Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Spectacular International Horse Show in Rome

I am a sports buff and attending equestrian sports event held in different parts of the world has been my passion. This year I will be attending the International Horse Show at Piazza di Siena in Rome. I have purchased my flight tickets well in advance as I don’t want to miss out on this great event. Being an early booker, I have managed to get the best flight deals from my travel company Fare Buzz, through which I usually purchase my tickets, saved a good amount.

I have made US Airways flight reservations and would be taking US Airways flights to Rome from Philadelphia. I am told it would take about nine hours to reach Rome. I am waiting for that great day when I will travel to Rome to take part in this exciting event of its kind. The International Horse Show will be held at Piazza di Siena in Rome from May 23 to 26, 2013.

Even after 80 years Rome’s International Horse Show still continues to be one of the exciting and most important events of its kind in the field of equestrian sports. A large number of visitors from Italy and foreign countries descend on the historic city of Rome to participate in this amazing event. International competitors from across the world come to Rome to compete in the prestigious show jumping Grand Prix at this spectacular horse show.

This horse show sounds quite fascinating to me and I am waiting with bated breath to reach the superb grounds and see the setting of the Villa Borghese where the grand event is to be hosted. Villa Borghese is well known for its horse riding history.

The event includes the most significant Grand Prix and the hugely popular Puissance, where horse and rider combinations would be required to jump the formidable wall. The competition in the past has reached the 2.20 meter mark. It would be simply a great sight to see the event culminating with a spectacular display of horsemanship, with visitors having earlier witnesses over 100 mounted Carabinieri displaying their skills of precision riding within the arena and finishing with a daring charge.