Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seoul: More than a Metropolis

A very close friend of mine, Tom, recently paid a visit to our house after spending a great vacation time at the South Korean capital city, Seoul. While sharing his experience I learnt that the city was now a great place for family vacation. Several domestic and international tourists travel through different airways to Seoul to spend a quality time at the South Korean metropolis. While dining Tom took few names of the local attractions that fascinated him the most.

Tom told that his visit to the Gyeongbokgung Palace was the most remarkable one. The royal palace was the main and the largest palace among the five grand palaces in the city built by the Joseon Dynasty. Although the palace was destroyed by the Japanese in the early 20th century, 40 percent of the palace has been reconstructed and opened for the public view. You may travel through business class flights to Seoul and take a tour of all the five majestic palaces.

Cheongwadae or The Blue House is the city’s White House. The executive office and official residence of the President of the Republic of Korea, Cheongwadae, has several official buildings that include Presidential Office, audience room, conference room, and official Presidential residence. Visitors traveling through air line flights to Seoul just do not stop admiring the magnificent building that commands the entire country.

Han River Park, which was constructed with an aim of restoring the Han River, is one of the remarkable sites that serve as a great place to enjoy with your family. Located at the Han River, the park offers variety of water sports such as water-skiing, yachting and boating, fishing spots, and similar other water activities to the visitors. The park also serves as a playing ground for home visitors who travel through cheap domestic flights to Seoul.

Tom got quite excited while he described about his visit to the Namsan Park. Established in 1984, the Namsan Park is one of the city’s largest green spaces. Home to approximately 600 plant and animal species, the Park also consists of N Seoul Tower, which is the symbol of Seoul. Tom told that the cable ride at the park was simply awesome and gave a panoramic view of the city. Travelers can enjoy all this through airline discounts offered on business flights and other coach class air flights to Seoul.

Bukhansan Mountain National Park was another name that Tom mentioned while having his coffee. The park offers activities such as hiking, rock climbing and many similar others to all the tourists. The park is a store house of abundant fauna and flora and is often visited by the researchers from the world over. Although what Tom shared is a gist of Seoul, the best way to discover the metropolis is by booking air business class travel to Seoul and experiencing the aura in person.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Nightlife clubs of Buenos Aires

The Silver Queen of South America, Buenos Aires, offers a spectacular nightlife to all its local and tourists from abroad. The city offers a wide choice of nightclubs, bars and restaurants that offer an electric nightlife. Tourists on leisure or a business trip who travel through air flights that include business class flights enjoy the evening parties at several nightclubs, pubs and bars. Here is a list of few nightclubs that offer absolutely exhilarating nightlife to the domestic and international tourists.


The renowned chain of clubs, Pacha (Av Costanera Nore), offers a vibrant nightlife to all its visiting guests. Here, you can enjoy and dance at the local and international DJ’s. The top DJ’s from the world will make you move with the latest bass-pumping tunes that are absolutely pulsating. You can travel to Buenos Aires by purchasing cheap business class air tickets that are offered by several international airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines and similar others and enjoy the exciting nightlife.

Casa Bar:

To enjoy the exotic drinks and relish the delicious American-style bar food visit Casa Bar and spend a quality evening time. The bar also offers live music and dance performances where the international performers participate with perpetual zeal. You can also enjoy the sporting events on the large flat-screen TVs on the first floor of the Bar. To spend a quality time that begins from seven in the evening by booking business flights to Buenos Aires. 

El Alamo:

For those who do not wish to spend more from their pockets but would love to experience an exhilarating evening, El Alamo will be the right place to have a blast. One of the cheapest nightclubs of Buenos Aires, El Alamo offers live music concerts and dance performances to all the visiting guests. Travel through cheap tickets air line flights to Buenos Aires and enjoy dancing at the rock numbers that are played at this extraordinary bar.

The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl:

The Buenos Aires Pub Crawl is always a good nightlife club to hang around in the night. The club offers a vivacious nightlife and the guests hardly leave the premises until the dawn. Tons of people from the world over visit the pub to have great fun. You can also become one of them by traveling through air line flights that offer cheap business tickets to the city.

