Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The City beautiful

Orlando, the city in the Florida state of United States of America is also known as the city beautiful. True to this name the city serves a feast to the eyes of the beholder with her beautiful landscapes. However, nature is not the only one which contributes the tourism here. The city is more known as the base for the world famous theme park Disney World. 
When the company asked me to go there to solve some of the issues in connection with our business, I took it as a blessing in disguise. I have a great desire to visit the Disney world as it has contributed a lot to my childhood fantasies. I tried my level best to get cheap flight deals and finally booked a ticket in one of the cheap flights to Orlando. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, all major airlines are operating flights to Orlando like Air France. Besides, there are a number of domestic flights too from other parts of US.

I was busy on the first two three days of my visit with my hectic schedule. I could not see any places in the city. Entire morning hours I had to spend on marathon meetings and discussions and the evenings for dinner with my clients. From the fourth day onwards I got relieved a bit and found time to visit the city.

Quite naturally, my first choice was Walt Disney’s Park. I have recollected all those of my childhood fantasies. It is quite funny to think about it now. However on that age I was very much serious on those fantasies. The fantasy park receives large numbers of visitors everyday and it has enough infrastructure facilities to accommodate that large crowd. With the introduction of cheap tickets to Orlando, the number of visitors has increased too. 
However, it is not the only attraction here. There are many beautiful lakes such as Lake Lucama, Lake Fola etc are there to enjoy the boating. The beautiful fountain in the Lake Eola is the official emblem of the city. You can see a large crowd in the garden around these lakes. The fresh air and the cool breeze tempt people to stay over here for long time. Apart from the Walt Disney, there are many other resorts and theme parks too. It has the reputation of a city that mostly featured in films and television serials. It houses many film studios too.

Though it was for a short period, the trip to Orlando was an unforgettable experience for me. First of all I could realize some of my childhood fantasies. Secondly, the hospitality and the mouth watering delicious cuisines served in the hotels here will certainly allure you to visit the city again and again. Even I am planning to visit this city once again along with my family.