Thursday, May 31, 2012

Venice – A Quick Travel Guide to this Captivating City

Venice, the capital of Veneto is a captivating city that has a lot to offer in terms of historical attractions and exciting activities. You can obtain flight tickets for cheap or low fares ticket by speaking to your local or online travel agent. Flights to Venice are available from all the important cities and by booking the same in advance you can enjoy a memorable vacation in this place.


Once you arrive in Venice using the cheap flights to Venice, you will immediately be captivated by the unique architectural design of this place. Since Venice is situated on an island, you can see canals and waterways in almost every nook and corner of the city. Many people make use of water transport to enjoy the beauty of this place completely. You can use Gondolas to enjoy an adventurous ride around the city or to enjoy the beauty of this place from a distance.


Cheap tickets to Venice can let you enjoy a great Venice travel without worrying too much about your travel expenses. Venice is popular for its majestic buildings, some of which date to the ancient times. The churches for instance are beautifully designed and attract a constant flow of tourists from all parts of the world. San Marco is a famous cathedral in Venice, entry to which is free of cost. You can also come across innumerable museums in Venice, each of which boasts of an exclusive collection. If you are lover of Geography, then you can visit the Correr Museum to see a nice collection of globes, some of which belong to the 16th century. As the name itself indicates, the Glass Museum showcases beautiful glass works and pieces of art. The Rialto Bridge is one of the most popular landmarks in Venice.


Venice offers a wide range of accommodation options for tourists. If you are on a budget, then you can choose from cheaper budget hotels that are available in plenty. You can rent an apartment if you will be staying in Venice for an extended period of time. If are looking forward for something lavish at this charming locale, then you can choose to stay in any one of the five start hotels that offer the most impeccable services. Aromatic ambiance, comfortable beds, delicious food, fitness room, swimming pool, high quality gym and spas are the facilities offered by these hotels.

Best season to go

Even though Venice can be visited any time of the year, you can plan your vacation in spring if you wish to have maximum fun in this exotic destination. You can plan your visit in Easter and book your Jet Airways tickets and hotel accommodation beforehand. This is in fact the best time to visit this charming city.

Make sure you catch all the beauty that is Venice by booking your cheap tickets to Venice in advance. To know more about the low fares and cheap flights.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Visitors Guide to Dallas

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the USA and lures visitors from all parts of the world with its superb restaurants, tourist attractions, shopping facilities and exciting nightlife. You can easily find flights and best airline tickets to Dallas by planning your travel in advance.

Being a large, cosmopolitan city, Dallas includes several communities and townships. Flights to Dallas are many and you can avail cheap flights to Dallas to bring down your travel cost.


Cool winters and hot summers make Dallas an ideal destination to visit during any time of the year. Temperatures soar to around 34°C / 93°F during July/August. January is the coolest month of the year.


Cheap flights to Dallas enables people of all strata to enjoy an affordable travel to this stunning destination. Once you arrive in Dallas using cheap tickets to Dallas, you can engage in various activities such as shopping and adventure sports in this pulsating city. Dallas is a popular shopping destination that is replete with several department stores,

designer outlets, shopping malls and boutiques. Some of the popular shopping areas here include Deep Ellum, Greenville Avenue, Northpark Mall, Willowbend Center and Mockingbird Station.


Air Jamaica reservations made in advance can let you enjoy a memorable vacation in this popular tourist destination. You will never experience even a single boring moment in Dallas since the place boasts of the finest museums, monuments, art galleries, landmarks and adventure activities. You can also be a part of guided tours to explore the lesser known places in this city. Some of the top tourist attractions in this place include Dallas World Aquarium, Dallas Zoo and Texas amusement park. The locals are lovers of theater and drama and if you like theater genre then you can spend time watching the latest theatrical plays in a relaxed way in the cinema and theater venues in Dallas.

Corporate Sector

Dallas has been witnessing a stupendous growth in the corporate sector in recent years and many companies are setting up base in Dallas every year. The favorable economic growth of this place makes it a favorite even in terms of long term growth.


