Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bahamas – A Tourist Friendly Destination

Attractive flight deals are available to the 29 islands Commonwealth of Bahamas, which is one of the top notch tourist destinations of Atlantic Ocean.  Its capital Nassau has been a fixture in the tourist map for many years.


The islands of Bahamas are all low lying with the highest point found at Cat Island where Mount Alvernia stands at 63 meters. The capital Nassau is present in New Providence. This country on the Atlantic Ocean is flanked by Cuba in the South and in the Northwest with USA. Bimini of Bahamas is very close to Florida of the US.


The weather is tropical but greatly influenced by the Gulf Stream which increases the possibility of hurricanes during the summer months. The winter temperature seldom comes close to 0 degrees. On an average the weather is friendly for most part of the year. The climate of Bahamas should not prevent you from contacting the nearest travel agent to buy airline tickets to the place. 


Before getting tickets for flights to Bahamas it is important to find out some of the important things that the country offers. The first thing that you can get from the country as souvenir is the handicrafts made from straw or palm fronds. Bahamas is famous for bags, hats and other artifacts made artistically by the locals. You must make sure to participate in Junkanoo and Regattas which are celebrations during special occasions such as Boxing Day and New Years Day. Harvest festivals for the native crops are also very common. Take part in these ceremonies and soak in the culture of the Bahamas.

It is easy to be a guest in the country as English is the official language and is also understood and spoken widely by the population. Just hop on to any cheap flight to Bahamas and enjoy the beautiful country.

Getting In and Around

A large number of countries are exempted from the visa requirements for their citizens. It is advisable to find out the details from your travel agent. Airlines offer cheap tickets to Bahamas to ferry travelers from all over the world to come to the country. The international airports are at Nassau and Freeport. Most inhabited islands have smaller airports operating local flights.

You can hop from one island to the other by Bahamasair or move within the island in jitneys or buses and taxis. But these can make a big hole in your pocket and can be hard to obtain at all times. The cheapest way to move around the country is by boats and yachts.  Both government and private operators are available.

Upcoming Event   

Throughout the year Bahamas hosts some festival or the other. International sporting events and music and concert programs are held at regular intervals. International singer Bryan Adams is scheduled to host a live show on November 5 at the Grand Ballroom. So, hurry and buy airlines tickets for yourself and your friends to enjoy the concert and roam the country.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Bangalore – A Popular Holiday Destination for Young and the Old

Better known as the “Garden City” of India, this mega-city is interspersed with lush green spots, gardens with decked up seasonal colorful flowers, and clean lakes. The soothing temperate climate, sprawling plain area in the midst of Mysore plateau is sure to rejuvenate both young and the old. No wonder, youngsters on a shoestring budget pick cheap flights to Bangalore to savor the beautiful city and check out the “Silicon Valley of India” with a hope of enjoying the city and bagging a lucrative job.

Sprawling Layout with Large Plains and Rocky Patches
The city is based on a plain with a ridge that runs north-south. There are two rivers, South Pennar and Arkavathi that run through Bangalore. Nevertheless, there are many tanks, which have become popular tourist spots. Each year, during cool January month, hundreds of tourists pick flight deals to Bangalore and enjoy few moments of comfort at Hebbal Lake, Madiavala tank, Ulsoor Lake, and Sankey Tank. Many avail cheap tickets to Bangalore to save money on hiking and trekking tours. You can hike through Nandhi hills, Savandurga, Rangaswamy betta, Makalidurga, Nijakal betta, and Bhimeshwari - Muttati. Some diehard youngsters bag profitable flight deals to avail cheap flights to Bangalore. These tourists don’t want to overshoot their travel expenses as they plan to participate in camping sessions in Savandurga and Gunjoor Lake. Many make arrangements for cave exploration at Anthargange and Siddarabetta.

Eco-Friendly Cool Climate
Perched up in the plateau, Bangalore or Bengaluru hardly experiences musty, hot weather or dry arid climate even though it is on the tropical Savanna belt. The summer temperature remains around 33 degree Celsius while temperature during winters does not drop below 15 degree Celsius. Nonetheless, if at all it is too hot, thunder showers cool the temperature. So, travel agents often include round trip airline tickets for cheap deals during cooler months to attract tourists of different age groups.