Late Night Tango:

The impressive Tango Dance is quite popular among the locals and tourists from abroad. Several nightclubs, pubs and restaurants arrange late night tango shows to entertain their local and international guests. The venues often offer complimentary dinners to the travelers from across the world. Travel through business class airlines to Buenos Aires and enjoy the Tango dance at different nightclubs.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Affordable accommodation in Auckland

Auckland, the cosmopolitan and self-gratifying city of New Zealand, is visited by several tourists from across the world. The city is often misjudged as the most expensive city of New Zealand and thus travelers traveling through business flights and other coach class air flights to Auckland just jump on for the expensive accommodation offered by various hotels in the city. Here is a list of few hotels and hostels that offer reasonable accommodation to all its visiting guests.

Base ACB - Hostel / Backpacker:

The Base ACB - Hostel or Backpacker, one of the best hostels across the world, offers a great stay to all the visiting guests. Travelers, especially students, from the world over visiting Auckland through international airlines prefer taking a stay in this hostel, instead of any other hotels of the city. Especially designed for people who love to mingle and make friends, the hostel is a great place to socialize.

City Travelers Auckland:

Located in the business district of Auckland, the City Travelers Auckland is another affordable hotel that comfy its guests with excellent room and great hospitality. The hotel is quite near to several important local places of the city that includes Queen Street Shopping District, Auckland City Hall and Auckland War Memorial Museum. Tourists traveling through inexpensive flight tickets often reserve the rooms with airways that include the hotel stay in their itinerary.

Nomads Auckland Backpackers:

The hotel is located in a beautiful historic building and offers everything that you may need for your stay that also on reasonable rates. The clean and cozy facilities make the hostel quite popular among the tourists who seek low fares for their air travel. With panoramic views of the city and harbor the hostel also offer facilities such as deluxe en-suite private rooms with TV and FREE sauna and rooftop spa.

Nomads Fat Camel Hostel Backpackers:

Another place to start and end a perfect Auckland adventure, Nomads Fat Camel Hostel Backpackers also offers an affordable stay to the tourists who seek for best facilities at low prices. Tourists who buy airline tickets for cheap airfares often reserve the rooms at the hostel well in advance. The hostel also seems to have good contacts with the travel companies across the world that charge reasonable airline prices for air tickets to Auckland.

Jucy Hotel:

Situated in the heart of the Auckland, Jucy Hotel offers stay with quality budget to all tourists who look out for a hotel with cheap rates. With excellent neat and tidy rooms, the hotel is easily approachable through train, bus and private cabs. Travel through air line flights to Auckland and enjoy your stay at this amazing budget hotel.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Major Attractions of Sydney: the most Vivacious Australian city

The Australian city of relaxed attitude and healthy souls, Sydney, is the most beautiful tourist destination in southern hemisphere. Quite popular among the domestic and international visitors, Sydney offers stunning sightseeing, iconic landmarks and architecture to them. Being the most popular destination several airlines of the world offer reasonable or cheap business class flights to Sydney. Here are few of the best places that you must visit while on air business class trip or a leisure trip to Sydney.

The Sydney Opera House:

Sydney's known landmark and international symbol, The Sydney Opera House is a fascinating building that is the main cultural centre of the city. The Opera House offers quite a lot to its visiting guests such as plays, orchestras, jazz, dance, cultural and performing arts. Many international visitors travel through frequent business flights to Sydney to participate in the programs that are organized at this cultural centre.

Centennial Park:

The largest park with barbecue facilities, picnic and sporting areas is the leisure park that holds a distinctive and special place in Australian history. Traditionally a home to Gadi people, Centennial Park also has a diverse flora and fauna. The peaceful environment gives immense freedom of time and space to its visitors. Tourists from world over who visit Sydney through international airlines do not miss to spend time in this beautiful park.

