Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spectacular International Horse Show in Rome

I am a sports buff and attending equestrian sports event held in different parts of the world has been my passion. This year I will be attending the International Horse Show at Piazza di Siena in Rome. I have purchased my flight tickets well in advance as I don’t want to miss out on this great event. Being an early booker, I have managed to get the best flight deals from my travel company Fare Buzz, through which I usually purchase my tickets, saved a good amount.

I have made US Airways flight reservations and would be taking US Airways flights to Rome from Philadelphia. I am told it would take about nine hours to reach Rome. I am waiting for that great day when I will travel to Rome to take part in this exciting event of its kind. The International Horse Show will be held at Piazza di Siena in Rome from May 23 to 26, 2013.

Even after 80 years Rome’s International Horse Show still continues to be one of the exciting and most important events of its kind in the field of equestrian sports. A large number of visitors from Italy and foreign countries descend on the historic city of Rome to participate in this amazing event. International competitors from across the world come to Rome to compete in the prestigious show jumping Grand Prix at this spectacular horse show.

This horse show sounds quite fascinating to me and I am waiting with bated breath to reach the superb grounds and see the setting of the Villa Borghese where the grand event is to be hosted. Villa Borghese is well known for its horse riding history.

The event includes the most significant Grand Prix and the hugely popular Puissance, where horse and rider combinations would be required to jump the formidable wall. The competition in the past has reached the 2.20 meter mark. It would be simply a great sight to see the event culminating with a spectacular display of horsemanship, with visitors having earlier witnesses over 100 mounted Carabinieri displaying their skills of precision riding within the arena and finishing with a daring charge.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Savoring street-food in Shanghai!

Shanghai, China’s business district is the most sought after destination for globetrotters. I had also dreamt of visiting this lively, thriving place sometime in future. I was finally seeing my dreams come true as I had been able to spare some time and visit the second biggest city and a major financial hub of China. I contacted a well-known travel company Fare Buzz to buy airline tickets at best fares. I was fortunate to get cheap tickets deals as the promotional offer had been launched and finally booked Air China flights to Shanghai. 
I was now in the exciting city of Shanghai, which is also known as Asian Paris. The city is greatly frequented by tourists from world over. I had heard that visitors here shouldn't miss out on the traditional street-food. So, my priority was obviously to savor on street delicacies. This was, in fact, the important highlight about my visit to Shanghai.

It was exciting to see the traditional street food being sold from the back doors of people living in the 1930s-built Jing’an Villas neighborhood, just minutes from the hi-tech business district of modern Shanghai. Jing'an Villas (at 1025 Nanjing Xi Lu) was built in 1932 and comprises of 183 subdivided three-story units. The area’s architecture was partly modeled on European-style terraced housing and also had Chinese concepts of common space, resulting in a unique hybrid style of houses found only in Shanghai incorporated.

Think of visiting stall #107 here for a bowl of midday noodles. A small army of ayis, or "aunties" are ready to greet you and ready to serve bowl after bowl of noodles. Do remember to come early for the soup wantons. If you come at lunch a bowl of scallion oil noodles are likely to be offered. To get a great taste, ask the ayis to have your noodles topped off with a veggie "chicken" filet made from tofu, a stewed, hard-boiled egg, or a fried pork chop (zhupái). 
Checking out stall #15 near the entrance at Nanjing Xi Lu would just be great for a taste of classics. Here you’ll have to write down your order yourself. This was really exciting for me as I got a crash course in writing by copying Chinese characters from the red display menu. The Shanghai classics – everything from pork wontons to fried rice, fried noodles and sliced stir-fried glutinous rice with greens (chao niángao) – are displayed on the menu. You just need to order your favorite.

Stop by stall #128 or Denny House, named after its owner Denny Wong, for the perfect cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea. It’s great favorites with Shanghai residents. There’s lot more to explore here. I would again be visiting this beautiful city to spend more time here. A visit to Shanghai is strongly recommended.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cancun - A popular spring break travel destination

Cancun is a great Caribbean destination attracting tourists from all over the world. This coastal city, situated on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo in Mexico, is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal blue water. Cancun offers sun, sand and nightclubs – all that a Caribbean paradise would. This beautiful place – with its clear waters, beautiful beaches, great weather, and nearby coral reef – receives over 3 million tourists every year.
Famous world over as a popular spring break travel destination, the very thought of visiting Cancun is alluring. I could not hold myself at these thoughts and decided to get hold of cheap flights deal at the earliest. Without losing any further time, I spared few hours to conduct a search on the Internet and see whether I succeed in getting low fares. I fortunately landed on a website of a well-known travel company Fare Buzz and got great flight deals. I booked Spirit Airlines flights from Atlanta to Cancun.

After booking my airline tickets, I started preparations for my trip. In fact, I was traveling to Cancun for the first time. I booked the tickets so that I could fly in the springtime as it is simply a great fun to visit during this time of the year. However, there’s a caution. Though Cancun is a popular spring break travel destination, the weather patterns here during springtime are unpredictable. The weather can be humid and hot.
Sometimes, it rains as well. For those traveling for the first time, it is important to get updates on rainy seasons or other weather-related issues prior to your journey.

