussel, Zum Schiffchen and the Rheinturm take pride in offering authentic Austrian, German and Swiss delicacies.

Pizzerias and Italian restaurants at the Dusseldorf:

Munch into first class mini-pizzas at Schwarzer Peter and you will never regret it. This pizzeria in Dusseldorf draws both locals and tourists alike. The Pizzeria Sardegna has the most scrumptious pizzas ever heard of, in Dusseldorf.

Unique eateries at Dusseldorf:

For a taste of fabulous French cuisine, Robert‘s Bistro is the name tourists go for in Dusseldorf. Michele is a cute Italian eatery with a singing chef. El Amigo Primo Lopez is an Argentinean restaurant famous for its beef while Bug Zolhof offers fantastic fish fare. If you want to have a taste of the unusual, just head to Mongos where you will be served anything from Barracuda to Emu and Crocodile to Zebra

American restaurants at Dusseldorf:

Space Burger brings the best of bacon's and burgers to Dusseldorf. Louisiana and Chicago Roast house are the other haunts recreating the Yankee flavor.

Mexican / South-western restaurants at Dusseldorf:

Some people cannot just do without tasting tacos, empanadillas and other tangy Mexican dishes. For these Mex-food maniacs, Dusseldorf has Poco Loco, El Paso, Casita Mexicana and the Pssst Bandido restaurants.

Indian eateries at Dusseldorf:

Taj Mahal, Ganesha and Chanakya are good restaurants in Dusseldorf offering Indian specialties in a neat ambiance.

Oriental cuisine at Dusseldorf:

The award –winning Chinese Gourmet Jingling is probably the best place in Dusseldorf for tasting splendid North and East Chinese food. .Cantonese food is at its best at Tsun-gai and Restaurant Track 21 for Sichuan food.

Tasty Thai food can be savored at Bann Thai or Silathai while Nippon-Kan is the right place for Sushi and Japanese food.

Dusseldorf is definitely a fabulous destination for tourists with a convivial climate, warm hospitality and wonderful dining. To get the best of Dusseldorf’s delights, do check out the airline deals from Lufthansa, Delta or American airlines and get the best bargain for your Dusseldorf holiday. Stir up your taste buds at the above mentioned restaurants and you will end up feeling all your cheap airfare tickets to Dusseldorf, really worth it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dancing In Denver - An Experience for a Lifetime

I was approached to open up an institute for Indian styles of dancing, in the city of Denver, in Colorado. It is a city filled with a lot of opportunities for the young and talented. When I was asked to help in opening up a school, I was a bit hesitant at first. As I did not know, how the people would react to it. Denver is home to a lot of different races of people. It also has a mix of the old world charm and the modern day world in the city. So I took up the project with a challenge and decided to give in my best.

The first thing that I needed to do was visit the city before hand to find a suitable place to open up the institute. But the main issue was finding airline tickets for cheap. The internet seemed helpful enough, but I decided to get in touch with a local travel agent who had a fair idea about cheap flights to Denver. After seeing my options, I choose to travel by Lufthansa airlines. Other flights to Denver to choose from were Emirates, Air Canada and KLM Airlines. After a lot of research, I found the best and cheap tickets.  If one manages to book a few months in advance then finding cheap tickets to Denver, is not an issue.

On reaching, I was taken aback by its beauty. The weather was fairly okay. Since it was the month of July the days were filled with warm sunshine, but the evenings turned cool and pleasant. It is said that even winter does not seem to be very cold in the land of the Rockies. I came across several schools related to the performing arts. The city has a rich culture and the different people living there just seem to add more colors to it. They further enrich it with their traditions and heritage. A holiday here would be considered incomplete without visiting the famous spots the city has to offer, like the city park and the confluence part.

