Monday, March 26, 2012

Over the Great Wall

I have read it somewhere that the only man made thing visible from the space is the Great Wall of China. However, I thought that inside the great wall there will be iron curtains. It is not any kind of prejudice. We know about the iron curtain that existed in Soviet Union and we came to know more about it after the collapse of the communist government there. In the same way, the communist government in China may be maintaining a high level of secrecy. I have read about the Cultural Revolution lead by Mao Se Tung. All these facts created a fear about China and I thought my Beijing visit will be a total disaster.

Being a rising economical force in the world, China gained a lot of importance in international trade. They are producing many products at a cheaper price. I went there to sign certain business deals with some manufacturing units. As, I was totally prejudiced about China and had no hope for enjoying the trip, hence I decided to take cheap flights to Beijing and at least save some money.

However, when I reached Beijing, I got the shock of my life. The treatment I received right from the airport was equal to the one that we get in any of the modern western cities. The Cultural Revolution has become a thing of past and there is no evidence to prove that an iron curtain prevails there. What I had in my mind was proven to be wrong. Once I checked in my hotel, I tried to gather as much as information about Beijing and surroundings. I had discussed about various modes of transport too as the industries I had to visit were outside Beijing. I was told that there are many cheap domestic flights and it will be better to go there by air as it will not only be economical but will save a lot of time too.

After finishing my work successfully, I decided to spend two more days in Beijing. The communist China has changed a lot. The new face of China is not so reddish. It shines like gold. Wudaokou, a student’s hangout in city reminded me of my college days. I never thought such a place will be there in a country which follows a communism and had suppressed the student’s force in Tian’anmen Square in mid 80’s. Here I also saw a large number of foreigners too. I was told that most of them are visiting China on business. As China started involving in International business vigorously, the visitors also increased. Now, almost all flights to Beijing all full all over the year.

I was quite repentant this time about my prejudiced mind. However was happy about the decision of buying cheap tickets to Beijing and I could enjoy the time spent here with the extra money I had saved. Anyway, there are many chances in future to visit this city. I will certainly come back crossing the great walls once again.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A City that Witnessed Many Ups and Downs

It is necessary to perform a lot of exercises before going for a long tour. It is most important if the destination is too far and you are going for the first time. These exercises are not limited to the bargaining for cheap airfares. You will have to collect as much as information about the destination like the accommodation availability, food, prevailing political conditions etc. Nowadays, all these exercises are very easy as almost all information is available on line. I too did all these exercises before my trip to Seattle. I have planned to visit the city during the 24 day Seattle International Film Festival. As my trip was on an official invitation, I did not have to worry about airline prices and accommodation. Hence, I most concentrated to get the information about the important places in and around the city. I did not want to confine my trip to film festival, instead I thought of making it as a pleasure trip too.

During my exercises to find out details about Seattle, I approached one of my friends too. He has visited the city recently on a business trip. He gave me a brief about the city. According to him, there are no other cities in this world that might have witnessed as many ups and downs as this city witnessed. With dense forest around the city, once it was the main center for timber business. Later, during the gold rush in Alaska and during the 1st World War, many ship building units thrived here. Then the city faced a lot of troubles due to various labor strikes. Resection followed the war too affected the economy. City was almost ruined and many people left the place. Then Boeing started their plant there and city started its revival. Again it faced an economical fiasco during 70s. Then it again started thriving in business with the arrival of many companies in the field of information technology and bio-technology.   Now it is an important city and there are many flights to Seattle. It is well connected with rest of the world.

When I reached Seattle, the entire city was ready to welcome the tourists. As all major airlines are operating cheap flights to Seattle during this season, there were more visitors this time. There I met two other delegates who have come for the film festival. We spend that evening at a bar at Seattle center. The music played there was a display of the cultural heritage of the city. The city had many known bands in 60s and early70s.

During the intervals and on days when films that I did not have any interest to see were showing, I visited many places including some museums. The evenings were really lively with a number of night clubs and pubs. There were several venues for performing arts too. The traditional and the modern arts forms were performed there regularly. The city that witnessed many ups and downs really fascinated me a lot. I have decided to come back here as soon as I reach my home back. As cheap tickets to Seattle are available, I am not worried about the expenses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Philadelphia, the city of American independence

Philadelphia, one of the largest cities of United States of America played an important role in the independence of America. It has served as a temporary capital on more than one occasion. I was quite surprised to know about these things during my last visit to the city. It was just a casual visit sponsored by my long time friend. I did not have any plan to visit this city. However, I could not resist his invitation. So, I decided to visit this city. Being one of the largest cities it is well connected with the rest of the world and there are many flights to Philadelphia from every part of the world. There are many airline companies that operate cheap international flights too. As I know some of the agents in our city, there was no difficulty in getting airline tickets.