Language and Culture
Today, Bangalore has become a cosmopolitan megacity with young urban professionals making their homes in and around the city. And, although the official language is still Kannada, people also communicate in English. The city celebrates all major festival of India. However, the official festival that is celebrated with great pomp is Dusherra. From Tipu Sultan’s Palace to Bull Temple and Venkataramana Swamy Temple, there are fine architectural monuments that can keep any one enthralled. There is Peanut fair and annual painting exhibition organized in the city. The “Bengaluru Habba” or Bangalore Festival is also popularly celebrated during December.

Getting In and Getting Around
It is easy to get in to Bangalore from India and also from another country. The Bengaluru International Airport transport tourists on modest budget to the city on airline tickets for cheap rates. There are lucrative all-inclusive flight deals for foreign tourists who don’t have to bother about setting up the itinerary while traveling to Bangalore on such deals as the agents do them perfectly well. Fare Buzz offers cheap tickets to Bangalore. Reach them via email or phone and get your tickets right away.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Visiting & making the most of Asia

A diverse continent, Asia is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.  From bustling modern metropolises to sun kissed tropical beaches to breathtaking historical splendors, it has everything that an avid tourist could indulge in.

Asian dream destinations

Apart from the destinations themselves, great airline deals make traveling to Asia a much more enjoyable experience. Just hop on to a plane, visit some of the most popular Asian hotspots and bring back memories of a lifetime. Whether you are traveling alone for business or with your loved ones for pleasure, these destinations would surely whet the wanderlust in you.


Tokyo may be one of the costliest cities in the world, but reaching here surely isn’t. Thanks to cheap airfare tickets. One place to visit is Ginza, an exclusive district famous for upscale shopping or nightlife. You can also take a trip down Japan’s history at the Tokyo National Museum or perhaps the Imperial Palace itself. Or discover masterpieces and soak in the art scene at Roppongi District which includes many famous art museums. And after you are done relishing some of the best Japanese dishes at some of the uber modern restaurants, head over to the Tokyo Tower and enjoy the panoramic view of the city as well as the iconic Mount Fuji in the distance.


Pattaya in Thailand is one of the best beach destinations in Asia. If you need more sand & sun than the world famous Pattaya beach has to offer, then you might want to ferry off to Lo Larn, a breathtaking coral island and a must visit. Get a taste of the city’s nightlife by walking down the Walking Street well-known for its shops, pubs as well as cabarets. Or if you are a nature lover, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden might appeal to your senses. If you are wondering what to take back home as souvenirs, try the world’s largest jewelry store in Pattaya and pick up a blue sapphire – a local gem and a connoisseur’s delight. With flights to Asia surprisingly affordable in recent times Pattaya is a place you would want to jot down on your travel itinerary.


Taking advantage of cheap tickets to Asia, you can also visit one of the most popular Asian cities - Beijing. It is the capital city of China and an exotic blend of tradition and modernity. You can visit and admire the grandeur of the Forbidden City that was once the seat of power of the Chinese emperor. Or visit the National Grand Theatre. If its imposing presence and architectural beauty doesn’t move you, its elegant & elaborate opera surely would. For an off the beaten track adventure, try Simatai Great Wall which is an authentic and less visited section of the Great Wall.


Jaipur, a historic city in northern India, is a destination where tourists transform into the Maharajas of the yore. You can bask in the opulence of the heritage hotels that were once palaces. Or travel like a king on the ‘Palace on Wheels’ and enjoy a royal ride. For some down to earth experiences, visit the numerous colorful fairs & festivals as well as adventure safaris that are held throughout the year. And the best part, you may live like a royalty but you surely wouldn’t be paying a king’s ransom arriving here. Thanks to cheap tickets to Asia.