The US Mint is a place where they actually give lessons in how money is made. We also visited the Denver art museum and Denver school of performing arts. They all were indeed a treat to the eye. With this visit, I realized that if this place can have so much of diversity then why not a school for Indian dances. It would add to their richness and show people a taste of India. The city has some of the best museums, cafes and book shops to visit. The night life of this place is also very happening. One of the highlights of this trip was that I got to attend the Fourth of July parade and become a part of the festivities.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bangkok: The Land of Possibilities

Bangkok, 'The City of Angels’ certainly upholds its prestige in Southeast Asia as a travel hot spot. The funky markets, ritzy shopping malls, a riverside with plenty of surprises, a vibrant nightlife and many fabulous attractions reflect the unique heritage of Bangkok. Highly developed infrastructure with monorails and underground systems bring Bangkok at par among the world’s agglomerated cities. Wrapped into the concrete of religious spectacle, Bangkok expresses Thailand's mysterious ability to blend the old with the new.

Smiles and sà•nùk (the Thai word for ‘fun’) are the key passports into Bangkok society. A compliment here could be a joke there.  Bangkok embraces modern development and presents an initial picture of thrusting office towers; of world-class hotels offering deluxe comforts. Cultural phenomenon, shopping heaven and tourist treasure characterize Bangkok as the most cosmopolitan, contrasting and, above all, compelling of all Asian cities. Frequent discounted or cheap business class flights to Bangkok have made the city popular for big as well as small businesses.

The city forms an important part of central and eastern Thailand. Bangkok Metropolitan area is connected by five surrounding provinces: Samut Prakan, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi and Sammut Sakhon. Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang International Airport are the two major airports which connect Bangkok to the rest of the world. Being the centre for trade and commerce regular business flights keep floating in and out of the city.

Bangkok’s best feature lies in its merging of opposites. A modern world of riches orbits around a tranquil traditional core. Step into the dreamland and discover yourself among dazzling temples, hotels of every breed and size, eclectic markets, gleaming palaces, and many things in between. Relish an unforgettable dinner cruise adrift at the Chao Phraya River. Enjoy the – tuk-tuk ride, lady boy show, the famous Muay Thai (kickboxing) match and bask with Thai massage during your journey.

The river cruise to the famous ruins of Ayuthaya, the capital of Siamese history will take you centuries back into the fable of the prosperous era. During its zenith, Ayutthaya maintained warm diplomatic ties with the Europeans like French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch; Middle East and East Asian countries. The architectural styles at the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace as well as temples located inside the city moat reflect the European influence.

The city has been ranked as the 17th tallest city with marvelous skyscrapers. Bangkok is a blend of many cultures, which form the integral part of city’s attraction. The most notable attractions of the Bangkok city are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, the Giant Swing, Sanam Luang, and the Democratic Monument. The Victory Monument is Bangkok’s biggest bus destination.
Silom road is Bangkok’s trading centre for Jewelry and Gems. Siam Square is the main shopping centre and is Asia’s largest shopping mall. For the budget travelers Khao San road is the best place to shop at. Chinatown located in the Rattanakosin area offers its visitor’s variety of Thai sea food. Thai cousins are popularly served even in business class flights with cheap tickets. You may also look out for flights with cheap airfares and experience the luxurious food festivals and bizarre art installations of Bangkok.

Chatuchak market is the famous market where most stalls tuck into tiny narrow lanes with variety of products like a pair of six-inch crushed velvet stilettos, a pampered puppy, a set of Beatles cushion covers, a shark’s-tooth amulet, which you are almost certain to grab for your home. The place is a sprawling outdoor market open during the weekends generally remains crammed with little stalls. One can spend hours wandering through the market looking for reasonably priced items which you can haggle too.

Floating market the well known unique market is the heart and soul of Bangkok. Your smart bargaining skills shall fetch you a lot of Bangkok’s traditional items that if not bought might create a void at some corner of your room. Explore Bangkok with a zest and make the use of every minute in this magical metropolis. As the cultural and commercial centre, Thailand's fascinating capital presents both residents and visitors, young and old, with an everlasting snooping palette of activities, events, parties and other happenings.

You can explore all of these through inexpensive or cheap flights to Bangkok, offered by various airlines and experience the magic of the city where possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Bangkok, the hub for most of the commercial and economical activities is also known for its adaptability and multiple destinations. The city not only attracts the new visitors but also brings back the travelers who have experienced its aura before.