Dallas is well connected by all means of transport. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit

(DART) operates a quick and efficient bus system. Trams and cars are the other common modes of transport here. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located quite close to the city centre and serves as a major hub for transport. Dallas-Fort Worth Airport is one of the busiest airports in the whole world that offers several types of ground transport facilities namely taxis, car rental and shuttle bus options.


Last minute flights to Dallas come as a boon for those who are planning to travel to Dallas in the last minute. Dallas has immense options when it comes to dining and you can choose from a range of bars, cafes and restaurants to enjoy a nice meal or drink. The restaurants offer both local as well as international cuisine to satisfy every palate.

To know more about the process of booking your cheap tickets to Dallas or making Air Jamaica reservations, you can take a peek at sites such as

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Travel Tips for your Frankfurt Trip

Frankfurt is a picturesque city that is known for its interesting sightseeing locales and architectural marvels. You can have an enjoyable and unforgettable, vacation experience here with your entire family by booking your cheap plane tickets in advance. Airline prices are slashed during the holiday season and you can plan your travel to this place during November-January to avail the best rates.

Frankfurt is the transportation hub of Germany and also the financial capital of Europe. Many business travelers book their cheap flights to Frankfurt in advance in order to participate in trade fairs such as auto show and property fairs.

Frankfurt airports
Frankfurt Airport is located around 13 Kms from the city center and sees the arrival and departure of international airlines from all the major cities. Cheap tickets to Frankfurt can enable you to enjoy your Frankfurt travel experience to the hilt.

Getting around Frankfurt

Flights to Frankfurt are many details of which you can gather online. Frankfurt boasts of a quick and efficient public transport system. Buses, trams and subways are operated by the RMV (Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) to all the important places all over the city. You can buy a Frankfurt card to enjoy unlimited travel around this place.

Bus and Rail Tickets

Regardless of whether you are a day guest or a member of a group, you can find the right ticket suited for your use from the Rhine-Main transport association. You can get the tickets from the vending machines, private sales outlets or in any one of the sales outlets of the RMV station. You can also buy bus tickets after boarding the bus. If you are eager to avoid the queues, you can book your annual, monthly or weekly tickets online.

Along with your group or day ticket you can also invest in a Frankfurt Card to enjoy free rides on specific RMV routes in the city. When you buy this type of ticket, you can enjoy discounts on your admission to several interesting locales such as zoos, parks, gardens and Frankfurt museums. You can also enjoy massive discounts on boat tours and city tours.


To explore some of the lesser known locales in Frankfurt, you can rent a car. However, heavy traffic and congestion can affect your pace of sightseeing. Parking may also be a problem in some of the downtown areas.

Regardless of whether you are a curious or a culturally inclined person, Frankfurt will offer something to catch your fancy. This amazing city is blessed with friendly people, abundance of history and plenty of interesting activities. Frankfurt will impress everyone irrespective of their age group or gender.

However just as it is with any travel destination, you should take up prior research and plan your Frankfurt trip and book your British Airways flights in advance. Sites such as and you can help you have an amazing experience in this locale. To know more about the process of making British Airways flight reservations and procuring cheap tickets to Frankfurt, take a peek at the aforesaid site today!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Alluring Amsterdam for an amazing vacation

Amsterdam –the land of tulips and windmills and canals and canvases, beckons with open arms to have an amazing vacation. Enter this canal city where there are more bikes than inhabitants and more concerts than cinemas to make the best of your heavenly holiday.

Getting to Amsterdam
Book your cheap ticket to Amsterdam on Transavia, KLM or Delta Air. Your plane ticket may cost anywhere between $700-800 per round trip depending upon your starting location in the US.

Best time to visit
Amsterdam has a temperate climate with cool summers, mild winters and rainfall throughout the year. So try to plan your flight to Amsterdam between October and March to make the best of the climate, concerts and cultural fests. March ushers in the opening of the Keukenhof Gardens and June hosts the biggest holiday called Queen’s Day with blooming tulips. October –November are the times for the Amsterdam Marathon and Museum nights.

Staying in Amsterdam
With over 350 hotels, a host of youth hostels and cozy inns choose your pick of the accommodation offered in Amsterdam. You will not regret taking a cheap flight to Amsterdam if you come to know of the attractive staying options here. Yes, Amsterdam is the only place which offers you unique lodging choices like staying over water in a houseboat or camping out in the open near its museums.