As planned I reached the city on time. My friend was at the airport to receive me. On the way to his home, I had the pleasure to seen many sculptures and murals on the road. I think that no other city in the world has outdoor sculptures and murals as Philadelphia has. This fact itself reflects the culture of the city. With a strong background of artistic talents and a spirit of freedom, Philadelphia became a ground for the development of cultural activities.

“It was in this city the declaration of Independence was signed. The place is still here and called as Independence Hall.” My friend gave me a brief about the city on the way. “It was temporary capital during the revolution and when Washington was under construction”.

Once we reached his home, we had a peg and made plans for next day. We planned to visit the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Rodin museum, and Philadelphia Museum of Arts. After finishing our visits there, we spent the evening in Fairmount Park, , which is the largest park in the city. We also visited the Independence Hall, The president’s Palace where George Washington used to stay once etc too. Since there are many venues for performing arts, we spent most of our evenings watching art forms. They were a mixture of traditional arts and modern arts. I could enjoy the special Philadelphia cuisines as well. There are many fine dining options here.

According to my friend, when he came here for the first time, visitors were very few. Once the airlines started operating cheap flights to Philadelphia, the numbers of tourists have increased in considerable numbers. This made the city over crowded. Still it has all amenities and the traffic flow is smooth without much blocks and traffic jams. Anybody who visits this city will never forget the experience and will be eager to visit this place again and again. Tickets to Philadelphia are readily available and one should make the most of the low fares offered by the airlines.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Exuberant Nightlife in Oslo

Tourists pick cheap tickets to Oslo in a bid to enjoy pulsating nightlife in the city. Although costly, it is possible for people on a modest budget to indulge in hilarity provided they compensate the expense by availing cheapest airlines tickets for traveling.

My tryst with Oslo began in August last year when I had got the privilege of playing for my country in the Norway Cup Football tourney. Under the tutelage of the sports association, I had not problems in reaching Oslo. However, I found out that our team got one of the discounted flights to Oslo. Youngsters like us, got a good opportunity to check out the largest capital city of Norway. I had plans to play well for the tourney, enjoy the cuisine dishes that Norway is famous for, and witness the hilarious nightlife which I had read in a magazine few years back.

I never thought that my dream to check out the live concerts, hip-hop dance floors, and sip exotic wine during the wee hours at night would come true. When I reached the airport, I found that I was not alone in my mission. Hundreds of youngsters like me arrived on cheap flights to Oslo. Each day, regular flights to Oslo reach the international airport, bringing with them merrymaking tourists, honeymooners, and backpackers.

Delicious Gourmet Dishes
Although I could not indulge in binging while the tourney was on, I did so after our final play was over. The authorities had graciously asked us to enjoy Oslo – but spend from our own pocket. So, I wondered whether I could really indulge in plush restaurants and cafes. However, I was in luck. I had taken cheap tickets to Oslo which allowed me to save enough cash for our merrymaking. I saved at least 50 percent through cheap airlines tickets.

I had a satiating dinner at Kharma. Many of my friends went for a jig at hip-hop dance floor. For my favorite Scandinavian dishes, I visited Hard Rock and Cafe Sara.

Pulsating Nightlife
Tourists like me also love to visit the country for its pulsating nightlife, hip-hop dances, and jazz music shows. There are pubs that offer exotic beer, wine, and other cocktails. However, nightclubs are special. Naturally, visiting these places cost money. But, even in this expensive city I was in luck. My authorities had bought cheap tickets to Oslo that were given for the last minute flights. I visited The Blaa, Underwater Pub, London Pub, and Onkel Donald. Various rock concert, jazz music shows, and hilarious music sessions are performed to encourage dancers like me to hit the floors. I was amazed that I was not alone.

A friend of mine got one of the cheapest airlines tickets to visit these costly pubs and nightclubs to experience hip-hop dances and electronic music. In Living Room however, I enjoyed the cool soft music during the wee hours. Panorama Bar, Harry's Bar, and Bar Boca are few other bars which offer various entertainments for the visitors. In a nutshell, I ultimately realized by dream of enjoying nightlife in Oslo.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Geneva- A tour to the peace capital

Recently I got a chance to visit Geneva as a part of delegation to participate in a seminar on human rights. Though a part of Switzerland, Geneva is considered as an international city and the base for many international organizations. It has a history dated back to the period of Julius Caesar. Since then it has witnessed many wars and revolts. After Caesar conquered this city and made it a part of the Roman Empire, it has seen many bloodshed and revolts during different periods. After the arrival of French refugees, the fight between Protestants and Catholics started. Then it saw the revolts by many fascist organizations and later by several leftist organizations. These experiences molded the history of Geneva and now it has become the capital of international peace.

