Monday, May 23, 2011

Hong Kong: The biggest shopping hub of the world

Hong Kong the heaven for all ardent shoppers has bustling shopping malls in the city, which have been expanding their contours since long. The shopping districts of Hong Kong serve as the galaxy and fulfill every fantasy of the shoppers. From arts, crafts, jewelry, watches, leather & optical goods, clothing, furniture and household articles to electronic goods, Hong has it all. Visit Hong Kong and have an exhaustible experience at this wonderland.

Being the hub for diverse business activities Hong Kong is well connected to most of the important cities across the world. Various international airlines operate daily and weekly flights to Hong Kong. Several airlines such as Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines and similar others connect US cities such as New York, Atlanta, Washington and Chicago with Hong Kong. These airlines often offer discounts on air tickets to Hong Kong.

A paradise for all shoppers, Hong Kong possesses some of the best shopping districts that give an unforgettable shopping experience to all visitors. Central District the economic and tourists hub of Hong Kong is home to some of the remarkable marbled glittering atriums and malls. Some of the known shopping spots are Bonham Strand West, Hollywood Road and Cat Street. The Landmark, the Galleria, Prince’s Building and IFC Mall are famous shopping malls in the district.

Causeway Bay is the Mecca for all shopping lovers. Windsor House, Time Square, Fashion Island, and Mitsukoshi and Causeway Bay Plaza are some of the shopping spots where you will come across number shopping malls and arcades designed in Japanese style. One of the most crowded areas in Hong Kong Causeway Bay contains many trendy stores that offer local and Japanese fashion products to all the visitors.

Mong Kok in Kowloon district is another place where tourists enjoy splurging. The market exclusively sells electronic goods, where one will find locals and foreigners haggling at the market stores. You will easily find stuff like CDs, televisions, computer and mobile phones accessories at this place. You will also find small specialized markets such as Sports Shoe Street, Women's Street, Bird's Market and Flower Market at Mong Kok.

Wan Chai is a fabulous shopping centre and a popular tourist attraction that also offers a vibrant nightlife to all visitors. Stepping into a Wan Chai is like being transported instantaneously to one of the lively cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong. The stunning Pacific Place shopping centre in the district is the shopper’s paradise for all shopaholics. You will find most of the middle and high-end stores such as Marks and Spencer, Seibu, Armani and Chanel at this shopping centre.

Take out some time from your monotonous life and have an exhilarating shopping experience at some of the hot shopping spots in Hong Kong. To visit Hong all you need to do is to call your travel agent and ask for latest airline deals. You can also check out for cheap plane fares to Hong Kong with other travel agents. Several airlines often offer flight tickets for cheap on last minute flights to Hong Kong. You can do a deep search for such flight deals and have an amazing shopping experience at Hong Kong.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enjoy extraordinary gastronomic affair at famous restaurants in Paris

Paris, the fashion paradise for all is the cosmopolitan capital of France. The French city with galore of highest-esteemed attractions owes its prosperity to the favorable position on the river Seine. Repudiated to be the most beautiful and romantic of all cities, Paris is influenced by the realm of culture, art, fashion, food and design. The magnanimous city has been drawing visitors since ages, which have resulted into burgeoning of some elite eating joints.

To have a glimpse of its attractions and relish the variety of food, which is offered at some of the notable restaurants tourists often pay a regular visit to Paris. Since regular visit shall put a little weight on your pockets, you can search online for cheap airfares. There are several international airlines that offer airline tickets for cheap to Paris. These airlines also offer airline discounts on their business class flights to Paris for travelers who look for luxury and comfort.

While in Paris tourists often enjoy spending on food offered at various restaurants. To tap down your search for the choice of restaurants here are few famous restaurants where dining shall give you an extraordinary experience. Altitude 95 Restaurant at the Eiffel Tower is one of the renowned restaurants that give its customers an amazing dining experience. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and serves mouthwatering cuisines during lunch and dinner hours.

When you move on to the next floor of the Eiffel tower you will receive a warm welcome at the Le Jules Verne, which is a one-star Michelin restaurant. With a chocolate brown color and amber lighting along with windows that maintain the outside view, the restaurant is famous for traditional French cuisines. Open seven days a week the restaurant serves its guests with delicious three course lunch and dinner. Exotic wines and snacks are optional that are enjoyed by everyone during any time of the day.

Guy Savoy is a top table restaurant that puts emphasis on both its atmosphere and cuisines. A visit to the restaurant will be a sheer delight in more than one way. With beautiful dark wood decor, brightly colored paintings and some unusual statues and sculptures, the restaurant creates an amazing atmosphere for dining. Although, the restaurant serves seasonal dishes yet duck foie gras with red cabbage juice, and seared blue lobster with orange root vegetables could be enjoyed the year round.

Tour d'Argent restaurant the oldest restaurant in Paris that started out as an upper class inn for the aristocrats is probably the most well known place to dine in Paris. With its romantic and traditional ambience the restaurant welcomes its guests in a very conventional manner. The best part of the restaurant is its menu card, which is still presented plain to the ladies and priced ones to the men. So if you are planning to dine with your date then Tour d'Argent restaurant should be your first choice.

Although there are other restaurants that serve delicious food, yet the above mentioned give an extraordinary dining experience to their guests. So what makes you wait now? Book your plane tickets with airlines such as Air France, American Airlines, United Airlines and many others that operate flights to Paris from US cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.