Dubai is an oasis of luxury and shopping in the desert nation of UAE. Great airline deals, ultra-luxury resorts, sandy golden beaches & a vibrant nightlife. Try the Dubai Gold Souk, a jewelry hub of the Middle East where all things are gold & duty-free Need some adventure? Take a desert safari and unleash the explorer inside. And if it is water you crave then cool off at the Wild Wadi water theme park. It is just about 25 minutes away from the city and nothing short of a giant oasis of amusement & recreation.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Be in Milan to Have a Great Vacation in Italy

Milan has many a historical tale to tell. Founded by Celtic people, Milan went under Roman rule and French rule in several historical conquests. The cross cultural influences shaped modern Milan, which is now lauded as a prime cultural hub in Europe. Moreover, it has a considerable amount of foreign inhabitants who have made Milan home for many years. This has also catapulted the city to heights of cosmopolitanism; Milan is one of the important economic centers of Italy. Because of its high population density and concentration of industries, the Milan Metropolitan Area is part of Blue Banana. There’s an interesting nickname for Milan- it is described as “moral capital of Italy” because it anticipates all the changes and trends of political upheavals of the nation.

Visiting Milan is a pleasure. You can enjoy the pleasures of staying in the second largest city of Italy when you schedule an Italian vacation on flights to Milan.

Milan is a Riverside City

Milan is a city nestled in between the rivers called Ticino and Adda. It is specifically located in the Po Valley. It shares proximity with the Mountain of Alps. If you want to get lost in the beauty of Alps and the beautiful riverside terrain of Milan, fly off to the land on cheap flights to Milan.

Milan is characterized by a sub-tropical humid climate.

Milan has hot, humid summer months and cold wet winter months. You can schedule a trip in any month of the year, except hot August when most of the locals prefer not working. Anyways if you want to enjoy tranquility you can choose to be in Milan at this time of the year too. In any case, Milan is a traveler’s paradise because it is among the chic, fashionable cities. Flight tickets cheap ones are available to meet the surge of Milan tourists.

A stroll around Piazza del Duomo is perhaps the best activity that tourists love to indulge in. It is the city’s main tourist hotspot- a central square that is surrounded by numerous palatial buildings and structures. The main attractions of this place are Milan Cathedral, Royal Palace of Milan and Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery. The gothic fa├žade of the famous Milan Cathedral will amaze you to the extreme just like the other living remnants of the ancient Roman history, especially the basilicas of San Nazaro in Brolo, Sant’Ambrogio, Sant’Eustorgio and San Simpliciano.  Numerous parks and gardens of Milan attract both local residents and tourists alike.

You would love to tread in a city that has been home to the great men, Leonardo da Vinci and Napoleon Bonaparte. The reign of Napoleon bears witness to the construction of some of the finest Neo-classical edifices of the city and the nation.

Flights to Milan Takes You to your Leisure Destination

Many last minute flights are available for the sake of travelers who make instant plans for a vacation in Italy. Three major airports (Malpensa International Airport, Linate Airport, and Airport of Orio al Serio) serve the air-borne passengers flying on cheap tickets to Milan.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cheap flights to Berlin are just a click away

Berlin is a historical city that is filled with many popular historic centers. Tourists can avail cheap flight tickets or airfares to enjoy a cost effective Berlin travel.

Historic Centers in Berlin

Explore the Berlin Museums

Berlin can be called the “city of Museums” since it is replete with museums and art galleries of all kinds. Some of the Museums that are really worth a mention include Altes Museum, Pergamon Museum, Neues Museum, Bode Museum, Judisches Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Ethnological Museum and others. The private art galleries here can also give you an insight into the colourful historical past of this place. Flights to Berlin are many and through online research, you can find out more about the same.

Visit the famous monuments in Berlin

Once you arrive in Berlin availing the cheap flight tickets, you can visit the monuments of Berlin which number more than 25. The historical monuments include Berlin wall memorial, Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe, Checkpoint Charlie Berlin wall and others. Berlin also boasts of plenty of parks and romantic spots that can enable tourists to have a great time.

Don’t miss the Brandenburg Tor or Gate
Another historic landmark in Berlin is the Gate or Brandenburg Tor that was constructed in the late 17th century. The original place of the Berlin wall is indicated by the stones placed on the ground.