We have purchased inexpensive flight tickets as we were travelling to this magnificent city on a tight budget. As we have gone on behalf of a social service organization, we owe to spend less money. Secondly, we had gone for a social cause and not for enjoying a holiday trip. So we decided to go for cheap flights to Geneva. Once we reached the airport, the representatives of the organizers were there to receive us. We were taken directly to the guest house arranged by the organizers.

After the Second World War, Geneva became the head quarters for United Nations Organization. The rise of this city begins from here. Then a number of international organizations selected this city as their head quarters. Red Cross is one such organization having its head quarters in Geneva. Many companies are also having their head quarters in this city. This attracts many regular visitors to this city. Many airline s are operating flights to Geneva. This city is considered one of the largest financial centers in the world with thriving private banking sector. It is also a center for international commodity trade.

The next day our conference began. In the evenings we used to visit many historically important places. We had visited former arsenal and archives of the City of Geneva, Library De Geneva etc. The sight of the famous Cathedral St. Pierre Chapel mesmerized us. These days, the availability of cheap tickets to Geneva has increased the number of visitors. Earlier only certain diplomats and some business people used to visit this city. Heads of many nations were also regular visitors here. However, now more and more common people are visiting this city. It has many things to attract the tourists with different tastes. Apart from the structures where the history of the world sleeps, it has many big shopping malls and good restaurants. It has several theaters and venues for performing arts too.

It was a heart breaking moment when we had to say goodbye to Geneva. We all will remember this city.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Incredible Holidays to California

After a stint of hard work, I needed a break .So for an idyllic holiday; I started to look out for cheap tickets to California. With nearly 138 airports in California and a host of airlines operating from each one, I found no difficulty in booking my tickets.

Landing at San Francisco Airport, I headed straight to the Chancellor hotel on Union Square for a fresh and change. Then I started out to fulfill the true purpose of my cheap flights to California which was sightseeing.

California’s charming attractions:

America’s Golden State California is a veritable treasure trove of tourist attractions.

The Golden Gate Bridge:
This was one iconic landmark I wanted to feast my eyes on. So I strolled along the east sidewalk near Strauss Statue and took snazzy snapshots of this glorious bridge from Fort Point overlook. This 1.7 mile long Golden Gate Bridge with its tall majestic towers, sweeping pan and arches makes it an imposing and awesome sight.

Yosemite National Park:
I had heard a lot about this verdant forest reserve during my flight journey to California.  Located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, Yosemite National Park is a natural bounty with towering mountains, winding rivers, tall trees. This park is ideal for hiking with its serpentine trails, snow skiing and photo shoots. With a $10 entrance fee per person and $ 20 per car, this Park is a true hot-house of natural adventure.

Death Valley:
This was one landmark destination I did not want to miss, having heard much about it. So I took a short flight to Death Valley which is 524 miles from San Francisco and spent the day and night there.

Supposed to be the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, Death Valley proved to be thrilling prospect with a myth in its name. From sand dunes in deserts to snow-capped mountains and water-fluted canyons, Death Valley is a wonderful world of wilderness. Encompassing 3 million acres, the Death Valley National Park is a definite adventure that is hard to miss.

I took the tour of Scotty’s castle and strolled along to Furnace Creek. The Paleontology Tour was a walk down memory lane following mammal tracks while the Lower Vine Ranch tour was equally interesting. Camping at the lodge had a bonfire going and with some guitars strumming, w had a pleasant night. This stay was truly worth taking cheap flights to Death Valley.

Palm Springs:
Called the green oasis of California, Palm Springs is roughly 482 miles. I was in time to attend the Palm Springs Follies- a show at the Palm Strings Theatre featuring major local artists. I was also lucky to be there on a Wednesday & Thursday to attend both the Italian-American Pasta Social and the Village Fest. The Pasta Social is one food fest of pasta and other Italian delights. Palm Springs transformed into a giant carnival with fun fairs, acrobatic, puppetry and magic shows and other entertainment along with food buffets and more. I also savored the food fare in the major restaurants of Palm Canyon Drive.

I returned home a satiated soul with my heart full of the charm of California.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Must-See Attractions in Bangkok

Take cheap airline flights to explore and reveal the hidden secrets within the infinite layers of the Bangkok city. If you plan to book cheap tickets to Bangkok, make sure to keep enough time to enjoy some of the fascinating treasures, which have lent the city its iconic status.

