Friday, February 18, 2011

Must-to-visit places in Hong Kong

During my frequent trips to Hong Kong I have often come across tourists traveling through either business class airlines or other international airlines getting lost in the city’s local attractions. Language has been one of the biggest obstructions that make most of the tourists alienated in the city. To help such visitors to organize their trip to Hong Kong here is a list of few must-to-visit places in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of Art:

The museum possesses a treasure of art objects, calligraphy, paintings antiques and ancient lithography. The art museum is open to visitors of all ages traveling through air business class flights and other air flights to Hong Kong.  The art museum is located at 10 Salibury Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, and remains open from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening except on Thursday and other public holidays.

Victoria Peak:

The famous mountain peak of Hong Kong gives a spectacular bird’s eye view of the majestic city and its harbors. The peak covers the western half of the Hong Kong Island. The place is visited by approximately seven million visitors from across the world, which includes both business travelers, traveling through business class tickets and the leisure travelers traveling through other inexpensive flight tickets.

Lantau Island:

The Island is the largest outlaying island that is almost twice the size of the Hog Kong. The beautiful scenic and green environment draws tourists especially the adventure seekers and also who love to spend time with nature. Take a cruise around the waters of this island by paying a small visit through business class flights to Hong Kong. The island waters also form a home to pink dolphins that are found only in these water conditions.

Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland:

These are two best attractions where the kids can enjoy to the fullest. There are several airlines that offer discount vouchers for the Hong Kong Disneyland to the passengers who book business class air travel to Hong Kong. Ocean Park is one big aquarium that also contains Lowland Gardens, which form a home to pandas, gold fish pagoda and butterfly house. Marine life such as coral reefs and shark aquariums also form the major tourists’ attractions.

Hong Kong Space Museum:

The museum is among the world’s best museum, which covers the entire scientific fields such as telecommunications, robotics, energy, computers and physics that are in the interests for all. The museum holds its popularity even with the travel industry especially airlines that operate the business class flights and also other air flights to the city. The airlines crews do mention about the museum to all the passengers traveling through business class to Hong Kong or other air line flights to Hong Kong.

Hope, these attractions will help you to organize a comfortable trip to Hong Kong. There are many travel companies that offer travel packages to Hong Kong but Fare Buzz, one of the leading travel companies of America offers discounted airline tickets to Hong Kong.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

College Spring Break at the Panama City

Panama City has been one of the most popular destinations since my college days. Most of the students from across the world choose this hip hop city for their spring break. The sugar-sand beaches of the Florida coast attract thousands of students every year who bust out their educational stress by partying and merry making. The travel industry especially airlines offer fabulous flight deals for the students from across the world to Panama City.

The hippest city possesses a proximity to many universities that cover the entire southern, Midwest and Northern colleges. Thus students from all the cities look out for cheap plane fares that the city has to offer to all. The city welcomes the flock with loads of music and dance concerts, contests and special events. The students from the world traveling through international airlines that offer handsome discounts on air flights participate in these events with zeal and enthusiasm.

Numerous hotels, bars and restaurants make sure that their special offers are cost effective and lie within the lines of students’ budget. The hotels charge best fares on rooms that are designed according to the students’ pocket. A couple of years back we all had to make our own hotel reservations. But now many travel companies that offer flight tickets for cheap fares also arrange hotel rooms for low fares. Sometimes few hotels rooms are covered under the airline prices also.

The city beaches offer myriad options to all the students on spring break with loads of fun and enjoyment. The fun includes the water sports, boating, parasailing and pool side fishing. My favorite pass time was also fishing for which I used to travel even through last minute flight to Panama during the spring break. The airlines often offer gift vouchers with air plane tickets that could be availed at any of the beaches.

If you will turn your clock ten years back then the options to have fun were a little less than what the city offers now. The city apart from beaches also offers theme parks that provide an exhilarating experience to the young crowd. To promote these parks the airlines such as Delta Airlines and American Airlines sometimes offer passes to the young travelers when they buy airline tickets. The theme parks are indeed an important part of the spring break that draws tourists from across the world.

For the students who seek a little more adventure, the rain forests of the city offer a great challenge to all its visitors. Travelers traveling through airline flights that offer fabulous airline deals on different airline tickets do not miss to experience the jungle trials offered by the city forests. There are many hotels near to the rain forests that also offer safari trips at low fares to their keen guests from across the world.