Getting around Amsterdam:
To get to Amsterdam, you have taken an air flight .Now why not try the other modes of transport for going around the city?

Amsterdam has a host of options- bus, rail, tram, car, bike and ferry. Get the disposable Public Transport -Smartcard for use on buses, trams or metros. If you want to try the biking experience, check out the bike rentals at Frederik’s or Star Bike Rentals.

What to do in Amsterdam:

1.    Sight-seeing: Stroll around the city visiting the famous churches of Oude Kerk and De Nieuewe Kerk or the Van Gogh and Het Scheepvart Maritime Museum Also visit the unique Pianola Museum to see the music rolls of Rachmaninoff, Strauss and Debussy.
2.    Canal cruising: Go cruising on the 185 canals of Amsterdam enjoying the scenic water views. Take the Mexican Wrap Dinner Cruise to enjoy pancakes on your boat.
3.    History-hike: Take a walk down memory lane at Nieuwe Kirke, Schreierstoren or at the Allard Pierson Museum. Also visit the unique Pianola Museum to sell the music rolls of Rachmaninoff, Ravel, Strauss and Debussy.
4.    Festival-Focus: Attend as many festivals as you can at Amsterdam- be it a concert, a jazz festival, a carnival, advance festival or a beer festival.
5.    Friday-Night-Skating- Skate on the streets of Amsterdam for an unforgettable experience.
6.    Run along to Amsterdam’s song: Join the Dam-tot-Damloop- the biggest running event ever
7.    Souvenir shopping: Ramble long Rosengracht to pick up vintage valuables and curios.
8.    Wining and dining: Sample the famous kibberlig and pofferties at any of the eight-star restaurants or dance a jig at the Harlem nightclub.

Amsterdam offers ample opportunities for an amazing holiday –so enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In the homeland of Tintin

You must have read and enjoyed the stories of Tintin. Till I reached Brussels on an official tour recently I was not aware that he was born in Belgium. He has been created with Belgian culture and origin. We have many other famous cartoon characters also who can claim a Belgian origin.

Being an official tour I had to look for cheap plane tickets. Our staff members designated to make arrange for the trips of executives has the list of airline prices to various destinations. They also have the details of flights to various destination operated by different airlines including Air China, Air France etc. They did a good job and finally I flew to this city in one of the cheap flights to Brussels.

When I reached the city airport it was around 7 PM and the city outside the airport was shining with different colors of lights. The neon lights used to decorate the buildings were really mixing with the architecture of the building. A city will always look more beautiful in the darkness while a village can be seen in his maximum beauty in the early mornings. Brussels also exhibited her beauty in the darkness.

The next few days I was busy with my official work. The city, which is being the capital of European Union, has flourished in business also. Almost all major airlines are operating flights to Brussels now. With many international brands having a presence here, the city is thriving in business and I felt that the decision taken by our top brass in opening a branch office here was the right one. Once the cheap tickets to Brussels have been introduced, it helped this business community a lot. Now they can visit here more frequently. After hectic schedule of work, I used to return to my hotel room totally tired and hence I did not go anywhere else. After the fourth day I got a bit of relief as most of my work was over by that time. Then I decided to visit the places of importance. The main attraction here is the architecture and the buildings differ in its architecture. I just wandered along the streets for two days seeing the diversity in the architecture and enjoying the beauty of the crowded city.

On the way I reached Saint Boniface. This is the most crowded area of the city with a large number of business activities going on there. You can see the people of all ages and of all classes here. The fashion apparels and the cosmetic items were very cheap here. Perfumes are also available. The small shops and some wayside vendors were there selling cheaper items. They were mainly selling clothes. The colorful and fashionable casual wears looks very attractive and I too brought a few pairs from them.