The Berlin Wall

This is the most popular historic locale in Berlin that attracts a growing number of tourists year after year. The wall was constructed in 1961 to prevent migration of workers in East Germany. The people of Berlin celebrated the collapse of the wall in 1989.


You can enjoy a host of entertainment options by availing flights to Berlin. The people of Berlin celebrate a number of festivals such as Oberbaumbrucke Festival and Berlin Film festival with great fanfare. The colorful parades can also help visitors to get an insight into the culture and tradition of the Germans. This is not all. Cinema and theater lovers can also look forward to having a great time in Berlin. The city is also famous for its spa and sports options.

Berlin Nightlife

Berlin is a city that is popular for its exciting nightlife. Pubs, gaming zones and night walks are many in Berlin and can satiate the needs of all types of tourists. The bartenders in the pubs and discos of Berlin will ensure that you have a blast with the right cocktail in hand. Places such as Savignyplatz in Berlin boast of a number of cafes, bars and restaurants.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dublin- Enjoy a Slice of Irish Life in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland boasts of a tranquil natural beauty that helps the holidaymakers connect to their inner selves. The exotic natural beauty of the place is perfectly in tune with the beautiful, ancient buildings that adorn the city. The ancient castles, the lush greenery, the parks, the gardens, the heritage sites, the art galleries and the museums will let you enjoy the best of what the place has to offer. The international airlines operate regular flights to Dublin from London Heathrow and Luton Airport. The cheap airline flights have made it possible for the holidaymakers to make the most of this enchanting city. You will get the best deals on cheap flights to Dublin on Fare Buzz.

Historical Attractions of Dublin that will Enthrall You

Dublin is replete with historical attractions. The unmatched wealth and the rich natural history of the place have plenty to offer to the holidaymakers.  The most popular attraction remains the Dublin castle, which is now used for state dinner and important parties. With a Norman styled designed courtyard, the castle dates back to 1204 and was built under the orders of the English King John. It was rebuilt over the years and thus what you see today is much of what was built across the centuries and not the original one. Visit the Kilmainham Gaol for a piece of Irish history. The jail was infamous for the cruelty meted out to the inmates. The jail was renovated in 1924 and was converted into a museum that house pieces from the Irish Nationalism and the art gallery boasts of exclusive paintings, jewelry and sculptures. The other poplar picks remains those of the Temple Bar that will give you an insight in to the culture of the place and the National Wax Museum-, which is particularly popular with the kids. Also, include the Leinster House, Glendalough, Connolly Railway Station, Book of Kells and the Four Courts.

Entertainments that You will find in Ireland

Enjoy an evening of Irish folklore and storytelling sessions coupled with traditional candle lit dinner in Brazen Head- the oldest pub of Ireland. There are the endless pubs where you can indulge yourself. Dublin remains the heart of Ireland’s entertainment scene and so you can catch up with the latest theatres and the operas in the Abbey or in the Gate where you can catch up with the work of great artists of the yesteryears. You will love to enjoy a night out in the traditional pubs and enjoy a typical Irish night. Additionally, do not miss the shopping in Dawson Street, South Great Georges Street and Wicklow Street.

Nightlife in Dublin

Nightlife in Dublin is pulsating and happening. Clubbing is an important aspect of the Irish life and Dublin is no different. The area around the Temple Bar has trendy nightclubs and the nightclub scenes are ever changing. Most nightclubs require an entry fee and the entry age is 18 age.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Frankfurt the Fiscal Focal Point of Germany

Take cheap flights to Frankfurt and indulge in true shopping spirit of the city by visiting the pedestrian Zone and the Cologne’s Shopping Street and Zeil. The high spirited shopping streets are worth taking a stroll downtown. Experience shopping mania at the busiest streets of Europe for shopping: Schildergasse. “The Fifth Avenue" of Germany has wide array of stores ranging from modish boutiques to international chains of stores. Goethestrabe is the heaven for window shoppers as they can find everything fashionable and elegant like the world class jewelry of brands like Cartier, Tiffany or international designers like Versace and Armani.

