Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 spontaneous picnic spots you must visit near to Malvern

There is so much to see and explore in and nearby Malvern. People love visiting such places where we can enjoy with family and kids as well as we’d love to read about those places on the web and then decide to go visit the place. Isn’t it? Hence, take a look at five spontaneous picnic spots of the Malvern.

Enjoy Great views at Worcestershire Beacon

Visit Worcestershire Beacon and enchant outstanding natural beauty where you can walk. Once you visit this place it will give you a dream come true experience.

Malvern Hills

Malvern Hills is the main and famous part of Malvern and it is also called the town of steep which gives us steep incline, particularly Church Street is good for exploring the surroundings and to walk with loved ones. This place encourages and attracted countless writers and poets to write about its splendor and outstanding views. So book some of the famous hotels in Malvern to visit this splendid place.

Great Malvern Priory

To enjoy a calm and beautiful place which will leave you mesmerized, visit Great Malvern Priory where including Millennium Windows, medieval tiles comfortable padded individual seating arrangement is very good. They also organize social events and get together where you can explore the nature and can learn about truth and justice which is very effective for your kids as well as you.

Malvern Museum

For kids Malvern Museum is the one of the best place to enjoy. Children can dress up in different types of characters like monks; parents can participate in building up a castle and some other fun activities. In terms of enjoyment this place is really worthy.

Malvern Theaters

Theaters are the place where you have some light and sad moments via films, concerts, plays and other drama show with the family. There are plenty of theaters in Malvern, you can choose one of them and the town often organizes arts and other festivals in local areas. So it is also a good option for spending some precious moments here.

Malvern has so much to serve you including the above mentioned destinations and it is a popular destination because of its festivals and surroundings with on-going events So if you are thinking of visiting Malvern then don’t miss out and visit the above mentioned places and for your comfort you can book hotels in Malvern in advance at search4ahotel and other online hotel booking site and enjoy stress free trip.