Must-Visit Places in Bangkok

Grand Palace & Wat Prakaew
The city of Bangkok started as a small port community and trading center on the banks of the River Chao Phraya around two hundred years ago. Today, although the city is at par with the modern times, the glory and grandeur of its memorable past still prevails. Flights to Bangkok helped me enjoy these amazing splendors while giving me an insight into the intriguing past of the spectacular palaces, dazzling temples, the colorful Chinatown and the popular floating market, each of which have a different story to tell.

The Grand Palace, built in 1782 has been home to the Thai king, the administrative seat of the government and the Royal Court since 150 years. Even today, the Grand Palace continues to awe the visitors with its intricate details and beautiful architecture. The Wat Prakaew enshrines the Emerald Buddha, the revered image of Buddha that has been carved from a single emerald block, also dates back to the 15th century AD. I was simply awed by this sight!

The Chinatown is an exotic and colorful chaotic area with a large number of market stalls and the highest concentration of the city’s gold shops. In the 1700s, the Chinese communities who relocated to this part from Southern China still continue to practice their traditions and other religious activities. The introduction of cheap flight deals and cheap tickets to Bangkok made it possible for me to witness the Vegetarian Festival and the Chinese New Year and see the spirit of celebration and the dynamism of the people here spread like wildfire. If you happen to be in Bangkok with cheap airline flights, simply do not miss out on the opportunity to observe Chinatown in its best colors.

Floating Markets
The best amongst all the floating markets, Damnoen Saduak offers an authentic experience to the tourists. With plenty of flights to Bangkok, the tourists can shop in the floating wooden boats, each laden with farm-fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers. Floating markets resemble living museums to immerse yourself in the way of life and the local culture of the city, the way it was before the coming of the global consumerism.

Wat Arun
The impressive Wat Arun is Southeast Asia’s one of the most famous temple landmarks. Constructed by King Rama II in the 1st half of the 19th century, in prehistoric Khmer style, it is more stunning to look at when you see it up close and personal. Wat Arun, apart from its beauty also symbolizes the period of the birth of Rattanakosin as well as the emergence of the new capital post the fall of Ayutthaya. The temple looks the most beautiful during sunset rather than during sunrise.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Entertainment, You and Abu Dhabi

The major cities of Abu Dhabi are situated on the island in the Arabian Peninsula. According to Future Magazine, Abu Dhabi is also known as the richest city in the world. The climate of Abu Dhabi is quite hot. The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is From November to March. Abu Dhabi is known as the home to many tallest buildings.

During my trip to Abu Dhabi I was surprised to see the ADAI Tower. Abu Dhabi is well connected with the international cities. If you are planning your trip to Abu Dhabi, you can book cheap tickets to Abu Dhabi from the major international airlines. Abu Dhabi is a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. There are many attractive locations that you can visit during your trip to this wonderful place. With loads of entertainment in store for you, come and experience the enigmatic city.

Entertainment and Activities in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is right place for enjoying adventurous and thrilling activities during your vacations. Some of the thrilling activities that I have enjoyed a lot during my trip to Abu Dhabi are
  • 4X4 Dubai Desert Safari: Enjoy a drive across the safari and indulge in the delicious barbecue dinner and Shisha. Or why not shake your belly to the scintillating tunes of the traditional Arabic tunes and enjoy the belly dance?
  • Dubai Seaplane Tours: Explore the various attractions of the city through Dubai Seaplane Tours and make your holidays memorable.
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride: Experience a wonderful trip across the shiny sand through Hot air balloon ride. The bird’s eye view of the bustling city below is just fascinating.
  • Dubai Sand boarding: Sand Boarding is a very popular activity that most visitors like experience during their trip to Abu Dhabi. Enjoy sliding up and down across the sand dunes and make your vacation unforgettable.
There are many travel agencies that offer cheap airline flights to Abu Dhabi. So, do not wait, just book your holiday package & get ready to enjoy the most memorable vacations in Abu Dhabi.

Exceptional Cuisines at Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is known for offering world class dining facilities. After visiting attractive locations of the city, you can relax in any of the best restaurants where you can enjoy local recipes, Thai delicacies, Spicy Indian Cuisines and many more. If you love burgers and steak, you will love Fuddruckers restaurant in Marina Mall. Holidaymakers, who are passionate about Seafood, can visit Finz Restaurant. This restaurant is known for offering classic Seafood.

To enjoy wonderful dining facilities, you can reserve flights to Abu Dhabi through any travel agent.

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