Sydney Aquarium:

One of the world’s best sites, the Sydney Aquarium is a 150 meter long underwater tunnel that brings the marine life face to face with the tourists. The aquarium ranks among the top priority in the list of prominent airways such as Delta Airlines and United Airlines that offer air line flights to Sydney. The magnificent aquarium is home to approximately 350 species that include fishes, dolphins, shark and platypus.

Observatory Hill:

The Observatory Hill gives a beautiful view of the entire city. The tourists can view the whole city through the optical astronomical telescope, which was also used for the scientific study of astronomy in the ancient times from southern hemisphere. The domestic and international astronomy students visit the place through air flights that offer inexpensive flight tickets to Sydney and enjoy the prefect view.

Bondi Beach:

Last but not the least is the Bondi Beach that is also featured on many postcards that often come along with the air tickets to Sydney, is more than any other beach in Australia. Travelers from across the world visit this place to enjoy the beach site and varied variety of water sport that is offered to the visiting guests. Many business class air travelers on a business trip to the city love to burst out their stress at this splendid beach.

Abu Dhabi: the Luxurious emirate of UAE

Last weekend I paid a visit to the brash and bold city of Abu Dhabi.  The modern and the wealthy capital of United Arab Emirates has airways connectivity to the world’s big and small cities. The city could be easily approached through airlines such as United Airlines, Continental Airlines, US Airways, and others that offer direct and connecting air flights to Abu Dhabi. These airlines also offer best flight deals on business class flights to Abu Dhabi.

My business class air flight arrived in the noon, and thus I had lot of time to explore the city’s local stores. After relaxing for a while at the hotel I slipped out into the streets of the city that reflected the Islamic culture. While sitting in my business class seat onboard I made a note of few important shopping malls and local attractions in the city. To my surprise, the pulsating city possessed few of the world’s best skyscrapers.

The seventh emirate of UAE has it all: amazing duty-free shopping zone, luxurious hotels, awesome restaurants and bars, and world’s best transport and communication infrastructure that attract tourists from the world over. These tourists do not even miss international airlines that offer business class tickets and other air line tickets to Abu Dhabi. More of an Island the city is lined with verdant gardens and gushing fountains. The buzzing shopping malls offer the duty free products that could be bought at very low rates.

The city is also home to the wealthiest sheikhs (rich merchants) who spend in the most lavish manner and move in limousine, which is also a common sight in the streets. While I was strolling into the splendid walkways, I came across many stores that offered airline flights that included air business class to Abu Dhabi. The most attractive thing that took my attention was that the city roads lacked traffic jams, which is quite a common scenario in United States.

The city possesses a treasure of oasis. Al Ain, commonly known as the ‘Garden City of UAE’, is the most fertile region of the city. The place welcomes its visitors with palm plantations, working farms, meandering walkways and beautiful fountains. Most of the airlines do mention about this place to their passengers who travel through business class tickets to Abu Dhabi. Sometime the airlines also include a visit to this place when they offer air business class travel to their passengers.

My next visit was at the Liwa Oasis, which acts as a gateway to the famous and one of the world’s largest deserts Rub-Al-Khali. The evening at the hotels are enchanted by the Arabic musicians who play mesmerizing music to entertain their guests. This was the most memorable trip that was offered by Fare Buzz, one of the leading American Travel Company that also offers business class discounts to all the tourists who travel to Abu Dhabi and other world destinations.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Singapore: Five not-to-be-missed attractions!

The magnificent land of numerous skyscrapers, modern architecture, scrumptious cuisine, breathtaking locations, and many museums, Singapore is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Tourists from across the world travel through international airlines that offer business class flights and other coach class air flight to Singapore to spend the best holiday time. To entertain its visiting guests, the city offers bounty of attractions, of which, a few are mentioned below that makes Singapore the best holiday destination.

Singapore Flyer:

Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest Giant Observation wheel that has been built over a three-storey terminal building. The giant wheel consists of 28 city-bus-sized air conditioned capsules. Each capsule can carry 28 passengers and take approximately 30 minutes to complete one rotation. Tourists traveling business class air travel do not miss to experience many of its fine-dining locations, fun shopping opportunities and lifestyle venues including the Seafood Paradise.