Rue Neuve is another area that attracts the tourists who are interested in shopping. There are several shopping malls are also here. Leather shoes seemed to be cheaper here and I have seen some special models here which looked unique in its designing. I have purchased a pair of shoes also. While returning from the trip I was planning to visit here once again.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A tour to Bermuda

Bermuda, a tiny nation which is an overseas territory of Britain is one of the most visited destinations by tourists. The climate, cool and soft breeze and a mix of soft cocktail will certainly give a lot of relaxation to those who came here to enjoy their holidays in a peaceful atmosphere. The sandy beaches will certainly help them to be active with water games. The tiny island consists of many shopping centers which will satisfy the shopping enthusiasts. Thus it is an idle location for any types of tourists and that was the reason why we chose it when we got an offer from our company for a family trip abroad. We made every effort to get tickets in cheapest airline. Though the major airlines of the region like Caribbean Airlines and US airlines are operating flights to this country, it was difficult to get the tickets as the season was on. Still we managed to get cheap tickets to Bermuda and started our journey.

When we reached there, the airport was crowded and it took a bit extra time to come out of the airport after completing the formalities. We decided to spend that day in our hotel rooms and had dinner together. The very next day we started our tour. After seeing the Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo we reached in a beach. The pink sand beaches of Bermuda are the favorite location for any tourist with crystal clear blue Caribbean water. Most of the flights to Bermuda carry people who are coming here only to enjoy the beach life here. We spent a lot of time there engaged in various activities and funny games. The more energetic ones among us went for a sea bath too. The cool breeze from the Caribbean ocean hugged us with love and it seems to murmur in our years that Bermuda really love us.

In the evening we spent at a venue for performing arts watching the traditional Gombey Dance. The fast and vigorous movements of the dancers were really wonderful and it really mesmerized the audience. There also we have seen a large number of foreign tourists. By the introduction of cheap flights to Bermuda the number of tourists has increased in the recent past.

There are many beaches in this country and each one has its own identity. We certainly feel a new experience while visiting each beach. For the next few days we visited several such beaches and enjoyed the life there. We have seen many people performing musical events and dance shows in many beaches. It is a part of the beach life there.

However, no tour will be completed without a shopping spree. We too had many shopping enthusiasts with us. The main shopping area is near the ferry terminal. There were many big and small shops that are catering to the needs of the tourists. Handicrafts of Bermuda are very famous and so the crystal wares. Various items made out of shells and coral are also has a demand all over the world along with the pearls. We really enjoyed our shopping there. And when we returned each of us were thinking to come back here once again for shopping. As cheap airfare tickets are available it is not going to cost us much.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tips to travel around Geneva-the Global City

Who wouldn’t grab a chance to visit the Peace Capital of the world-Geneva? -Especially when you can get cheap airfare tickets on popular flight services like Swiss Air, Air Canada, United Airlines, Easy jet etc.

So get your bags packed and be ready for a serene holiday in a Swiss paradise called Geneva.

Geneva Travel Tips:
Advance Booking: Since Geneva hosts many conventions, congregations and exhibitions, always book your tickets 4 months in advance on a cheapest airline and nab cheap hotel prices.

When to visit Geneva: Book your cheap tickets to Geneva in the off season of July-August. In this mild and breezy climate, Lake Geneva is flooded with tourists enjoying water sports.

Getting around Geneva:
By foot: Geneva is a small city encompassing only 6 square miles and is great to explore on foot.

Geneva Transport Card: Geneva has an integrated Public Transport System called Transports Public Genevois. This TPG offers bus, rail, tram and moat boat services. Get the Geneva Transport Card for free at your hotel and travel for free in the TPG during your stay.

Taxis: Order taxis on phone or hail one on the street. The taxi fare is metered and includes a tip and a VAT. Except for minicab drivers, most speak English. Even limousines can be ordered on phone or through your hotel. Cars can also be hired for the airport, hotel or railway station.

Bikes: Biking is also an enjoyable experience in Geneva. Bikes can be hired form Cornavin railway station.

Language: Geneva is mainly a French speaking domain although English is widely spoken. So arm yourself with a French dictionary or brush up your French.

Money Matters: Swiss Francs or Euros have a good exchange rate. But Geneva is expensive. So be prepared to be shocked by prices at boutiques or restaurants which tend to charge you higher.

Clothing:  Packing for your cheap flights to Geneva depends upon the season of your visit. For a visit during September-April, pack warm clothes, jacket and umbrella. May-August requires light summer clothes and a cardigan for the breezy weather. Comfy walking shoes are a must for a stroll in Geneva. An umbrella will suit well to shield you from the mild drizzles.

