Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Make time to make great memories

Memories are what fill our lives; they make it pleasant and make it worth living. Pleasant memories can be a great source of strength, when we feel low these become a great source of strength. While there are many things and many reasons which can create beautiful memories, a wonderful trip with the people you love can certainly fill your mind with some great ones.

I got this chance when our college decided to take all of us on a ten day trip to Hong Kong. I had seen the place in movies, in a lot of movies and right when I heard its name, I got excited. What can be better than going to a beautiful, fun filled place with my friends? Since this is our last year of college, it made the trip even more special. Our airline tickets were booked by the college administration.

Our college people were able to find several cheap flights and although we did not have to pay much money but the comfort of the flight were not compromised.

Although we are not very young but we unanimously decided to check out the Disney land they have. The place is amazing and is something so much filled with fun that going there was a decision, none of us regretted. Although all the parts of this Disney land are equally fun, I found the fantasy land really enchanting. Flights to Hong Kong like Air China were comfortable and we had a great time in traveling because all of us were together.

In continuity of this spirit we decided to go to the beautiful water park. It is a place we really liked going to. The water slides in the park something we really enjoyed. It was certainly a place to cool off. We got to do all this by booking cheap flights to Hong Kong.

We got the chance to visit a beautiful place, the middle kingdom. It is as fascinating as the name it as. It is like a mini representative of China. It has shrines, temples and even many beautiful palaces. This place made us feel like we were really in China and visiting this place was a different experience then visiting other parts of Hong Kong.

We also had the opportunity to visit the Hong Kong Museum of Art .If you plan to visit this beautiful place, make sure you don’t go on a Thursday, a Sunday is perfectly fine. This place has an exquisite collection of marvelous things and the visit is certainly educating and entertaining at the same time.

So if you want to make great memories, this place is perfect and you can easily book cheap tickets to Hong Kong.