Previously, Cancun was a long strip of forest flanked by beaches. The Mexican government, however, decided to develop Cancun as a tourist destination in the 1970s because of its great weather, clear waters, beautiful beaches, and nearby coral reef. The city has now become the biggest resort area in Mexico. The paradise setting of Cancun also makes it a popular wedding and honeymoon destination.
My visit to Cancun was indeed thrilling. I explored the archaeological ruins from the pre-Columbian Mayan civilization. It was quite fascinating to visit the underwater art museum in the National Marine Park. There are 400 life-sized sculptures in clear shallow waters creating artificial reefs for marine life in the museum. The snorkelers, scuba divers and tourists riding in glass-bottomed boats get an opportunity to see the marine life interacting with the art sculptures. Other favorite pastime with the tourists here includes swimming with dolphins, going on guided Cancun jungle tours, and fishing during a boat tour in the Caribbean Sea. I simply enjoyed every bit during my stay in Cancun. I would love to visit this fantastic place again sometime in future.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Enjoy a Richie Rich vacation in gorgeous Tampa

Tampa is a city in the U.S. state of Florida. It is one of the most popular holiday hotspot, where you can expect both serenity and fun. Tampa is a perfect holiday location for people of all age group. Travel with your friends, spouse, or family in any period of the year.

Last year I went to Tampa with my family. And trust me my kids just loved it! They loved the compact city, museums, theme parks, Pirates festivals, and lots more. Tampa is located on the west coast of Florida. The city is a melting pot of different cultures, traditions, arts, and sports. The city offers variety of activities and attractions, which will surely make your vacation a memorable one. Shortlist international airlines and select one that offers tickets at cheap rates. 

Tampa also hosts a wide variety of sport activities like basketball, football, hockey, golf, and tennis. Even you can participate and enjoy your trip in a new way. While in Tampa, you can visit some of the most popular attractions of the city that includes museums, historical locations, cruises, national parks, beaches, nightclubs, and restaurants with local setting. Look for cheap airline flights to Tampa and enjoy your vacation to the city economically.

The city boasts many theme parks, which includes Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Canoe Escape, and others. The beaches in the city are visited by millions of tourists each year. Even you can try some of the renowned public beaches of the city, namely Tampa Gulf Coast Area Beaches, Sandy Key County Park, Fort De Soto County Park, Egmont Key State Park, Greer Island Beach, Siesta Beach, Caspersen Beach, Blind Pass Beach, and many others. Search for flights to Tampa online and select which you find good and within budget.

Swimming, Fishing, Diving, Surfing, and Bike riding are some of the popular and fun-filled beach sport your family can enjoy in Tampa. I'm a beach lover and one who enjoy new adventurous water-sports. I enjoyed a lot while underwater diving in Tampa. My kids were too small to enjoy water based activities. So, for them fishing, and bike riding was a ultimate fun. Search for cheap flights to Tampa for enjoying these water-sports.

Shop till you drop in Tampa

Shopping in Tampa is fun! I'm saying this on the basis of my real experience. You can shop for anything ranging from traditional items to modern and sleek ones. The Shoppes at Wiregrass is one of the newest malls in Tampa. And also it was the closest shopping venue to my hotel. You can visit even University Mall for more fun and variety. The mall has over 150 stores and one of the largest one in Tampa. It is a 'one-stop-shop' for shopping, dining, and partying. Book cheap tickets to Tampa and enjoy an economical holiday to the city.

Consider Mokulele Airlines for your trip to Tampa. It is one of the reputed airlines that offer all modern amenities and tickets are generally cheap. If you do advance booking, the airline typically provides discounts and offers on booking (T&C). Search online for Mokulele airline flight deals and grab the best one today! Don't wait. Go for Mokulele airline reservation!

Monday, January 14, 2013

The Japanese tour

Japan had to fight with the destiny to become one of the richest nations in the world. Various natural calamities and the World War II have taken its toll and the Japanese have overcome all such adversaries with their determination and hard work. Today, Tokyo, the capital of Japan is considered as one among the three financial commanding centers along with New York and London. Hence, no corporate houses can avoid doing business in Tokyo in the prevailing situation. Globalization has changed the fate of Tokyo. Now entire world is filled with Japanese products and the city has been approved as the electronic capital as many electronic products from Tokyo have captured the world market. Even my trip to Tokyo was in connection with some business proposals.
Since it was my own business organization and the expenditures have to be met with myself, I have collected the information about the airfares and decided to go with the best airfares. Tokyo has a prominent place in the map of international business and hence receives a large number of visitors every day. All major airlines such as Korean Air, Philippines Airlines etc are plying daily flights to Tokyo. Besides, there are some minor players who offer cheap tickets to Tokyo too. After a long search I have decided for one such airline and finally flew in one of the cheap flights to Tokyo.

As I do not have to report to anybody about my tour progress or I do not have to update my superiors, I had the freedom to decide my daily schedule. Still I want to give more concentration on my business as it is my livelihood. Still I got a lot of time in between to enjoy the city life. The city has a mixture of east and west. It reflects in their dressings, food habits and also in the way they behave. The identical Japanese culture has almost disappeared from the city and it comes out as a perfect blend of eastern and western cultures. This feature adds more beauty to the life over there.
Izu Islands is the first place which I visited. This is a volcanic island and a part of Fuji-Hikone-Izu national park. There are several other national parks in Tokyo and some are designated as heritage sites by UNESCO. Ueno Park is famous for the museums situated there. The National Museum of Natural Sciences and Tokyo National Museum etc are showcasing the history and the cultural heritage of the region. The city houses many Sumo Wrestling Arenas too. Sumo is something which the Japanese cannot live without. I was lucky to witness some Sumo competitions too. However, I do not feel that I have seen the city completely. Now I am planning to visit the city once again along with my family.