If you plan to do a lot of wining and dining in Geneva, make sure you dress well as the Swiss people turn out smartly at public places.

Medications: Medicines are expensive in Geneva and are rarely obtained off the counter without a prescription. So carry your medication along.

Photo Equipment:  Arm yourself with photo-equipment ideal for shooting snow in ice- clad Geneva. Also carry a tripod as even museums permit flash-less photo shoots here.

Restaurants: All Geneva Re4stauranst charge 7.5% Vat and 15% compulsory service charge unless specified otherwise.

Shopping in Geneva:
Place de la Madeleine has daily book and clothes markets. Place de la Plainpalais has flea markets on Wednesday and Saturday. Thursdays are the days for curio shopping at the Place de la Fusterie.

As you alight from your flights to Geneva, ask for a Tax-free shopping cheque at the Geneva Airport and claim 7.5% Vat over 5000 Euros at Geneva Airport.

Nightlife in Geneva:
Most of the Geneva clubs have restaurant areas and Geneva restaurants double up as bars in the evening. For English style pubs, visit the precinct of Carouge.

There is no place like Geneva to enjoy a European holiday. So hurry and make your bookings in advance through to get the best of this global city.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cabo San Lucas, a perfect holiday destination

Cabo San Lucas, the city at the southern end of Baja California Peninsula is an ideal destination for holiday tours. With a number of hotels and resorts it has enough infrastructure facilities to accommodate any number of tourists at any given point of time. More over there are enough flights to Cabo San Lucas too. With its sandy beautiful beaches and high class scuba diving locations it attracts a large number of tourists every year. That is the reason why this small city has got a prominent place in the route map of many major airlines in the world. And it also makes us to book the tickets in advance to avoid the worries and tensions of catching last minute flights.

Most of the visitors prefer to visit the city in the month of June as the climate will be pleasant and there are many events taking place in the city. Besides many airlines are offering cheap tickets to Cabo San Lucas during this time. Various night clubs and bars will be working overnight on these days with the people spending the nights there with music and dance. There are many venues for performing arts in the city and there will be some cultural events or the other every day during this season.

As mentioned earlier the scuba diving is the main attraction of the city and this is considered the best season for that. Many tourists are visiting this city to enjoy the scuba diving.

City houses a number of important structures too such as the sea arch El Acro De Cabo San Lucas which attracts millions of visitors. The city is also famous for its wide golf courses and many rich and famous people from all over the world will come here to play golf in the warm weathers of June.

Though the scuba diving and golf is famous, majority of the visitors are coming here to enjoy the night life in Cabo San Lucas. It has a large number of world class night clubs and pubs. In most of the night clubs the activities will continue till the next day morning and hence the month of June is called here as the month that never sleeps.

This small city got wide attention in the recent years and the number of visitors has increased enormously. If you are really interested to enjoy sleepless nights in June, you will have to make the arrangements well in advance. Though it has enough facilities for accommodating large number of visitors, sometimes the number of visitors may go beyond expectations. That is why most of the tour operators are also advising people to take a decision at the earliest if they are planning to travel to Cabo San Lucas in June.

There are many cheap flights to Cabo San Lucas from different parts of the world and hence, the travelling will not be a problem. Still it is better to book the tickets in advance as the month of June witnesses a heavy rush. If you plan your trip in advance you can enjoy a holiday without much headaches and worries. Hence you take a decision today itself, purchase tickets in the cheapest airlines and enjoy the sleepless nights and scuba diving at Cabo San Lucas.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Enjoy the Film Festival and more

Aruba, a tiny and picturesque Caribbean island is a hot tourist destination for many reasons. The white sand beaches and the traditional arts etc are attracting many tourists here throughout the ear. The tourist season starts with many international competitions and festivals. Various marine competitions bring a large number of sailors to this country every year. That is why many airlines are offering inexpensive flight tickets during this season.

The influence of Dutch culture is clearly visible in the Aruban culture. Various traditional dance and music forms have a Dutch touch and every day there will be some musical concerts or events will be there in the city. It is told that not even a second in this city will pass without hearing music.