Merlion Park:

The mythological symbol of Singapore located at the Merlion Park is a statue creature that is a cross between a fish and a lion, gushing water out from the mouth into the river. Numerous visitors who travel through different airways visit this site and click pictures to take back home. The terraced seating offers a great view of Singapore’s picturesque and the nearby stores sell out Merlion souvenirs to all the visitors from the world.

Singapore Ocean Aquarium:

The famous ocean aquarium possesses a huge collection of about 2,500 marine creatures and also offers the popular dolphin show to all its visiting guests. Tourists just do not afford to miss the last minute flights to Singapore to take a walk through the tunnel that makes it absolutely unique from the rest of the world. The colorful tropical fishes, sharks, dugongs, rays and giant crabs form the major marine eye popping creatures especially for the young travelers.

Singapore Science Centre:

The place that was actually built to educate about science to young students through fun and joy is a great place for the entire family on vacation. The centre offers a variety of interactive exhibits such as Aviation Gallery, Omni Max Theatre and other scientific educational projects. The visitors traveling through air business class flights and other coach class air flights to Singapore should visit this science centre and add more knowledge.

China Town:

The financial centre is the only place that offers a choice of hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs to all its guests. The four corners of the town offer the best distinctive cuisines to all the tourists. Several business class airlines to Singapore such as United Airlines and Delta Airlines also serve delicious food that are prepared by the chefs from the know restaurants of China Town.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cape Town: The Southern tip of Africa

Cape Town the southern tip of Africa is widely known as the “The Mother City” of South Africa. The city holds a strategic position and has established airways and waterways connectivity with the rest of the world. The legislative capital and the financial power house of South Africa, Cape Town is also one of the best tourists’ destinations that can be visited at any time round the year. The adventurous city offers a variety of tourists’ attractions that will make your travel worth remembering.

The rugged wilderness of table Mountains, beautiful surrounding beaches and vineyards offers a fabulous picturesque to all its visitors. Tourists from across the world, who seek out for the best holiday destinations in Africa, visit Cape Town with perpetual zeal. Traveling through international airlines such as Delta Airlines that offer direct air flights to Cape Town, tourists visit the city and spend the valuable holiday time in the city.

One of the most beautiful cities of the world, Cape Town is easily accessible as several airlines often offer holiday discounts on the business class tickets as well as other coach class air tickets. The city possesses an array of hotels that caters to the best interest of all their visiting guests. A few airlines also include the hotel stay over their business class air travel to Cape Town. The city also offers a wide range of restaurants and bars that offer a fabulous nightlife to all its visitors.

Being the part of the gigantic zoo, Africa, Cape Town, also offers African safari to the tourists from across the world. Antelopes, buffaloes and black rhino are the major animals that one could spot at various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Besides, you can also get to see the Penguins as well. Several airlines offer free safari short trips to the passengers who book business class tickets to Cape Town. One may even find good hotels rest houses for the adventurous travelers who seek for more adventure in the city.

The two ocean aquariums that ideally display the merging marine life of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean form a home to 3000 marine species. These marine creatures draw the young tourists who visit Cape Town with their family and friends. The two wonderlands also offer diving sessions with ragged-tooth sharks, shoals of large predators, rays and turtles to the tourists from world over. Table Mountain the defining landmark that possesses sheer cliff faces offers hike back down sport to all the tourists.

Robben Island, Kirstebbosch Botanical Gardens, Castle of Good Hope and others make the city one of the best destination for the tourists from across the world. This is just a gist of Cape Town; to get the real feel of Cape Town one needs to spend time outdoors in the city. Going for a picnic or sunbathe at the splendid beaches or opting for mountain bikes in preference to cars will surely give you the African fell. There are several travel companies that offer air plane tickets to Cape Town, and some of them even offer fabulous discounts on air flights to the city.