Savor the German Flavor in chic restaurants

Nibble some tasty gourmet both regional as well as international at the best restaurants of Frankfurt. To take a bite of these finest cuisines you need to book some cheap plane tickets to Frankfurt and then search for distinct dishes of Germany like Frankfurter Grune Sosse, which is emerald colored rich sauce prepared from special herbs, Handkas mit Musik, which is sour cheese marinated with olive oil and aromatic onions. Do not miss the tasty sip of apple wine which is locally called as Ebbelwoi. You can indulge in fusion cuisine along with plush interiors at the renowned Silk Restaurant, which is also famous as “bed restaurant” amongst the elite class.

Enticing places to see in Frankfurt

With cheap tickets to Frankfurt it is quite easier to catch glimpse of the most enticing places in Frankfurt like The Main Tower, from top of this high-rise tower, you can get a breathtaking view of the city. For literary people The Goethe House is a must see as it is the birthplace of renowned writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Grab the best deals by online booking of airline tickets in advance so that you get the lucrative airline prices for Frankfurt to participate in The Frankfurt Book fair or The Frankfurt Auto Show, which are remarkable trade shows to participate or visit.

Paulskirche –St. Paul’s Church which epitomises the rise of democracy in Germany is a place for holding public events and exhibitions now. Take a stroll along the Main River and you will relive the old cinematic history with Museumsufer or The Museum Embankment. Here you will find the fine art Stadel Museum and the German Film Museum to amuse you. The city of contrasts has great grand nightlife and excellent transportation facility to get around the city in trams, subways and rails. Explore the historical museums and discover the splendor of the German history by booking cheap plane tickets to Frankfurt in advance through Fare Buzz.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Plan Ahead to Make the Most of this Ancient City- London

London is a place full of remarkable attractions with numerous heritage sights, performances, excellent restaurants and even sports. There are many flights to London, which are easily available from any part of the world. These airfares cater to both pleasure seekers, as well as individuals traveling for business purpose.

Must See Places in London

There are so many amazing sights to see in London that exploring them will surely take up your entire day. One of the iconic places of London is the London Bridge, which stands majestically above the Thames River. Another great place to visit is the Big Ben and the Clock Tower. You can further explore the Buckingham palace, Madam Tussaud’s wax museum, the British museum, which houses several artifacts that truly give you an insight of London’s history. If you love architectural beauty, then a tour of the Westminster Palace will definitely be a great experience for you. Adding to the list of must see places are also Trafalgar square, London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, St. Paul’s Cathedral and much more. There are so many places in London that one trip will surely not cover them all.

Shopping in London   

Once you are in London, you cannot go without shopping. There are several well-known shopping centers situated in and around the town. Among them, the most popular is Harrods. This is a-must see place even if you plan not to buy anything. Besides Harrods, other famous places to go for shopping are Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges, Liberty, Harvey Nichols and many more. All of these places are known to keep branded designer apparels. For those looking to shop in a reasonable range can visit the Camden market. Other places for shopping include Oxford Street, Regent Street and Soho. In short, London is an absolute retreat for shoppers as well.

Fine Dining in London

No holidays are complete without indulging in the sumptuous dining experience. This goes for your holiday in London as well. If you really want an excellent dining experience, then you should try eating your meals while you sail down the Thames River. Furthermore, London is famous for its pies and chips, and this you can try at the Smithfield Market. If you wish to try oriental cuisines then you can head to The City Restaurant. A huge number of fast food joints are found in Islington.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Relish your vacations in the beautiful Beijing

Beijing is one of the most populous and clinquant cities in China at the turn of the century. Also known as Peking, it is the Capital of Republic of China. Beijing is the political, educational and cultural hub of the country. The city known for its historical significance and with many cheap domestic flights on offer encourage many people to visit Beijing to catch a glimpse of splendid palaces, stunning temples and colossal walls.

