Monday, December 17, 2012

Budapest - A city steeped in rich culture and history

As part of my job, I have to travel to various destinations periodically. In this way, I have visited some of the most unique destinations that were earlier unheard of. These beautiful places brought me close to the nature and I also came to know about the history and culture of these places. This has really expanded my horizons like anything. This is the reason; I am forever ready to visit a relatively lesser known place. This time, I was asked to visit Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. I had heard about Budapest earlier also because of its political upheavals. I was happy to receive this opportunity so that I can know more about this destination. Soon, I started looking for best airline deals as my pocket would not allow me more than cheap plane tickets. Since several flights to Budapest like Air France are available these days, I did not face any trouble in finalizing cheap tickets.

As soon as I reached this wonderful destination that is known for its rich history and culture, I was amazed to see its nascent beauty. Besides known for political turmoil, the city is also known to be a prominent industrial and commercial hub of Europe. I had booked city tour well in advance to gain more knowledge about this place. As soon as my job was over, I embarked on my tour to see the city at close quarters. Our tour guide was quite knowledgeable and beside prominent attractions of the city, he also told us about the way of living, culture, history and many other aspects of this destination that helped us to understand the place in a better way.

Our first stop was at the Royal Palace where we came across some unique style of architecture. Several art galleries and museums are also housed in this palace. We also visited St Stephan’s Basilica that is another place known for its remarkable architecture. The style of architecture used here is representative of Italian Renaissance period. Next on our list was the House of Parliament that is considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. Constructed in a neo-Gothic style, the statues of some of the most noteworthy monarchs can be witnessed here. Since the destination boasts of such a huge variety of attractions, the number of tourists coming here is also increasing at a gradual pace. Moreover, several cheap flights to Budapest are available these days, so booking cheap tickets to Budapest is not a challenging task.

Next day, we visited the Fisherman’s Bastion, the white cloisters of which glistens from a distance. A breathtaking view of the city can be admired from the turrets of this building where one can reach through the stairs. My visit was truly remarkable and I vowed to revisit this place again.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The City beautiful

Orlando, the city in the Florida state of United States of America is also known as the city beautiful. True to this name the city serves a feast to the eyes of the beholder with her beautiful landscapes. However, nature is not the only one which contributes the tourism here. The city is more known as the base for the world famous theme park Disney World. 
When the company asked me to go there to solve some of the issues in connection with our business, I took it as a blessing in disguise. I have a great desire to visit the Disney world as it has contributed a lot to my childhood fantasies. I tried my level best to get cheap flight deals and finally booked a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Orlando. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, all major airlines are operating flights to Orlando like Air France. Besides, there are a number of domestic flights too from other parts of US.

I was busy on the first two three days of my visit with my hectic schedule. I could not see any places in the city. Entire morning hours I had to spend on marathon meetings and discussions and the evenings for dinner with my clients. From the fourth day onwards I got relieved a bit and found time to visit the city.

Quite naturally, my first choice was Walt Disney’s Park. I have recollected all those of my childhood fantasies. It is quite funny to think about it now. However on that age I was very much serious on those fantasies. The fantasy park receives large numbers of visitors everyday and it has enough infrastructure facilities to accommodate that large crowd. With the introduction of cheap tickets to Orlando, the number of visitors has increased too. 
However, it is not the only attraction here. There are many beautiful lakes such as Lake Lucama, Lake Fola etc are there to enjoy the boating. The beautiful fountain in the Lake Eola is the official emblem of the city. You can see a large crowd in the garden around these lakes. The fresh air and the cool breeze tempt people to stay over here for long time. Apart from the Walt Disney, there are many other resorts and theme parks too. It has the reputation of a city that mostly featured in films and television serials. It houses many film studios too.

Though it was for a short period, the trip to Orlando was an unforgettable experience for me. First of all I could realize some of my childhood fantasies. Secondly, the hospitality and the mouth watering delicious cuisines served in the hotels here will certainly allure you to visit the city again and again. Even I am planning to visit this city once again along with my family.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Visiting America's Cleanest and richest city

Miami has been declared as the cleanest city of America by Forbes magazine and also considered the richest city in terms of purchasing power. However, that was not the reason for me to select it as my holiday destination. Quite naturally, the long sandy beaches were the main attraction for me. Once, the destination has been fixed, the next step was to collect cheap flights tickets to Miami. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, almost all major airlines are operating flights to Miami. With a large number of cheap airline flights and availability of cheap tickets, the journey to Miami is not so costly. Even the cost of living is also very less when compared with many other developed cities in the world.

I reached there in one of the cheap flights to Miami on time and I never forget that I could enjoy each and every moment spent there right from the time I have landed in the airport. As told earlier, almost all major airlines are operating flights to Miami like American Airlines. Hence the airport is always busy. However, there was no delay in completing the formalities and hence there is no trouble for the passengers.

Miami beaches are world famous but the city has many other attractions to offer to a visitor. There are several parks which also functions as recreation centers. I could see many children and elders spending their evenings in such parks engaged in different types of recreational activities. During my short stay, I used to spend most of the evenings in any one of the parks.

The city houses many venues for performing arts. The love for art is clearly visible in the locals. The newest among the venues for performing arts in the city, Adrienne Arsht Center for Performing Arts is the second largest one in United States of America. It houses the famous Florida Grand Opera too. As the love for art, the eagerness of the locals to preserve their culture and heritage is clearly visible at many museums. The most important ones among them are History Museum Miami, Miami Art museum and Miami Children’s Museum. I have spent a lot of time in those museums.

The food of Miami also has diversity. You will get Caribbean Cuisines as well as Latin American and American ones. The visitors are from different parts of the world and hence most of the hotels are serving different varieties of food. The tourists coming in cruise vessels are visiting this city in large numbers. Miami port is the largest cruise port in the vessel. Along with tourism, Miami is a thriving business center too. Many major corporate houses have a strong presence here and it has a strong presence in international trade too. That is why I could turn this personal tour to a business one too.

Though, there are several attractions here, you cannot enjoy the life in Miami without spending at least one evening in any of the beaches. The beaches where the atmosphere is filled with bands and music will certainly pour a lot of energy into you.