Friday, April 5, 2013

Finding Cheap Eats in London

Travel to London is always fun whichever time of the year you visit. The capital of Britain attracts people from world over year-round. Why not book flights to London and head off to this great city to see the melting pot of cultures? The city will fascinate you endlessly. London is easily accessible from almost all parts of the world with flight tickets available at cheap rates on multiple international airlines offering direct flights to London. You just need to plan your visit beforehand and heed to some advice to make your stay hassle free.

When traveling to London, particularly on a tight budget, visitors ensure that they complete their travel within their budget limits. For this they make their best efforts to find cheap hotels and transportation. But, the visitors always run the risk of spending much on their food as the city to which they are traveling might be expensive. The fear always remains that food expenses would be steep thus causing jitters to the travelers. The cost of meals in London is often surprising to the visitors. However, there is ample scope to bring down food costs during your London travel. London being a confluence of various ethnicities provides myriad offerings to its visitors. If food is your concern, don’t worry, you will be able to find many cheap eats in London. This is particularly beneficial for those taking flights to London on a shoestring budget.  

Whether you are taking British Airways flights or traveling to the city from other parts of the world, London has always surprised its visitors. And, food is one among them. Here’s some of the valuable advice to keep your food costs down or you may even get a chance to eat for free now and then. Whenever you visit a restaurant in London, tips are a norm. But, you need to make sure that your bill also includes the service or else you’ll end up paying the tip. If your bill includes this, then don’t pay the tip. A small precaution will help you save some bucks. Even, if you have to pay the tip make sure that you don’t pay above 12 percent.

If you want to reduce your food costs significantly, try and go ethnic. Since the British ruled over nearly half of the world, you’ll find a number of restaurants opened by people of various ethnicities that were earlier ruled by the British. In London, you’ll find many restaurants opened by the Indians. You’ll find good Indian food in London as well as the whole of the UK that are cheaply priced. Going to these ethnic restaurants will help you save significantly.

Another best way to save on your food is to dine at a pub. Though most of the pubs don’t serve food, but the pubs that serve food could turn out to be good places for affordable and cheap traditional British meals such as baked potatoes with fillings, Ploughman’s lunch, cottage pie, shepherd’s pie, snacks and sandwiches.

These are some of the ways in which you could lower your food costs when taking flights to London and spending your memorable vacation here.