If you go through the event chart of the city, you can see some major events on every month and this makes all the flights to this city always crowded.

Though the city attracts many tourists on different occasions, the most crowded and famous even that happens here every year is the Aruba International Film Festival. Though there are many flights to Aruba, it may be difficult to get flight tickets for Aruba in this season unless you have booked in advance. It occurs in the month of June every year and famous film personalities used to participate in this festival. The best and selected films from all over the world will be exhibited here and it includes films made in languages other than English too.

The festival provides an opportunity to see the latest films that has been released worldwide and also it provides a platform for the like minded people to engage in discussions and exchange of knowhow.  The films shown here will have some specialties and most of them will be dealing with some social subjects. Ordinary commercial films with regular formulas of romance and violence are not shown here. This provides an opportunity to watch good movies in all languages and also ascertain the developments in this field. It also displays the creative talents of many unknown persons in the form of short films. Introduction of cheap flights to Aruba has come as a blessing for these aspiring film makers.

Many known film personalities and many film enthusiasts used to participate in this field. When it is a knowledge sharing platform for the experienced and known persons, it is a sort of chance searching for the new comers. Many known film directors all around the world have started their career by showing their short films in this film festival.

As the presence of many known film actors are expected their admirers from all over the world also rush to the city to have a glance of their favorite actor. This increases the crowd and sometimes creates great difficulties in getting tickets. It is better to book your tickets well in advance to participate in the international film festival. It will be a good experience as the organizers are arranging different cultural events also in connection with the film festival. Most of the cultural events planned this year are aiming to showcase the cultural heritage of this tiny island. Food outlets serving traditional dishes will also be there around the venues of the film festival. Thus your visit to Aruba in the month of June is not limiting to the film festival. And it is not going to be a costly affair as cheap tickets to Aruba are easily available now.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Enjoy the vacation on the Atlantic Shores

Human beings have immense relation with the sea and that is why they are running towards any beach when they are mentally depressed or when they think that they have to enjoy some beautiful and romantic moments. Sea has great influence on our mind and just a sight of a sea can calm down the waves of emotions in our mind. If you are thinking for a real vacation, then Accra, the capital city of Ghana will be the best one. With its beautiful beach along the Atlantic coast it certainly can calm down your emotions and cheer you up. That is why it has been known as La Pleasure Beach. However you will have to buy airline tickets well in advance as there will be a huge rush during June. You can take the help of any local travel agents for the necessary flight deals.

Accra is a favorite tourist spot for many people in the world. And many major airlines are operating flights to Accra. It is not only the beach but also various other places like National theatre, National Museum, Independence Arch etc are attracting tourists. As the number of visitors increased many hotels and restaurants have also come up here. With quite good infrastructure facilities the city offers a trouble free vacation for all tourists here.

In coming June, the city is going to face a large crowd. Many international events are supposed to be held in Accra in June 2012. EXPORTA, the organization which used to conduct West Africa Trade & Commodity finance conference in London has already announced that this year it will be conducted in Accra. The conference has achieved popularity among the business people of the region for the past few years and this year it is expected to be more colorful as it is being conducted in the region.

Cloud Camp is another international even which will be held in Accra in this June. This is an informal meeting of people from all over the world to exchange ideas about cloud commuting, ecological balancing and nature protection. There is no doubt that this even will also attract many nature lovers and natural science experts from all over the world. The introduction of cheap flights to Accra came as a blessing for many who were planning to participate in this event.

When all the roads lead to Accra you may find it difficult to get cheap tickets to Accra and an accommodation here. It is better to book your tickets in advance to enjoy the music of the roaring waves of Atlantic Ocean along with your loved ones. When the cool breeze caresses your hairs, you certainly feel like in heaven. The music of the waves will certainly produce a perfect background to enhance that feeling. And you will certainly be away from your worries and tensions. That is the real aim of any holiday tours and that will be met in Accra without any doubt.

In the intervals of the conferences and the beach life there are many clubs and restaurants that are ready to entertain you with the mouth watering delicacies of Ghana. Even after going back home you will find it difficult to forget the Accra days. As the climate in the month of June is considered the best here, most of the tourists will be visiting Accra in June. You can be a part of them this year.