Destination Copenhagen - A Holiday Well Deserved

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Copenhagen. I had read a lot about this city on the internet. And, little did I know that I would be sent on a conference to this beautiful city from my work place. I was supposed to travel to this destination with a group of five other people for a medical conference. I was pretty upset that we just had four days in the city. With the conference taking up most of our time, we would not get enough time to discover the city.

It has a lot of cheap airlines flying in and out of the place. We made bookings a few months prior to our trip and got cheap plane tickets that fell well into our budget. One must do a lot of research to find good airline deals. There are several cheap flights to Copenhagen like Lufthansa, Air India and Air France. If you get in touch with a reputable travel agent, he is sure to find you very cheap tickets to Copenhagen. It is the capital of Denmark and is considered to be a truly modern looking city. We had a very long flight and settled in the hotel rooms as soon as we reached. The view from my room’s window was spectacular and breathtaking. The entire place looked as if it had been torn out from a fairy tale book. It all looked just so perfect!!! But, with only four days in such a magical place it all suddenly seemed sad.

We had the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the city. We saw the top art museums in Europe called the Louisiana. The weather in the city is fairly decent. Though, it is said that the winter months here get mighty cold, and the temperatures dip to below freezing points. It also snows in the months of January and February. The days were spent busy in the meetings and seminars. But the evenings were free to roam around and figure out the beautiful Scandinavian city to our heart’s content. The food was very tasty as it had a blend of cultures from all over the world. The night life of the city took us by surprise. This place has a lot of good night clubs and bars which play great music and serve amazing wine. We spent a considerable amount of our evenings here, listening to music and dancing having a gala time. The highlight of the entire trip was a visit to the Carlsberg brewery which is the favorite beer of most of the people in India. We saw how beer was brewed and tasted quite a bit of it. The entire trip was a memorable one.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Warsaw - Enticing in Every Way

Trip to Warsaw was an unexpected proposal which I could never decline. Europe has always been my favorite destination zone and to explore this new city would indeed be a blessing.

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport is globally linked with the world by prominent air carriers like Turkish Airlines, Jet Airways, British Airways, Air France.They offer discounted airfares and cheap flights to Warsaw. My travel agent planned the itinerary and got us confirmed tickets at discounted fares. Finally we were ready to explore this new city.

Warsaw, located on the Vitsula River, is now a world-class city with all international amenities. Apart from being the largest city, it is also Poland’s capital. After major reforms and development it has emerged as the center for all trade activities. This modern city looks fresh, energetic and in high spirits. Life in Warsaw is very hectic and fast paced.

It also ranks high on every vacationers list. Warsaw has the honor of being nominated for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016. This remarkable achievement marks the process of its transition from poverty to the contemporary city it now is. The Warsaw Mermaid is the national symbol which is imprinted on all statues and other important places. Frédéric Chopin the great pianist and music composer was born in Warsaw.

There are tremendous activities one can indulge in. You can visit famous spots like the Royal Castle, the Lazienki Palace and various science and cultural centers. Museums in Warsaw display a fine collection of art from renowned artistes globally. The National Museum and National Art Gallery have carried several memories of Warsaw’s past. There are splendid churches with Roman architecture.

You can visit the beautiful and the oldest park the Saxon Garden which has different varieties of trees and is an ideal location for family picnics or simply relaxing. Explore the mysteries of the oldest cemeteries of Europe the Powazki Cemetery.

Food is classy and mouth-watery. There are many local delights available but if don’t want to experiment Warsaw also offers multi-cultural cuisine. Warsaw is bustling with bars, restaurants and clubs. Shopping has no limits. There are modern up market malls with designer boutiques catering to international bands. Also equally thrilling are the street markets which offer much more than the malls. You can shop for beads, herbs, clothes, jewelry or gorge in the street-snacks which are very appealing.

Warsaw offers much more than you ask. From its rich cultural heritage to the recent advances in technology you have it all here. Getting there is the easiest part as buying airline tickets and cheap flights to Warsaw are available all year round with great offers that you would just never want to miss.