Although there may be lot of changes that the city has made since my college spring break, but one thing is pretty true that Panama will always be the topmost destinations that offers the best spring holiday time to all the students of the world. There are many travel companies that book flight tickets to Panama City but Fare Buzz, one of the leading American Travel Company along with affordable or cheap flight deals also arrange cheap air flights on discounted airfares.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top four must not missed museums in Rome

No matter whichever place I would have been to, museums and art galleries of the place have always been my attraction. Last week when I was on a business trip to Rome I purposely canceled my business class ticket with Delta Airlines to collect the treasure of museums the city possesses. Before moving out from my hotel I spoke to one of the hotel staff member who actually briefed me about the important museums that the city offers.

While searching an important document into my stuffs I came across a piece of paper that was kept beside my business class seat. I was overwhelmed to see that as it briefed me about a lot of local attractions in the city. This kind of information is generally given by many business class airlines that offer frequent international flights to Rome. The information that the paper carried helped to choose and plan out my day in the best manner.

I started my day by visiting Barracco Museum that possesses an extraordinary collection of Assirian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculptures that belong to Lord Giovanni Barracco. Among all the sculptures, Sphinx of Hatshepsut is the most incredible sculptures that stunned me for a while. I have often heard about this sculpture from many colleagues who have also been on business class air travel to the city.

My next expedition was to the Borghese Museum and art gallery. Built in 1913, the palace holds Cardinal Scipione Borghese’s collection of art. A siege of museums treasures some of the most famous sculptures by G. L. Bernini. Tourists from the world over traveling with first class and business class flights visit this marvelous museum and experience the best art works. While de-boarding the business flights the airhostess also mentioned about this museum.

Another best art center, which I took on my list, was Centrale Montemartini Art Center. The museum exhibits a unique combination of classical art and industrial machinery. I came across 450 Greek and Roman sculptures kept close to the old machines, which were used in the former electric power station. On the way I met a man who was quite impressive and who also told me that there were many airways that along with business class discounts also offer reasonably priced or cheap business class tickets to Rome.

The National Gallery of Ancient Art was the last one on my itinerary that I couldn’t miss out on as my travel company arranged the last minute flight for my return journey. It is said that the palace took almost eight years for completion and treasured the magnificent collections belonging to noble families. After finishing all the sightseeing I immediately rushed to the airport to catch my business flight. On my way I received a call from my travel company Fare Buzz, one of the leading Travel Company in United States, who arranged a memorable air business class trip to Rome.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A trip to the vibrant city Seoul

I made my first Asian landing in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul. My business flight with United Airlines landed at around 1900 hrs in Seoul. Though I learnt a lot about the city on internet yet personal meet presented the correct picture of the city. The eye catchy glitzy shopping malls and the towering skyscrapers just took my heart away. I was amazed to see the blazing traffic lanes that connected the country side to the main city.

Although the business class air travel to Seoul has become quite easy and comfortable a vulnerable tourists needs a proper guidance to the city. There are few travel companies in United States that offer affordable cheap plane tickets for air business class travel to Seoul. Apart from giving discounts on the air tickets few companies arrange airline tickets for the last minutes flights too. The city has now become the most important tourist destination of the world.

The city is a perfect blend of the modern trails and traditional values. The regular visits by tourists from the world to the city through major international airlines, has interlinked the modern and the old cultures that create a distinct atmosphere in the city. Though the city portrays a busy and fast paced lifestyle, yet Seoulites have never overlooked their traditional values, which also form as the major reason behind the modern success. 

The next morning I went to see the local attractions that I noted during my search for the reasonable business class tickets to Seoul. I was astonished to see the Banpo Bridge fountain that connected the downtown districts of Seocho and Yongsan. During my plane journey to the city I met an impressive lady who was sitting next to my business class seat. She too praised the Banpo Bridge and told me that the double-deck bridge in the city was absolutely unique in the world.

The city also possesses many historical attractions for the visitors who travel through several inexpensive flight tickets to the city. Magnificent Gyeongbokgung Palace, marvelous pagodas, holistic temples and wonderful Insa-dong art gallery project the cultural diversity of the city. While I was boarding my business class flight to Seoul, I saw many travel brochures lying at the Seoul counter that also gave a brief overview of the city.

Apart from all these the city also offers amusement parks to the family leisure travelers. Lottle World is the most popular family park that poses a tough challenge to Disneyworld, the largest theme park in the world. Offering the best to all its guests, Seoul certainly makes the most beautiful tourists destination of the world. There are many travel companies that offer airline deals, yet Fare buzz, the leading travel company of United States offers the best fares on air travel to Seoul.