Unity in diversity

The inhabitants of Beijing speak various dialects but are bonded with their rich cultural heritage.  The most famous place in the whole city is most definitely is the Beijing Opera.  A flight to Beijing is an ideal destination for a vacation where you want to relax and have a good family time. International airlines landing at Beijing airport also give you the facilities of car hire at best prices on arrival. Get hold of cheap plane Flights to Beijing during off seasons to get the advantage. Visit the Forbidden City of the Ming Dynasty and feel imperial at the heart of it.

Places to See

Many people fly down to Beijing to experience the sheer joy of being a part of history. The city is full of buildings that have a historical connection in the past. It feels like going back to the past with a modern touch. With International airlines offering cheap tickets to Beijing, many flying down to the city come in search of their fantasy fulfillment. Temple of Heaven a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Capital Museum, 798Art Zone are among some of the places of interest to the travelers.

Visit the Classical Gardens in Beijing to become the part of nature. In the lap of nature’s most beautiful creation, you can ask your loved one to marry you.

Comfort Stay Over

If you are one of those who love to spend time with family and friends, then get on the next plan and avail flights to Beijing. Soak your spirits in beer and have a fantastic time at The St. Regis Beijing. Stay at the Orchid Hotel to experience comfort and luxury at the same time. Considered one of the best hotels in the city, stays at the Orchid will be the best decision that you will ever make.

Gourmet’s Delight

The transition in Beijing in the recent years has been tremendous. From a traditional and crowded place to a hip and happening nightlife, Beijing have come a long way. Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant and Bao Yuan Jiaozi Wu are the best places to eat dumplings and duck in Beijing. Every foodie must board the cheap plane Flights to Beijing to have the time of their life.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Paradise on Earth: Miami

Tourists looking for some real paradise on earth head straight to Miami! Nestled on the Atlantic Coast of southeastern Florida, Miami offers one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines, beaching experience and sophisticated lifestyles. Also ranked in 2008 as ‘America’s Cleanest City’ for its year round vast green spaces, fresh air, clean streets and clean drinking water facilities, Miami is a great place to spend some great time with family and friends. Fortunately, you can buy cheap tickets in bulk to Miami, so that you can enjoy with your beloved in this nature’s own creation.

The Port of Miami is most popular and is known as the ‘Cruise Capital of the World’. It offers the world’s best cruise passenger port, accommodating some of the largest cruise ships and operations in the world! Your trip to Miami would be worthless if you miss this majestic port. Undoubtedly, Miami is still considered a playground for both, the youth and the old. Beautiful and pristine sandy beaches with warm temperatures throughout the year, Miami offers almost anything you wish to enjoy during your vacations to Florida!

Taste Nature’s Wine in Miami

Time and again, cheap flights to Miami become accessible to tourists who seek them, reducing travel costs by a significant amount. This leaves you with a bigger amount to spend and enjoy in the city!

There are over 800 parks in the city, including the famous Bill Bags Cape Florida State Park and the Crandon Beach County Park. Miami is also the home to two exceptional national parks: the Everglades National Park as well as the Biscayne National Park.

If you love sightseeing and visiting around a city, Miami has a number of attractions and amusement options and if you wish to relax and rejuvenate under the warm smiling sun, Miami offers a beautiful stretch of coastline with feet-kissing waves, pristine sands, water sports, beach leisure activities and golfing! All you need are some cheap tickets to Miami and you can be rest assured that you are going to be gifted one of the most memorable vacations in your life.

Make the Most of Miami Vacations

For a real insight into the true Miami world, the Art Deco District in South Beach area is the perfect place; it is one of the reputed and glamorous areas in the world, famous for the lavish historical buildings, nightclubs, shopping zones and beaches. There are several flights to Miami that travel on a regular basis and also offer cheap and reasonable airfare offers on and off. You just need to contact a good travel guide to book some of these cheap tickets to Miami for you!

Miami is just a starter for those who wish to explore true Florida. The state is abundant with tourist options for the real travelers, such as Orlando, the Key West, the Clearwater Beach and the Cocoa Beach. Contact FareBuzz to book cheap airline flights to Miami to gift your family or friends some exciting vacation trip this year!