Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 10 Attractions in Hong Kong

Hong Kong by far has some of the best attractions in the world. As a bustling metropolis, there is so much more to the area than tall buildings and museums. In fact, Hong Kong’s attractions are growing in popularity each year and some of these very attractions are what bring the majority of tourists to the area in the first place.

Avenue of the Stars
You do not have to go to Hollywood to encounter movie royalty. In fact, Hong Kong has their own movie industry that is just as loved and popular as America’s. The Avenue of Stars is a tribute to those actors that helped make Hong Kong’s movie industry what it is today, by giving each movie star their own spot on the sidewalk.

The plaques, milestones and celebrity handprints sprinkle the sidewalks and come up to the life-size statue of kung fu’s own Bruce Lee. The Avenue of Stars is glamorous and offers a breathtaking backdrop thanks to the Victoria Harbor. Live performances are going on throughout the year. 

The Peak
If you are time bound or only have the patience for one attraction, make The Peak the ones you go to. This is the highest point on the island and is the city’s exclusive neighborhood. The rich and famous have found homes here and over the past few years it has become one of the most spectacular sights in Hong Kong.

The view is the main reason people come to The Peak. During the day, you can look out over the skyscrapers, harbor and even the green hills. At night, you see lights sparkling beneath you, melting into orange, pink and yellow.

For the best view, go to the Peak Tower and head out onto the Sky Terrace. There are numerous restaurants and shops that equally have amazing views, if you want to sit back, relax and check out Hong Kong below. To learn a little more about the attraction, take The Peak Tram, and slowly make the climb up the peak while learning about its history.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong
Originally opening its doors in 1977, Ocean Park offers a marine-themed park that offers thrill rides, live shows and animal exhibits. It was given the biannual Applause Award for offering world-class entertainment, attractions and even education in a single location. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world and it was a big deal for Ocean Park when they received it in 2012.

The park is found on the southern side of the island, and offers over 870,000 square meters of fun. Within the park you’ll find world-famous attractions, including the Polar Adventure (letting you explore the North and South Poles); the Old Hong Kong (featuring memories of Hong Kong, history and more); Thrill Mountain (rollercoasters and rides only for the fearless); the Rainforest (featuring exotic sounds, tropical plants and more); Aqua City (a world-class marine area that gives you the full underwater experience); and Amazing Asian Animals (showing some of Asia’s most protected and amazing creatures).

Disneyland in Hong Kong
Experience the magic of Disneyland while in Hong Kong. With numerous attractions, rides and of course, Mickey Mouse and friends, you can enjoy this iconic theme park that has some exclusive attractions other Disneyland Parks don’t have.

Ladies’ Market
Get extreme bargains, souvenirs and accessories in over 100 stalls at the Ladies’ Market. Located on Tung Choi Street, you’ll find a 1-kilometer stretch of shopping featuring some of the biggest names in ladies’ fashion.

Temple Street Night Market
It is when the sun goes down that the best vendors in Hong Kong come out. Temple Street Night Market is a popular bazaar that features trinkets, tea, antiques, jade items, watches and more. Enjoy traditional Hong Kong cuisine from local food carts, pick out your next handbag or just shop the latest deals and bargains while enjoying music from local artists – all at night.

Hong Kong Convention Center
This landmark is an international convention and events center that you cannot miss. Take photographs, get a tour or catch an event happening while you are in town. The Convention Center is open daily except the first day of each month.

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade
Featuring a Colonial-era Clock Tower and stretching along a large majority of the island, this famous promenade has become more popular than local museums, cultural centers and even the Avenue of Stars. Located along the Victoria Harbor, it is an exquisite shopping center, gathering place and even a great location to catch a bite.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple
Here you will find the home of three religions – Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. It’s an ornamental, beautiful temple that is not only a scenic attraction, but highly important to Hong Kong’s culture. The temple features five geomantic elements of Feng shui, including metal, wood, water, fire and earth.

The temple was meant to commemorate the notable monk, Wong Tai Sin, born in the 4th Century. The temple’s claim is to make every person’s wish come true upon request, and it is sure a site you will want to see while visiting Hong Kong.

The Clock Tower
Located in the Kowloon-Canton Railway terminal, you will find this 44-meter tall Clock Tower. Originally constructed in 1915, it is a spectacular site featuring granite, red brick and the styling of the Age of Steam. It is a memorable landmark in China and was officially declared a monument in 1990. It is also a symbol for millions of Chinese immigrants who passed through the infamous terminal to start their new lives in Hong Kong as well as other parts of the harbor.